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Friday, May 31, 2013


24 Hour Odor & Wetness Protection

40 ml for INR 179

Company Says: -

· Glides on smoothly * Dries quickly

· Non-sticky * Non-staining

· Non –stinging

To Use: - Tip bottle once, hold upright and roll on underarm. Close cap tightly after use.

Warning: Do not apply to broken skin. If rash develops, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: - Water, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Steareth-12, PPG-15, Stearyl Ether, Dicapryl Adipate, Stearate-20, Isopropyl Palmitate, Fragrance

My Opinion: - Deos are essential all throughout the year, more so in the summers. I use deos on a daily basis and as many times as required. Roll-On deos are great, at least they are long lasting or so thought I. Last year I bought Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant but back then I didn't use it much. This month while rearranging my stuff, I came across this Roll-On deo and started using it. The packaging is similar to all Roll-On Deos, a small but sturdy plastic can with a roller ball on top to dispense the product evenly. The cap is also black and is one of those screw-on lids. Very convenient and safe to carry in my bag while travelling.

                      The deo is a thick whitish liquid which becomes transparent on drying. It takes a few minutes to dry and I would prefer ia deo to dry faster. I do not have much knowledge about perfumes but I can best describe this deo as Floral Oriental with a touch of Woody notes. Top Notes are Cyclamen, Coriander, African Ginger, Jasmine and Apricot Blossom; Middle Notes are Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang and Pink Peony; Base Notes are Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk and Japanese Plum.


                        I find the fragrance very sweet and feminine and also it is very mild, very sophisticated. It lasts on my skin for a decent time but fades off towards the afternoon if I apply it in the morning before heading for office. Thereafter I have to reapply it around lunch. These Roll-On deos are usually used on the under-arm area and this deo did not irritate my skin. Now coming to the Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant part, Anti-Perspirant means stopping perspiration/sweating and Deodorant means stopping body odor or from stopping sweat to stink. This Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant from Avon has accomplished both tasks but on a moderate level.



* Very sweet and feminine fragrance

* Decent staying power

* Didn't irritate my skin

* I love Roll-On deos

* Packaging makes it easy to carry around in a purse

* I used it on a daily basis for a month+, now its over


* Available only through Avon Representatives

* Takes a few minutes to dry

* At Rs 179 I would get better RODs

                  I rate Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 3.5 out of 5. It is a decent deo and the Floral Oriental scent is very pleasant and mild. Certainly this product is not a must have and you can definitely give it a pass.

Hope you enjoyed the review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us your experiences of Roll-On Deos. Thank you and have a Happy Weekend :)


5 ml for INR 50

Company Says:- Nothing as such

Ingredients:- Not listed

My Opinion: - I wear Nail Paints at all times and the only gap between 2 manicures is a day at the most, sometimes I just rest my nails overnight and that's it. Next morning I clean my nails with a brush and file them a little. Thereafter I apply a base coat and then apply a shade according to my mood. Today here I am reviewing a pretty red based coral from Elle 18 Nail Pops in the shade 70. I love the little round bottles, they look like ittar/perfume bottles. The glass bottle is sturdy and the black plastic lid is just around 2 inches. The packaging is cute.

             The shade (70) is very bright and neon coral with red undertones. These kind of shades are great for the summers and look great on Indian skin tones. Elle 18 has a huge range of Nail Pops and they cost you only 50 bucks, that's super cheap. But I hate it when brands just number their products instead of naming them. They could have named it Neon Coral, as simple as that. Ok I know I am not creative either :P

                  The polish is quite thin and sheer and has a strong chemical smell which all of us dislike. Atleast 3 coats are required for evenness, the first coat gives a sheer and streak-y look, the second coat gives a semi sheer look and the third coat gives full opacity but for full intensity of the color to show through, a fourth coat is required which I detest and don't have the patience to go for. So I stopped at the 3rd coat and it was kind of ok.

