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Friday, July 29, 2011


* If you have dry skin, mix together Sandalwood Powder, Milk Cream (malai) and a pinch or 2 of Turmeric Powder. Use this on your face and neck daily. This will give a glow to your skin softening it in the process.

* Apply a solution of 1 pinch of Saffron and a spoonful of Unboiled milk with the help of a cotton pad, on your face and neck continuously for 15 days atleast. This helps to clear up your complexion.

* Another recipe for dry skin, soak 1 tsp red Masoor Dal in a little milk overnight. Make a coarse paste a in the morning and apply on your face and neck for 20 mins and wash off. Substitute milk with rose water for oily skin.

* If you have oily skin, soak a little Moong Dal in unboiled milk and make a coarse paste. Use this paste on your face, neck and nape for 10 mins and gently scrub off. Wash and use your regular lotion. Scrubbing removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin and adds an instant glow.

* Another recipe for oily skin to make their skin glowing, mix together 1 tsp orange peel powder, 1 tsp fenugreek seed powder and a little orange juice. Apply on your face, neck and nape and scrub off when it dries.

* Take half piece ripe banana, mash it and add a little cucumber juice and apply on your face and neck. Keep it on for 30 mins and wash off.

* Mix together 1 tsp potato juice, a few drops of mosambi juice and few drops of cucumber juice, apply on your face and neck. Wash off after 20 mins.

* Soak 2 almonds in milk overnight, make paste in the morning and apply on your face and neck. Scrub off after 30 mins. Good for dry as well as normal skin.

* For bright and glowing body (skin), mix together besan and pure mustard oil. Apply on full body for 30 mins and scrub off. Once a week is good enough.

* Apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice on your face and neck. Keep it on for 15 mins and wash off. Honey is a powerful natural moisuriser and lemon is a natural bleach and astringent.


Show your lips you care Lakmé Lip Love Conditioner for the lips you love

July 2011: Try the new Lip Love Conditioner for smooth-to-touch lips and a super glossy color. It’s a gel-based lip softener that promises to pamper your pout with color and moisture. Lip Love Conditioner contains Shea butter and Jojoba oil to hydrate your lips while the SPF 12 protects your lips from the sun. Lip Love Conditioner is extremely light-weight and is loaded with the goodness of Shea butter; Jojoba oil and high shine polymers.

* Priced at Rs.225/-

* Available in 4 shades

* Available at leading lifestyle stores

So go ahead and be a hottie, flirt, charmer or a siren this season with your own Lip Love Conditioner!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lakmé Lever Launches; ‘Lakmé Ivana’ First Unisex Salon

New Delhi, July 2011: Lakmé Lever announces the launch of its first salon for Him & Her, Lakmé Ivana at Green Park in New Delhi. Lakmé Salons have been offering expert hair and skin care to women for several decades and now they have taken this experience and developed an offering that caters to men as well. After a successful run in the beauty service segment with Lakmé Studio and Salons , Lakmé Lever is now taking a leap with Lakmé Ivana to provide excellent grooming, skin and hair care services to both, men and women.

Lakmé Ivana will provide premium services to men and women alike at the hands of its specially trained experts. Available at the salon will be specialist hair styling services, besides other treatments like facials, manicures and pedicures. Highlights from the menu, for Him & Her, include, exclusive organic facials using the internationally acclaimed Eminence products, styling services using the Tigi Catwalk range and rejuvenating hand & foot spas. Setting a trend in the online space, Lakmé Ivana will also take appointments on Facebook through its fan page:

Speaking on the initiative Anil Chopra, CEO Lakmé Lever says, “We are excited to be venturing into this space for the first time. Lakmé has always been a pioneer in the field of Indian beauty services for women leading the industry with a large chain of 150 beauty salons across the country. With this venture we welcome men also, to experience the expertise that we provide. Men are becoming more and more conscious about their appearance and the benefits of skin and hair care. At Lakmé Salon we have been offering expert services to women and in order to be able to extend these services to men, we have launched our first salon for Him & Her, Lakmé Ivana. All services at the salon have been developed keeping in mind the needs of both, male and female customers.”

