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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fruit Salad Hair Mask

                Salad for your hair :D sounds cool right? Yes you read it right. I have been using this mask on my hair for 3 months now and that too every week. The results are fab. I didn't have the best of hair- shiny and bouncy but now I do :D:D So thought that I should share my sweet little secret with my sweet readers :)

Apple- 1
Cucumber- 1/2
Avocado- 1/2
Orange- 1 (juiced)
Egg- 1
Gramflour- as required to bind/make a paste
            Cut all fruits into pieces and blend in a liquidizer or mixie. Add beaten eggs and orange juice, mix very well. Now add gramflour as required. When the mixture reaches toothpaste consistency, moisten your hair and apply the mask from root to ends. Leave it on for an hour and shampoo off. This Fruit Salad Mask is suited to all hair types.
          Try it out and do give me feedback.


Unknown said...

oily hair people can use multani mitti instead of gram flour for better absorption of oil

Unknown said...

avoid orange if you have dry hair or use honey in the mixture to counter effect the drying of other fruits like apple, cucumber and orange

Unknown said...

tomato can also be included in the is really good for damaged hair and provides shine to the hair

beautydiva said...

Thanks alot for your suggestions dear :)

Unknown said...

that sounds yummy ..!! :)

beautydiva said...

Yes Bhumika if we leave out the besan it becomes so edible na... :D

uzma@bbl said...

"BD", Just made fruit salad to eat! I will certainly try to make this for the hair & will let you know!

beautydiva said...

Hehehe... Send me some dear :D

Kirti said...

I have dry hair which is thinning out. I am also experiencing hair loss. We r not allowed to use eggs in our family.avacadoes are not easily available here. Plz suggest me alternatives to them, Can I use curd and honey instead along with gram flour on my dry hair? Is it ok for me to oil my hair the previous night as i do so before washing my hair? Is shampooing necessary after rinsing this pack?

With Warm Regards

beautydiva said...

Yes you can use curd or milk cream instead of egggs. Honey is optional but if you want you can use. Oiling the hair the night before this treatment is also optional- your choice. But post shampooing is a must. Hope this helps. Thanks :)

shoppingaholic said...

Hey nice blog!! Following you now. I loved your posts.


Beautydiva said...

Thanks Jiya :)

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