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Wednesday, March 30, 2011



11 gms for INR 179

Company Says:- Look naturally fair and fresh all day !
¤ Contains Licorice extract to help lighten skin and SPF 16 UVA/UVB protects to prevent skin darkening n sun damage
¤ Ultra absorbing, micro-powders blend evenly n smoothly for that fresh feeling
¤ Oil-free, Dermatologist-tested, Clinically tested, Non-comedogenic n Non-acnegenic

To Use:- Pat and smooth gently on face.

Ingredients:- Not Listed

Available in 4 shades:-
1. Almond
2. Golden Beige
3. Natural
4. Soft Bisque

My Opinion:- I was using Revlon Touch n Glow Moisturising Powder since long. But about 2 months back I came across this baby and immediate placed an order for it since it was much cheaper than Revlon and also came with SPF unlike it. So right now I am using this pressed powder in the shade Almond which perfectly matches my skintone. This compact scores over the Revlon Moisturising Powder as it contains sun protection (SPF 16) and I can wear it alone over my moisturiser. It feels very light on my skin and it instantly brightens up my skin. The applicator, that comes with it, is good enough but I personally prefer using a fluffy powder brush to apply it
                       It has a mild floral fragrance which I love but doesn't linger on for long. The best thing about this pressed powder is that it stays on for long and just a single touch up during the day is enough. I have oily skin and this pressed powder really absorbs the oil from the surface of my skin but after 2-3 hours oil shows up on my T-zone only. But it scores above Revlon Moisturizing Powder also because it is color true and does not oxide on oily skin. It is very moisturising and doesn't dry out my skin. Also it doesn't leave a white cast on my skin. Doesn't clog the pores and also no chance of breaking out since its non acnegenic. I love the packaging as it is pretty pink and very girly.

Cons:- This pressed powder comes in a single compartment but that's ok with me.

                       I rate this product 4.75 out of 5. Right now its a hit with me and I am loving it :D

Sunday, March 27, 2011



1.5 gms for INR 80

Ingredients:- Only Almond is listed, rest are not known.

Shelf life is 24 months from the date of packaging.

My Opinion:- I love blue on my eyes and that's the reason I picked up the blue from this range. These pencils glide on easily without tugging and pulling my eyelids. Though the blue is not a brightly pigmented shade, its subtle and I like that. A couple of swipes are required for a decently colored line. It smudges immediately if my eyelids are not primed but when I use a primer on my eyelids the line would stay on for about 30 mins and then start fading and become much lighter. But without a proper base the color starts fading, smudging and getting smeared. It also creases if used as shadow but then I am not the one to surrender so soon. So now I top it up or simply smudge it with a similar blue shadow. And I am liking the blue shade so much that half of the pencil is now gone :D Right now I am planning to get the green and purple ones.

Pros:- Available in pretty shades
Very Cheap
Packaging also very girlie and attractive
Easy to sharpen

Cons:- Smudges and Creases like hell
Stings like hell if used on the waterline

                   I rate this product 3 out of 5 and I am about to get the green and purple ones.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Fast Drying Smudge Proof Eyeliner

9 ML for INR 450 (approx)

Company Says:-
  • Fast drying, Smudge proof eyeliner
  • Long lasting formula
  • Its fine precision brush releases the perfect amount of color to line and define eyes beautifully

Ingredients:-Not Listed

My Opinion:- I always like to line my eyes to make them attractive. Whether or not I apply eyeshadow on my eyes, I simply line my eyes with a black liner. Revlon Fabuliner is one the best I have used till date. I started with Lakme High Definition Eyeliner and now I use a number of eyeliners from various brands in all possible colors. Last year when I went looking out for it, the SAs told me it was discontinued :( But a few months back I spotted it in a Revlon counter and bought it. Now coming to the main topic, I like this product very much as it is not very thick but dries fast, within seconds of lining my eyes. I having been using this bottle since last year and its still as fresh as new. Revlon Fabuliner stays put for the whole day till I take it off myself. Any makeup remover or face wash cleans it off easily. The entire day/night it doesn't budge even a little and it is far away from smudging if you are not in the habit of touching your eyes. 
                  It is waterproof but to a certain degree, I never use it during the monsoons :P A single swipe might not be enough if you are looking for a jet black line like I do. It comes with a brush attached to its long wand so no worries about carrying a brush along if you are traveling, the slender tubes makes it purse friendly. But apart from being slender, the packaging I think is ugly :/, black plastic cheap looking bottle with shiny golden long cap. Another sad thing is that the fine tipped-brush gives away after a while, maybe I get the defected pieces :P :D Not a problem for me tough, since I use a Vega eyeliner brush for the purpose. It smells kind of 'rosy' similar to Revlon Water Tight Mascara. But the smell is not unpleasant or overpowering so no issues. I happy happy with it because I can control the amount of product as well the thickness of the line I need to make. Also I can do up any eyeliner style with this tube.