                      The brush is not at all good, leaves behind streaks and gives uneven application. This nail paint stayed on for 5 days but faded and cracked a little but didn't chip a bit. This nail paint was glossy for 2 days after which I applied a glossy top coat and looked freshly applied till I removed it on the 5th day of application. At 50 bucks I couldn't ask for more. This is a fun shade but not wearable to the office/college, its perfect for parties and outings.


* Dirt Cheap and easily available

* Very bright summery color- red based coral and that too creme finish <3 <3

* Stayed on for 5 days without chipping

* Would suit most Indian Skin Tones


* Needs 4 coats for full intensity but I stopped at 3 coats

* The brush is not the best of quality, gives streaky & uneven application

* Faded on 3rd-4th day and it crinkled/cracked also

* Strong chemical smell puts me off

                  I rate Elle 18 Nail Pops in the shade 70 3.75 out of 5. Inspite of all the cons specially the brush being not so good, I rate it 3.75 just for the lovely bright summery color. Recommended for all girls who love the color Coral.

Hope this review helped you in some way, please do leave behind your comments. Also do tell us about your favorite nail polish shades from Elle 18 Nail Pops. Thank you and have a good day :D

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alia Bhatt is the New Face of Garnier Pure Active Range of Products-PR INFO

                 Garnier Skin Naturals has signed on the young, bubbly, peppy, stylish and vivacious Alia Bhatt as the brand ambassador for the Garnier Pure Active Range of Products. This range of products focuses mainly as a cleanser brand that dedicates itself to repairing and solving skin problems like acne, pimples dark spots etc. especially for the youth of the country. Alia Bhatt is the perfect brand ambassador as she fits into the Target Audience and is a young style icon amongst many.

                  Garnier Pure Active Range of products is a unisex cleanser that has the country’s most beloved, renowned and historical ingredient – Neem - An ingredient, which has several advantages and provides various solutions for solving different problems ranging from head to toe. Garnier is proud to amplify the use of this powerful ingredient and/that is backed by the modernity and scientific basis of Brand Garnier.

                  Every day your skin feels impure as it braves pollution, bacteria & excess oil. This could result in your skin becoming pimple prone! Now fight pimples and germs with the New Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. Enriched with the power of Neem Leaf Extract and Tea Tree Oil, Pure Active Neem face wash leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and clearer. The innovative soap-free formula helps to prevent pimples, and their recurrence. The product has three main benefits;

 a) it fights bacteria by washing away any problem causing bacteria to help prevent pimples, 
b) fights pollution as it deep cleans pores by removing impurities caused by pollution and 
c) removes oil by washing away excess oil which can attract dirt, germs and bacteria.

Garnier’s New PureActive Neem face wash is available in 50g and 100g packs priced at Rs.49 and Rs.75 respectively across retail outlets across India.

Garnier Pure Active is a new generation of concentrated formulas, with the proven power of plants & tested on acne prone skin. The range also consists of:

Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash – It has an intense refreshing formula that deeply purifies pores, removes inlayed impurities and prevents formation of imperfection marks and is ideal for those in search for a perfect skin result. It is priced at Rs.79 and Rs.150 for 50g and 100g respectively. 


 Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub – It delivers a double ‘anti spots, anti-marks’ action. Enriched with an exfloliant/exfoliate & powerful micro-beads, it not only roots out blackheads but also gently peels off imperfection marks thanks to its remarkable scrubbing properties. It is priced at Rs. 79 and Rs. 150 for 50g and 100g respectively.

When asked about Alia Bhatt’s association with Garnier Pure Active Range of Products, Nathalie Gerschtein, General Manager, Garnier, said “We are enthusiastic with Alia Bhatt’s association with Garnier Pure Active Range of Products. We believe that Alia is a young, bubbly, effervescent style/youth icon in the country. Many youngsters would relate to her and in turn help us in delivering this fantastic range of products that help fight against skin problems like Acne, Pimples and dark spots amongst the youth of the country. Alia is the perfect partner for reaching out to our target audience for this particular range of powerful and dynamic products.”