At Lakmé Ivana, his and her, beauty & grooming needs will be handled by a team of expert stylists and skin consultants. The team of hair designers has been trained by TIGI’s internationally certified trainers, ensuring customers are given a treatment and style that is not only fashionable, but tailored just for them. Lakmé Ivana is the destination where both men and women can find inspiration for their next look.


About Lakmé Lever

Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd (Lakmé Lever) is dedicated to the contemporary Indian woman’s exploration of the fine art of beauty. It operates India’s first and leading chain of Lakmé Studios and Salons that offer expert services in Hairstyling, Skin and Beauty care. The studios and salons offer a differentiated experience, delighting women by the expertise of their professionally trained hair designers, hair artists, skin experts and consultants, and now to men also

Lakmé Lever also operates Lakmé Academies in partnership with Pivot Point, USA, world leader in ‘beauty education’. Combining international cosmetics, hair and skin care technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé Studios and Salons offer their customers a holistic ‘Beauty Sutra’ experience.

Lakmé Lever has a presence of 150 Lakmé Salons at premium locations in 34 cities.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


1 gm for INR 198

Company Says:- Hide imperfections with easy-to-use concealer stick for a fresh, natural look. Contains Tea tree Oil to soothe and calm blemishes.

Ingredients:- Not Listed

My Opinion:- Concealers are very important when we want to achieve a flawless skin. Under eye dark circles, blemishes, spots etc can mar your looks. Due to lack of sleep, I sometimes get circles around my eye area and also I have to conceal the 2 tiny pimple scars on my left cheek. In this case, I need a good concealer which can work on under eyes as well as on spots. So I ordered for Oriflame's Very Me Cover Up Concealer in Perfect Light but I was given Dark Secret instead.

              The packaging of this concealer is very impressive, looks like a marker pen :P Its a black pen with a green cap and it is retractable, no hassles of sharpening :D Once a week I clean off the tip with a tissue very gently. It has a very mild and sweet fragrance which is gone after application but it doesn't have any tea tree fragrance at all.

              The concealer is creamy and gives medium coverage to under eye area but for the 2 little spots it doesn't do much, it is not good for heavy under eye dark circles and very dark spots. I apply it in dots around my eye area and over the tiny spots and gently blend in with either my ring finger or a concealer brush. It blends very well and merges into the skin well. Then I set it with a translucent powder using a puff by dabbing gently, brushing off the excess powder with a large fluffy brush. I don't use foundation on a daily basis so before applying the concealer I apply my tinted moisturiser but you can apply a foundation as usual.

              The staying power of this concealer is around about 2 hours and then is starts fading and finally it completely evaporates from my skin. This happens maybe because I have oily skin :( At nights it lasts a little longer compared to day. Another problem is it melts in the heat as I sweat but in my purse it is in perfect condition, doesn't melt or become too soft or break. It is not very pigmented and is a good option for girls with lesser flaws.
Blended Swatch

Cheap (Cheapest concealer I think)
Pencil form
Easy to carry around, good for girls on the go

Stays for not more than 2 hours
Melts due to sweating
Evaporates altogether
Gives minimal coverage, not good for dark circles or dark spots/blemishes

            I rate this product 3.5 out of 5. No I will not repurchase this concealer as there are other brands to explore.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



1 Kit for INR 400

Pediglow Foot Cleanser 100 ml
Pediglow Foot Scrub 50 gms
Pediglow Foot Cream 50 gms
Pediglow Foot Spray 100 ml
For INR 400

Method Of Use:-
Step 1:- Add 4 tspn of Pediglow Foot Cleanser into a bucket with lukewarm water. Soak your feet for 15-20 mins. Rinse and wipe with a hot towel.
Step 2:- Apply Pediglow Foot Scrub well and massage into cuticles for about 5 mins. Scrub the dead tissue and gently clean any foot cracks. Wipe off with a hot towel.
Step 3:- Apply Pediglow Foot Cream generously all over your feet and massage well into cuticles for about 10 mins. Wipe off with a hot towel.
Step 4:- Spray Pediglow Foot Spray all over your feet. Feel the freshness that gets you ticking.