Cons:- The brush is useless after a point of time it gives away, need extra brush,
Is not waterproof as the company suggest, splash your eyes with water... It will stay but lighten but rub it when its wet and it goes off.
Packaging is cheap looking.

                   I rate this product 4 out of 5 and I will surely repurchase it again.

Friday, March 25, 2011



5 ML for INR 200+ (approx)

Company Says:- Water resistant eyeliner that stays on for hours
  • Includes an international quality felt-tip brush for easy application.
  • Leak proof premium packaging makes it perfect for traveling
Ingredients:- Not Listed

My Opinion:- Lakme High Definition Eyeliner is the first eyeliner I ever used, I was a student then. It comes with a felt tip applicator which is easy to control. As a novice it gave me superb control over the intensity of the line. It is jet black and a single swipe is enough to give my eyes a very intense line. I just love this quality in a liner. Also the pointed felt tip makes it easier to line the lower lash line, tough I never use it on my waterline, my friend does and is happy with the outcome. It is smudge proof but you have to be a little careful in the summers as sweat and touch combined together can ruin your line.
                   It is waterproof and stays put till I myself take it off. It refuses go with a face wash or a regular cleanser though a makeup remover cleans it in a single wipe. Its felt tip helps to get any kind of line I fancy. I love the cute little bottle with the slender long cap and the smell is kind of 'rosy' like Lakme's mascara or their liquid liners, actually all liquid eyeliners have the same smell :D I am using this tube since last year but its still as liquidy as new and it dries fast when I line my eyes with it.

Pros:- Tiny tube so it can be carried in the tiniest of purses
Long lasting, waterproof, jet black

Cons:- Lakme has hiked up the prices :( it was much cheaper when I first bought it. A combination of touching and humidity can ruin the eyes but normally its smudge proof.
           I rate this product 4.5 out of 5 because its my first ever eyeliner. I will repurchase it again and again since I like it so much for daily use :D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


              Hello everyone, I have another NOTD today. Its a pretty purple shade, Lakme True Wear Nail Color in 544, how much I hate it when companies don't give names to their products :/ Purple have always been my favorite for lippies as well as for nail color. Me thinks purple isa very passionate color apart from being so gorgeous. And the best part is that I think I can carry it off well, actually I get compliments everytime I wear purple :)
               This nail color, according to me, has slightly reddish/brownish undertones ans its loaded with oodles of purple shimmer. This shade of purple has inspired me to come up with a purple eye look, wow sounds great and I will try it out this look soon and share with you if it comes out well :P Enough about purples for the day.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Final Look
          Hi Ladies, today I am here with another green nailart. I made pink designs on the green that looks like mehendi pattern to match my dress. I liked it very much and got a few compliments as well. So here are the steps to do up your nails.

I always start by applying a base coat on my nails and let it dry.

Then I applied a green nail polish, 2 coats were enough for full opacity.
Step 1

After it dried, I used a bright pink to make small mehendi-like patterns on my green nails. Now I left it to dry.

Later on , after my nails were dry, I added a flower each on my thumb and my ring finger with the same bright pink.

Then I used 2 green bindis In the middle of the flowers. I stick them in place with the help of clear polish.
Step 2

Now I sealed my masterpiece with a clear top coat :D Once it dried, my nails are done :)

         I liked my nail art in green and pink, did you like it too? Please comment and let me know. Thanks for bearing with me :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


                       I have always discussed the 'dos' for beautiful skin and how to take care of your skin and what's good for your skin. But today I am going to discuss a few dont's for a beautiful skin.

        * Don't be grumpy. Start the day with a smile, look at yourself in the mirror and smile to yourself. Anger, tension, depression, making faces spoils your beauty.