When asked about her association with Garnier, Alia Bhatt said, “I’m enthralled to be associated with Garnier Pure Active Range of Products. Personally, I love this superb range of cleansers that help me in keeping my skin fresh, pimple/acne free, and oil free and soft as ever. I believe this is a must have range of products for all those youngsters who are not afraid to step out this summer but also like to take care of their skin by protecting it from sun, dust and pollution. Garnier Pure Active helps you remain fresh, active and spot free even after being exposed to harsh conditions.”

About Garnier

Garnier, the international expert in skin & hair care was established in India in 1991. Its endeavor is to bring to the Indian consumer new, different and better products relevant to their needs at an affordable price. Garnier uses, wherever possible, active natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity. Products have been dermatologically tested to ensure respect to your skin.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash- Reviewed Here

Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub- Reviewed Here


                Hello girls, I have seen all my dear blogger friends do empties posts regularly. But I have never done one such post as yet. So in the last 2 months (April & May) I emptied a number of products and here I am sharing with you all my first empties pics. The inspiration to use up my skin and hair care products to the end came from my co bloggers. Thanks to all of them that I have used up products in April & May. So here are the pics and info of my first empties 

1. Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Cleanser (Reviewed Here)

2. Oriflame Essentials Fairness 5 in 1 Gel Wash (Reviewed Here)

3. Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial (Reviewed Here)

4. Oriflame Optimals Seeing is Believing Multi Benefits Eye Cream (Reviewed Here)

5. Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream (Reviewed Here)

6. Dove Damage Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum (Reviewed Here)

7. VLCC Natural Sciences Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm SPF 15 (Reviewed Here)

8. Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (Reviewed Here)

9. Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo (Reviewed Here)

10. Oriflame Refreshing Intimate Wash (Reviewed Here)

Thank you and have a great day ahead :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt. Ltd associates with Mickey Mehta- PR INFO

Mumbai, May, 2013: Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt. Ltd, a brand that is synonymous with total personal care solutions from the experts has been associated with Mickey Mehta, India's leading Holistic Health Guru for over 25 years.

Over the years Richfeel has brought in many firsts to India. Richfeel is the first and only Trichology chain in India. The Richfeel Trichology Centre is equipped with professional training and hands-on experience to recognize and treat most hair and scalp conditions and also access to the most up-to-date scientific information technology and state-of-art facilities.

Mickey Mehta is a philosopher; life coach; who promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science explicitly and has been spreading the message of Holistic Health.

This association aims offer holistic programmes where especially designed courses which take care from head to toe will be offered to patients.

On this occasion, Dr Apoorva Shah, Founder of Richfeel Health & Beauty Pvt Ltd, and India’s first certified trichologist said “Our association with Mickey Mehta is a step forward in our journey to revolutionize health-wellness-hair.”

Fitness guru Mickey Mehta, opined, Richfeel’s finesse of an aesthetician to provide holistic solutions for hair, beauty and body care needs and our holistic health approach would complement each other to make the right combination, for creating a synergy between Richfeel and us to achieve great heights in health and wellness sector.

This integration will offer its patrons, various cross promotional activities by the brands, various seminars and workshops for health and wellness etc.

About Richfeel:

Richfeel is founded by Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah in 1986 is a brand that is synonymous with total personal care solutions from the experts. Over the years Richfeel has brought in many firsts to India. Richfeel is the first and only Trichology chain in India- it is a concept that combines content and style that has amalgamated the scientific know-how of a medical practitioner and the finesse of an aesthetician to provide holistic solutions for hair, beauty and body care needs. With 54 clinics across India, Richfeel Trichology has become the largest trichology chain in the world. They have developed many new technologies in the field of trichology like TST+, HairDX, HTMA and Anagrow. In 2008, Richfeel jumped into the wellness arena where they opened their first spa- Richfeel- the luxury D Tox Spa in Mumbai. In 2012, Richfeel started India’s first designer hair restoration centre called Hair Forever. Today, under the brand Richfeel, Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah have 56 personal care products to their credit.