Pediglow Foot Cleanser:- This deep cleanser with Soapnut n Margosa removes pollutants from the pores and softens thick tissue. It also fights against foot infection and harmful germs.
Contains:- Soapnut, Daruhaldi, Shikakai, Dalchini, Lemongrass Oil, Margosa, Sodium Louryl Ether Sulphate.

Pediglow Foot Scrub:- This exquisite scrub goes a long way in ensuring beautiful feet. Walnut exfoliates dead foot tissue while Lemongrass stimulates blood circulation for best foot health.
Contains:- Walnut Shell Powder, Lemongrass Oil, Fenugreek, Glycerin, Triclosan, Allantoin, Salicylic Acid.

Pediglow Foot Cream:- An ultra softening cream with Cocoa Butter n Orange Oil. A complete reviver made of select herbs, that nourish your feet.
Contains:- Orange Oil, Fenugreek, Margosa, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Menthol.

Pediglow Foot Spray:- It provides you the odourless feet. Patchouli n Lemongrass Oil cast a fresh spell and Costus's antiseptic properties keep foot infections at bay.
Contains:- Patchouli Oil, Liqourice, Lemongrass Oil, Menthol, Triclosan, Glycerin.

My Opinion:- 

Foot Cleanser
                 Pedicures are a luxury for most of us. I personally go for it once a month in the winters and twice a month in the summers. But I continue to pamper my feet every week with VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit. During the hot days we wear strappy sandals which gives maximum exposure to our feet from the sun and other pollutants. Also the rainy season can bring in some unwanted infection etc, so its gets very important to take extra care of our feet at this time.

                  This is where this Pediglow Foot Care Kit comes to my rescue, it fulfills my need of maintaining hygiene and pampering my feet at the same time. I follow the instructions religiously but I use 1 lid full of foot cleanser in half a bucket of water instead of the said amount of 4 tsp. The cleanser comes in a flip top plastic bottle and the smell is on the stronger side, smells of soapnut. After soaking for a good amount of time, I use the foot scrub which comes in tub form, its protected with a plastic cover/lid to avoid spillage. It smells very much like Lemongrass. I keep massaging the thick scrub on my feet and cuticles, use a foot file if necessary. This needs to be wiped off with a hot towel and you will already see your feet much cleaner. Then a good massage with the thick foot cream on my feet taking utmost care of my cuticles. Then a spritz of the refreshing foot spray completes my pedicure.

Foot Scrub
                     The foot cleanser is similar in consistency to most hair shampoos, its runny and foams well. It cleans off my feet making it soft but not dry. The foot scrub has granules that are just right for the feet, it removes rough spots and is not too abrasive. This scrub foams to some extent and is quite creamy in texture. Also the foot cream is watery and get absorbed fast into the thick skin of the feet. It softens the cuticles easily and a little goes a long since it spreads so easily. This cream gives the required moisturisation to my feet. Lastly, the foot spray which I have fallen in love with. It is like a perfume/toner in a spray bottle, it  comes with citrus fragrance which is very refreshing.

Foot Cream
                        These 4 products combined together gives a gives a good much needed DIY pedicure to relieve tired feet and keep them in tip top condition. Also these 4 products are sold separately and you can get them if 1 of the product gets finished up sooner than the others. I feel relaxed and this treatment at the comforts of my home re-energises me. My feet are clean and soft instantly. I religiously indulge my feet in this treatment and visit a salon once or twice a month. My feet are in pristine condition and I flaunt them with strappy sandals :)

* Its a handy kit and comes with all required info regarding 'how tos' of a DIY pedicure

* Packaging is very good, travel friendly

Foot Spray
* Affordable at Rs 400 per kit

* Improves the overall condition of the feet

* A little goes a long way as you need very little product for each pedicure

* Feet feels rejuvenated and looks well cared for

* Its a bit of a hassle doing the pedicure yourself but its worth giving a try. The not so obsessed ones like me can saves a lot of bucks by cutting off trips to parlors for pedicures.