       * Don't sleep with makeup on, you may get pimples, blackheads and your skin will become dull and lifeless. Use a cleanser on your face and neck or simply wash off with a face wash.

       * Don't go after junk food. Avoid cakes, pastries, chips, burgers, spicy food, aerated drinks etc. Eat fresh fruits and veggies daily.

       * Don't imitate others, never buy a cream/lotion or makeup product just because your friend uses it. Consider your skin type and your skin's need of that time. Test the product on yourself and then if it suits you, go ahead and buy it.

       * Avoid over-exposure to sun. Though a little amount of sunlight is good for us, we should avoid over-exposure as it is harmful. Use a good quality sunscreen with high SPF suitable to your skin. Protect eyes with shades and hair with scarf or umbrella.

       * Don't tug or pull your skin. Don't stretch it. Don't squeeze or press blackhead/whiteheads or pimples, you might injure and damage your skin.

       * Avoid short cuts. The first step to a beautiful skin is cleansing. Use a cleanser or face wash twice a day. Then use a mild toner to close pores, freshen and tighten your skin. Finally use a moisturiser suited to your skin type. Keep aside 10-20 mins for yourself daily.

       * Avoid wrong massage. Wrong massaging may cause wrinkles and destroy the build of the skin. Use a good cream/oil as per your choice and facilitate the movements of your hands. The best thing is to massage your face with upward and outward strokes.

      * Don't talk when you have a face pack on. You will get wrinkles and fine lines and also you will loose the elasticity of your skin.

      * Don't wash your face with hot water, not even in the extreme winters. Use tepid water to wash your face or to bathe, not hot or cold as extreme temperature will harm your skin.


              Hi Girls, as I told you earlier that for some unknown reason I have become obsessed with the color green. Since we are going through holi this obsession has subsided a little and my new love is the color pink. On my last visit to Kolkata, I found a brand of brightly colored nail polishes called Vov.

           This brand of nail polish comes in pretty bottles of varied shapes and sizes. The shop keeper told me that its a Korean brand. Although I had no way to establish the authenticity of this brand, I laid my hands on a few of the nail polishes. My favorite among them is the bright pink which I have on my nail today, it absolutely suits my Holi mood.

              This shade is a bright pink with a glossy finish. Pink is a happy color and most of us like it. The smell of the nail polish is rather strong and I hate it. As I always wear a base coat or nail hardener before wearing nail polish so I don't think it will harm my nails. Anyways its a nice find and right now I am enjoying it. Aaahh... Its around 30 INR for a bottle, color name/number is nowhere to be found and quantity also not given anywhere. But then its the cheapest nail polish I have ever used. Thanks to you all :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011



                   Holi is the festival of color and joy. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. People throw colors at each other and enjoy this spring festival.

                    But mostly nowadays these colors are synthetic or harmful chemicals are added to them to add vibrancy. This may cause skin irritation, rashes, allergy etc. So I have come up with a few points to remember before exposing yourself to these colors.

Skin Protection:-

1. Use a sunscreen lotion with high Sun Protective Factor. Apply all over face, neck, arms and all other exposed parts.

2. Next apply a few drops of baby oil or almond oil over your entire face, neck, arms and other exposed parts.

3. On your lips use a lip balm with SPF and top it with a neutral color lippie.

4. Apply kajal on your eyes to enhance and shape them. But the kajal should be waterproof and smudge free.

5. Line your eyes with a waterproof eyeliner and use waterproof mascara as well.

6. Also protect your brows by coating them with a transparent/waterproof mascara after grooming them.

Hair Protection:-

7. Apply henna a day or 2 before Holi to protect hair from color.

8. Apply coconut/almond oil on hair just to coat hair so there is not much damage.

9. Tie up your hair and don't even think of keeping it open.

Nail Protection:-

10. Apply a neutral color on your tips and toes. If you have long nails then coat the underside of the nails with a transparent nail polish.

                   Afterwards, when you return home, use a moisturising shower gel to clean your skin, a good shampoo will clean your hair. Also use a nail polish remover to take off nail polish from your nails and also from the underside of your nails. Clean properly in between your fingers, toes and behind the ears. Be careful not to rub too much while cleaning.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


              Sensitive skin may be dry or oily. This type of skin reacts adversely to all kind of external factors. It may be allergic to creams/lotions, makeup etc and may also react to harsh weather, to rough treatment or sometimes even to simple washing.