About Mickey Mehta:

Mickey Mehta is India’s leading Holistic Health Guru for over 30 years. He is an Institution, Life Being Coach, Philosopher, Author and has many First’s to his credit in his 30 years long journey in the Wellness Industry. He has serviced high profile families, leading Bolly wood & TV artistes and Corporates with his effective Wellness Programs. Mickey Mehta is the first to start equipment free Gyms at all his centers in Mumbai and very soon throughout the country. He has revolutionized the concept of "Learn Swimming in 24 hours" for which he has a pride of place in the Limca Book of Records. He is very active on Face book and has a huge following which is growing by the day. He has also started - “Heal the World” community. This is a cause which is very close to his heart, which spreads the message of love and compassion and appeals ‘Each One to Reach One’ through this noble initiative.


8 ml for INR 165

Company Says: - High impact color that dries in less than 30 seconds.

Available in 12 stunning shades:

* Fusion

* Crystal Calm

* Brown Pearl

* Twilight Blue (The one reviewed today)

* Red Wine

* Boysen Berry

* Strawberry

* Red Red

* Bronzess

* Adoring Rose

* Rose Armour

* Vamp It Up

* Ballerina

* Mink

Ingredients: Not Listed

My Opinion: - These days I am reviewing all the nail paints that I am wearing, each and every one be it any brand any shade. So today I have Avon Speeddry+ Nail Enamel in the shade Twilight Blue which is a metallic navy blue. It can be best described as a deep metallic blue with black undertones but this shade is so subtle that I don't mind wearing it to office or any other formal occasion. It has bright blue finely milled shimmer which don't show up on the nails.

                      This nail paint smells strongly of chemical and is comparably thicker than most other Avon Nail Paints that I have used but its not gooey. Two coats are required for full opacity. The first coat gives a streaky look and medium coverage but the second coat gives full coverage. The brush of this particular nail paint is thinner than other Avon nail paint brushes I have come across but 3 strokes are enough for coverage a nail.

                     This nail paint lasted for 3 days on my nails and on the 4th day it chipped very badly and I had to take it off. It was on my nails for 3 days and in  these 3 days it didn't fade around the tips of the nails and also stayed glossy enough without a top coat. But with a top coat this nail paint would stay longer on my nails. This nail paint did stained my nails to some extent but the damage is minor.

                Now we all love  quick drying nail paints as they are easy to handle. Just apply it and wait for a minute or at the most 2 and you are good to go. This nail paint dries in 45 secs to 1 min but better not touch it for another minute. This nail paint is easy to apply and easy to take off. I have a couple more shades from this Speeddry range and I shall let you all know if those also chip on the 4th day of application.

Pros: -

* Gorgeous Metallic Blue

* Easy to apply and take off

* Dries very fast ( 1 min)

* Stayed glossy for 4 days until removed

* Didn't fade around the tips of my nails

Cons: -

* Stained my nails a bit (don't wear this/any dark shade without a base coat)

* Chipped off on the 4th day

* Available only through Avon Representatives

* This Speeddry+ range is seldom on discount, and Rs 165 I would get better nail paints than these

                    I rate Avon Speedry+ Nail Enamel in Twilight Blue 3.75 out of 5. It's a gorgeous metallic blue and highly recommended to all blue nail paints fanatics. Beauties with dark knuckles kindly avoid this particular shade.