                      I rate this product 5 out of 5 as it helps me keep my feet in great shape all the time. The feeling of having well groomed feet at all times is mentally satisfying for me :P This Pediglow pedicure kit is a must try for all the girls who want to care for their precious feet and make them beautiful. Right now I am on my 2nd kit :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


1 gm for INR 239

Company Says:- Creamy, Sharpenable eye definer with advanced silicone technology that delivers exceptional glidability and blend. 7 hour smudge-proof once set.

Ingredients:- Not Listed

Available in 6 gorgeous shades :-
Intense Black
Navy Blue
Chestnut Brown
Precious Green
Silver Prune
Charcoal Grey

My Opinion:-
                           I am sucker for eye pencils and keep hauling them every now and then. The good thing about eye pencils is they brighten up the eyes instantly. Today I am going to share my opinion about Oriflame Eye Intensity Pencils, I got Silver Prune and Charcoal Grey. Both these pencils are well pigmented but I hear the Black 1 is most pigmented out of the fleet.

                           These pencils are made in Switzerland and has a shelf life of 2 years. Outer coloring is purplish blue with transparent purplish cap. The pencils are very creamy and hence would finish off very soon. Its easy to sharpen up the pencils with any sharpener (Lakme, Avon, Oriflame). Since the pencils are very creamy, the tips tend to break if I sharpen too much by mistake. Also I need to sharpen every time I want to use it because it goes blunt after a single use. This is 1 reason it will get used up very soon.

                            The lasting power is very good at around about 5 hours once it sets, though I disagree with the 7 hours claim. Also this 1 is smudge proof if you keep your eyelids hands free zones. I have oily lids and maybe that's the reason it doesn't stay for 7 hours but I think it may stay that long on girls with dry (non-oily) eyelids. But then when I set it with a similar color eye shadow, it crosses that 7 hours claim.I have never used on my waterline and so I cant say a word about the effects.

                             Taking it off is pretty easy, face wash and water is enough and ofcourse an eye makeup remover cleans it off with a single swipe. These pencils are creamy plus sticky so they stay on for long. But after the 5 hours they just fade off a little and doesn't smudge much. The good thing about these pencils is that they don't leave you with stark naked eyes.
Tip becomes blunt after single application

* Creamy so they glide on easily without tugging and pulling my lids

* Pigmentation is good enough though not superb

* Stays on for long- 5 hours and if set with shadow it stays on longer and smudge free

* Price is okayish taking into account eye pencils from other brands but wait for discounts and get it for cheap

* Very easy to take it off, face wash and water is enough

* Ingredients not listed

* Not available in the open market

                      I rate this Oriflame Eye Intensity Pencil 4.5 out of 5 (-.25 for breakage of tips while sharpening and -.25 for needing to sharpen every time I want to use it). This is 1 product from Oriflame I am totally in love with, must haves for all girls who can lay their hands on Oriflame products.

Monday, July 18, 2011


150 ml for INR 139

Company Says:-
Citrus-fruity fragrance-
*Refresh yourself with mandarin & spicy notes

24 hr deo protection-
* Protection against body odour
* Keeps you fresh all day long
* Contains a gentle alcohol free deodorant

* Hold upright 15 cm from body and spray on underarms and body
* Spray daily after bath/shower. Use with Senses Re-charge body powder for your fragrance to last even longer.

Ingredients:- Propellent, Cyclomethicone Pentamer, Fragrance, Triclosan

My Opinion:-
                 The summer heat is rising, the temperature is also going up. Citrusy fragrances are very refreshing and are perfect for this kind of weather. Recently I bought Avon's Senses Re-charge Deo Spray in Citrus- Fruity as I am in love with Citrusy fragrances. Its a very pleasant and breezy fragrance which would be loved by most people. But I dont think it smell like mandarin but the fragrance is very refreshing with notes of spices blended beautifully in it.