* It looks and feels like dry skin or oily skin but will react to most products designed for dry/oily skin.

* Gets easily irritated. It might show some redness or red patches.

* It may show dry and flaky areas with a little redness.

* This type of skin is prone to broken viens.
                     Generally these traits are seen on the cheeks only but in some cases they show up on the entire face and neck.

Skin Allergies:- Most of us suffer from rashes, swelling or hot flushes at sometimes of our lives. Some of us are more prone to allergies than others. We get allergies for many factors but doctors think it could be due to some fault in our immune system. Our immune system ignores friendly intruders into our body and attacks the unfriendly ones. If its not working like it should, it sometimes rejects substances which are not at all harmful. Then the body's defensive white blood cells rush to the site of the foreign substance causing the area to become red, itchy and sore.

                       Some of us might have an instant reaction to an additive in skin care products or makeup or may have build up resistance over a period of time. So dont be shocked if your skin reacts to a product that you have been using for long with good results. Most kinds of fragrances and lanolin are 2 ingredients that in skin care/makeup products which are known to cause a reaction. If the allergy is severe then visit a dermatologist immediately. Doctor may prescribe anti-allergy drugs if its a normal kind of allergy or ask you to get a whole lot of tests done if they suspect something serious. But if its just a slight swelling, itching or redness then simply try to figure out which product is causing the reaction and avoid it for good.

Care:- Sensitive skin may have dry or oily areas. Cleanse, tone and moisturise as you would do to a oily or dry skin but with right kind of products. Look out for products specially designed for sensitive skin- fragrance free, emollient free and also free of other ingredients that might cause the skin to errupt. The safest bet is to try a hypo-allergenic range of products.
Cleanse:- This type of skin can be prone to spots, pimples, blackheads and large pores or even acne. So the need is to keep the skin clean at all times. So cleanse twice a day during winters and thrice during summers- use a cleanser designed for oily skin. If you use a lotion be careful to clean your hands before using it, this will help in avoiding infections. Better still wash your face thereafter.
                 Avoid medicated soaps as they are harsh and makes skin dry/flaky by robbing away all the oils from the skin. Also try to avoid face towels and use kitchen papers to reduce the risk of cross infection and getting scars. Visit a doctor in such cases.

Tone:- Use toner if you are dealing with spots, pimples etc. Avoid harsh astringents as it will rob your skin of its precious moisture and strip off all the oils, making it hard. Better to use a mild freshner instead.

Moisturise:- Use a mild fragrance free moisturiser only on the dry areas- cheeks, neck and around eye and neck.

Monday, March 7, 2011


                Elbows are the most forgotten and neglected zones in our bodies. But dark elbows can ruin the look of your beautiful hands. Dont worry, just read on-

* Scrub elbows with a mixture of mustard oil- 1/2 tspn, table salt- 1/4th tspn and lemon juice- 1 tspn. Do this daily for a month and see the results.

* Smear elbows with cucumber juice and let it dry. Wash off after 10 mins. Be regular on this for a month and see your elbows lighten.

* Massage your elbows with a mixture of fresh milk cream and lemon juice. If done regularly your elbows will lighten up soon.

* Use your hand and body lotion on your elbows generously and massage gently for a couple of minutes.

* Use your body scrub on your elbows also. This will ensure soft and clean elbows.

* Brush them up when using a body brush to clean and soften elbows.

* Apply a little face pack on your elbows also when applying on your face and neck.

                     Regular care will ensure soft and clean elbows and help you get rid of your ashy grey looking elbows forever.


                    Egg conditioners make your hair soft and manageable. Also it strengthens hair roots and the entire length of your hair. An egg can provide complete nourishment for your hair. Beat an egg and apply all over your scalp for a protien treatment. Wah off after 15/20 mins. Mix it with your shampoo for a pong-free wash.

Egg Conditioner For Oily Hair:-
After shampooing, whisk together 5 tbspns natural yogurt and 1 egg. Now massage it into your scalp and leave on for 30 mins. Rinse out thoroughly.

Egg Conditioner For Dry Hair:-
Beat an egg and mix in 1 tspn honey and 2 tspns of coconut or olive oil. Massage this into your scalp and wrap a hot towel around your head. Shampoo off after 30 mins.