Hope this review helped you in some way, please do leave behind your comments. Also do tell us about your favorite nail polish shades from Avon Speeddry+ Nail Enamel. Thank you and have a great day :D

Monday, May 27, 2013

Get your hair checked by an International Expert at Richfeel Hair Forever- PR INFO

Mumbai, May, 2013: Hair is not only your crowning glory but a measure of your self-image, prestige and confidence.Richfeel in alliance with the Ailesbury Hair Clinic, London, has brought to India some of the best procedures in hair restoration, under the brand of Richfeel Hair Forever.

Latest surgical, non-surgical and other hair camouflage techniques are being offered through this international collaboration at great prices. Lorrine Lambert, CEO and owner of Ailesbury Hair Clinic, has over 15 years of experience in the hair transplant industry and is a leading international expert on hair transplants. Lorraine and Dr Patrick Treacy, a leading figure in aesthetic medicine, worked together to devise the latest mechanized hair implant techniques. The company is present in London, Dublin, Cork, Istanbul, Belfast, Dubai, and now in Mumbai. Lorraine will be available in Mumbai for personal consultation for Rs 495/- between May 30 and June 2.

Richfeel Hair Forever has brought the latest technology of aesthetic hair implants in India. Surgical hair restoration works essentially by extracting hair from a hair loss resistant area and planting them on the recipient, affected area. In a typical hair loss condition, hair is lost from the temples, top and crown. The remaining hair (at the back and sides of the head) is permanent hair which is not lost.

When hair loss is in a latent stage and a large balding area is to be covered or one is suffering from irreversible baldness, non-surgical hair systems are the best option. A unique non-surgical hair system allows one to achieve a head full of hair that looks natural stylish and does not restrict lifestyle.

Day: 30th May, 2013 to 2nd June, 2013

Time: 11.30 am to 5.30pm

For appointments visit the Hair Restoration Centre:

· Santacruz: B - 3, M.R. Society Relief Road, Daulat Nagar, Opp. Raheja College, Santacruz (W), Mumbai - 400 054

Tel: 022 – 2660 9090

Richfeel Hair Forever:

Hair Forever was launched in September 2012 by Richfeel in association with the Ailesbury Hair Clinic (London). It is India’s first designer hair restoration centre which offers personalised world class hair restoration solutions at value through a state of the art facility in Mumbai. Richfeel Hair Forever specializes in the latest international advances in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques. Thus advanced stages of extreme thinning, receded hairlines or a bald patch can be restored to the original look.through a day’s sitting.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


             Hello Beauties, today I have a neon green nail art, it is an inspiration from tribal art. I have added black lines, dots and triangles to give it a tribal look. This pretty green is Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Sweet Mint. One of my favorites this summer. The black polish is also from Avon Simply Pretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in Black Beauty. Hope you enjoy the pics and leave behind your sweet comments :)





Thank you for bearing with me and have a rocking weekend :)


Hello Beauties, I received my Vellvette Box this afternoon. This time my box has not been squashed up but still there is a big problem. This box is addressed to "Surbhi" not "Beautydiva" i.e. ME, which means mine and Surbhi's boxes have been exchanged by mistake. Not good!!!! And that is the reason why I have received one product which I have already received 2-3 months ago. Lets check out what I got in my box first,

The box beautifully is decorated with colorful scented dried petal in keeping with the Organic Theme of this month. Love it <3

Brocarto Curlinterrupted Smoothing & Hydrating Treatment Kit (Shampoo + Conditioner)

Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick in the shade D33, it's said to be a pretty peach and I am already loving the shade :D

Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm (I got this in my February Box as well), this is a repeat. I hope that Vellvette Crew does take steps not to repeat items/samples in any of our boxes. I shall now also report the matter to them and shall update you all on the same.

May Vouchers and The Nature's Co's Bonus offer

Information leaflets, very handy as all information of the products are written in them

And now the But on a serious note, I would request Vellvette Crew to be careful in the future about such pretty mistakes :(

Thank you for your precious time and do leave behind your lovely comments, they make my day beauties :) Have a great weekend!!!

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