                   I have been using this deo since about a month now. It didn't irritate my skin and nor did caused any other kind of skin problem. But after waxing my underarms when I tried to use this deo, it stungs badly and I had to wash it off immediately. It is alcohol free and very cheap as well. But the only problem with this deo is its staying power, it fades off after 2 hrs. But then it does not fully evaporates off my skin, a light scent lingers on for long.

Citrusy fragrance
Alcohol free

Staying power is bad, starts fading after 2 hrs but doesn't evaporate completely

               I rate this deo 3.75 out of 5, it is an average product from Avon. This deo spray is nothing special in it but not so bad as well. Repurchasing is out of the question but maybe I would want to try other variants, I think 2 more variants are available.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


250 ml for INR 149

Company Says:-


Active Ingredients:-


To Use:-

My Opinion:-
                    Since a year or so I have taken a fancy to body lotions. So I have experimented with many different brands, and liked most of them. Lately I have started using Avon skin and body products as you all might know that Avon is 1 of my fave brands. A body lotion is necessary for maintaining the moisture of the skin. During the hot days we bathe 2-3 times so the requirement of a body cannot be denied.
                    My arms and legs are dry in the winters but during the summers the skin turns to kind of normal. I have by now got into this habit of applying a body lotion all over my body before retiring to bed at night, after taking a refreshing bath ofcourse. Last summer my HG body lotion was the NMFe Body Lotion but this year I have switched to Avon

                    The bottle is a combination of bright yellow and orange which I like very much. The fragrance sweet fruity but nowhere near papaya. It is a white light weight lotion with watery consistency. The texture of this lotion is thin but not runny. A little lotion goes a long way as it gets spreads easily on my skin without leaving any trace of greasiness.

                    Just 3-4 pumps are needed for the entire body so it will not finish off before 30-40 days. It moisturises my skin making it soft and silky but with the much hated oiliness. You don't have to wait for it to get absorbed for 15 mins because it blends into the skin immediately.

                   This body lotion is enriched with natural extracts of Papaya, milk and soybeans. It boosts of a lightening action of the skin which I have noticed to some extent but then it plumps up my skin and gives a healthy glow which is more important to me. Stays on all night through and in the morning I still get a little scent which is very refreshing.

Non-greasy non-sticky formula
Plumps up my skin
Whitening effect on my skin
Cheap :D
Keeps my skin moisturised
Fragrance is awesome

Doesn't contain sun protection
Contains Paraben

               I rate this body lotion 4.25 out of 5 (-.75 because it is without sun protection). I will surely repurchase this body lotion again and again as I am in love with. But then body lotions are flings not affairs for me ;)Also I am waiting to see how it behaves in the winters of Delhi :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


10 ml for INR 198

Company Says:- Ideal for the delicate eye area! Dual action concealer containing Eyeliss to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and Eye bright, to help soften shadows under the eye. With 68% water for a refreshing effect.

To Use:- Gently dab several dots of concealer around the eye area. Using your fingertips or fine brush, softly tap concealer into desired areas.

Ingredients:- Not Listed

Available in 2 shades:-

My Opinion:- These days I wake up with tired looking eyes because of lack of sleep. I also get minor dark circles every now and then. While flipping through the pages of the Oriflame catalog, I saw the Absolute Eye Concealer and ordered both. According to me, the pink one is good for covering blueish undertones of dark circles and the gold one is for brighten up the eye area, it has yellow undertones along with a whitish cast to it.

              The packaging is very handy, comes in a small tube with pointed tip, this makes it easy to press out the required quantity of concealer. Very hygienic and also spill proof. The tube is tiny so it can be thrown into your purse easily. It is fragrance free, hence its very safe for the eyes. The texture is creamy but watery, the skin absorbs it fast. It is super blendable and I set it with translucent powder before applying my eye makeup.

               It gives sheer coverage so girls with heavy dark circles find it useless. But whenever I need a little more coverage, I top it with another concealer like Oriflame's Dual Skin Corrector or Avon's Ideal Shade Concealer Stick. Also I make sure to set it with a good quality translucent powder. The gold one has a hint of shimmer which is nearly invisible but the pink one doesn't seems to be plain.