Egg Conditioner For All Types Of Hair:-
Heat 2 tbspns of coconut oil, add an beaten egg and 1 tbspn vinegar. Massage it into your hair while still hot. Keep your head covered with hot towels for 30 mins, then shampoo off.

                        Any leftover homemade mayonnaise makes a good hair conditioner. Condition your hair with a suitable recipe given above and see your hair glow with health.


                 We all love to have a glowing skin, specially for important functions like parties, marriages, festival etc. If you are serious about the glow and fairness try out this mini facial.

* Start off by cleansing your face and neck with a cleansing lotion and cotton balls.

* Mix together 1 tbspn milk, 1tspn almond (powdered), 1 tspn chironji/ Buchanania lanzan (powdered) and a generous pinch of saffron (kesar). Now massage your face and neck with this paste for 10 mins.

* If you have blackheads, then steam your face for 2 mins and remove by pressing gently. Better to take professional help for blackhead removal.

* Now massage face with an ice cube for few seconds to close the pores and tighten the skin.

* Make a face pack by mixing together- 2 tspn kaolin, 2 tspn sandalwood powder, a handful of rose petals (made into a paste) and 1 tspn butter. Apply all over face and neck and leave on for atleast 10 mins. You can also add a little cucumber juice if you wish to.

* Wash off and see your skin glow like gold. You can do this facial whenever you need a special treatment for a special occasion. But avoid doing it more than once a week.

               This is my secret glow facial hope you all like it. Do you also have any skin glow secrets to share with us?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


                   A few common makeup tips which are often forgotten or ignored but makes a big difference if kept in mind.

* When lining your lips, fill up the whole lips with the lip pencil. It will work as a good base. If you just outline and don't fill in the color then after a couple of hours only the outline will stay.

* To make lipstick stay up for longer durations, apply the lipstick and then blot it with a tissue or dust a little loose powder over lips. Reapply your lipstick.

* When wearing dark eyes or smoky eyes apply pale nude shades of lipstick. Similarly wear deep lipstick with pale nude eyes.

* Eyebrows should be well groomed, never neglect or ignore them. If they are sparse fill in with a brow powder and give shape with a brush.

* Using an eyelash curler opens up the eyes. It makes the lashes look longer and eyes look bigger.

* Dust loose powder on your eyelashes before applying mascara to make them look thicker.

* For everyday makeup use neutral colors for the eyes. Pale shades like vanilla, sand and almond and mid shades like taupe, terracotta and peach look very flattering and soft.

* Best and most traditional way to apply blusher, even for novices, is to smile and place the blusher on the apple of the cheeks. Apply with a circular motion and then blend upward and outward. For a cream blusher use fingertips if you are not used to working with a brush.

* Always use a little foundation on your eyelids if you are not using wearing an eyeshadow. It will even out the skin and give your eyes a clean and fresh look. Set with a little loose powder using a big fluffy brush.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Final Look
                 I am obsessed  with green nowadays so here is another green and yellow nail art which is so simple and so cute. I love green on nails be it any shade, don't know when I will overcome it but till then I will keep coming  up with newer green based nail art.

                 First step is to use the base coat but I mostly use a nail hardener. After it dries off, I applied 3 coats of yellow nail polish and left it to dry.

Step 1

                  Then I took a very thin painting brush and drew vertical stripes with a leaf green color. I double coated it to make it bright.

                   When it dried, I sealed it in with a top coat so that it stays on for long without chipping.

                   Hope you girls like it and leave behind your precious comments. I think the shades- yellow and leaf green has a touch of freshness it them, perfect for the coming summers. What you think?


Final Look
               Hi Girls, I am in love with green nail polish these days and so I have done this green and orange nail art. The glittery look is so in right now that I cant avoid it inspite of my mom telling me it gaudy etc etc I have gone ahead and used silver glitter on top. So here are the simple steps to achieve this look.

                       As always I had applied my nail hardener/base coat and left it to dry for sometimes.

                       Then I applied Street Wear Orange Swirl on all my nails and left them to dry for 10 mins. Two coats were enough for full opacity. (step 1)

Step 1
                       Now I painted on green tips in a slanted manner and also did the same on upper part of the nails. (step 2)           

                       Then I used silver glitter on my nails and left them to dry for 20 mins.

                       Atlast I sealed in my precious nailart with a top coat.
Step 2

                       Hope you all like my nailart and bear with me. Please leave behind your precious comments and let me know your opinion. Thanks


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