My Lovely Followers

Friday, December 31, 2010


                    Sometimes back my dear blogger friend Tanveer had tagged me to share how I maintain long nails. Some others from fb also tag me every now and then to share my 'secret' nail regime. Honestly I do not do anything special for my nails.
                   Just like most of you I use a hand and nail cream on my hands and massage my nails for a min. I buff regularly and keep my nails clean, using a nail brush. I used to apply Revlon nail hardener but nowadays I am told that its no more available I have changed to Colorbar Nail Treatment. But yes on Sunday mornings I soak my nails in a small bowl of warmed olive/almond oil for 5 mins and then massage hands and nails for a couple of mins.
                 Also once in a while I soak my nails in a small bowl of warm salty water for 2-3 mins, my grandma told me this treatment helps in growing the nails. A weekly normal manicure is a must for me and I do carry my own manicure set to the saloon. Diet is also very important for good nails so I take my required dose of calcium from natural food source, I don't take extra calcium supplement.

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