               This Absolute Concealer for Eyes is a multi-purpose concealer. You can use it in different ways to achieve different results. If you want a glowing skin for your night out after hectic day, add a little absolute concealer with your regular foundation and glow away. In a hurry, you can use these two concealers as highlighters also; just dab gently on your cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. Another thing I have noticed is that the concealer works as a good base for eye shadows and eye pencils, the color pops up well. Wait for it to dry for a minute or two before topping it with anything.

              The staying power is not very nice but if you are not into the habit of touching yourself, it can stay upto 4-5 hours. After that it needs a touch up and setting with a powder. It doesn't slips off the skin but just fades away. It is a water based cream, feels very light on my skin. Regulates my oily lids, also I have a feeling that it will work very well on dry skinned girls. One more important thing I want to share with you all is that this concealer prevents creasing of eye shadows :D

  • Good value for money as only a tiny amount is required for 1 application
  • Affordable
  • Multi use product
  • Tiny tube is travel friendly
  • Swatches (Blended)
  • Easy to take off, face wash and water cleans it off

  • Staying power is less
  • Gives sheer coverage, not good for heavy dark circles
  • Ingredients not listed

               I rate this product 3.75 out of 5. This concealer is one of the best eye shadow base/primer I have used. Thumps up to this multi functional product, only if it could give atleast medium coverage. I have 2 tubes right now, hence I wouldn't be needing to repurchase soon.


50 gms for INR 249

Company Says:-

To Use:- 


My Opinion:- Summers call for sunblocks and till now I have never found my HG sunblock lotion :( Therefore, I keep trying different brands in the hope of getting my HG sunblock lotion. This time I tried Avon's Sun SPF 40 PA+++ Sunblock Lotion. This lotion contains SPF 40 which gives good protection and also PA+++ which also gives UVA protection. The PA rating are- PA+, PA++, PA+++ and the higher the '+' the higher is the protection from sunburn caused by UVA rays.

               The bright blue bottle is small and cute, it comes with a flip lid. It has a light texture though it is not runny or watery. But it is not thick also. It has a mild fragrance which I cant relate to anything. The fragrance doesn't stay on for long after application. The fragrance is not nauseating but I don't like it :( This lotion gets absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving the whitish cast most sunblocks do. A small blob of lotion is enough for the face and neck.

                Though this lotion is very light weight, it leaves my skin a little greasy. I have to dust my face with loose powder to decrease this oiliness but this trick doesn't work for more than an hour. Neither it broke me out nor did it irritate my skin but it made my skin a little more oilier than it used to be, during the course of its application. Another problem I had with this lotion is that it leaves my skin looking a little dark and makes me sweat more than I generally do.

¤ Contain SPF 40 PA+++
¤ Absorbs well into the skin
¤ Doesn't leave white cast on the skin
¤ Contains Aloe Vera
¤ I didn't broke out after using it
¤ No irritation/allergy experienced, good for sensitive skin

¤ 50 gms for Rs 249 is pricey
¤ Makes me sweat
¤ Not suitable for my oily skin as it adds to the greasiness
¤ Not waterproof

               I rate this product 3 out of 5. I would recommend it to girls with dry and sensitive skin. I will not repurchase this sunblock lotion again as it doesn't suit my oily skin.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Heya Beauties. This is my second haul of the month. Its basically a Lakme haul but I also bought 2 product from Lotus Herbals.

1. Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Lotus- Rs 425

2. Lakme Lip Love Conditioner in Flirt- Rs 225

3. Lakme Lip Gloss in Vanilla- Rs 175

4. Lakme Glide On Lipcolor in Honey Crush- Rs 325

5. Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast- Rs 400

6. Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick in Moon Beam- Rs 375

The Swatches

7. Lotus Herbals Naturalblend Translucent Powder Auto-Puff SPF 15 in Sunset Beach- Rs 349

8. Lotus Herbals Naturalblend Botanical Blusher SPF 20- Rs 375

Thank you very much and have a nice time ahead :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


5.75 gms for INR 190

Company Says:-
• Air-whipped mousse blush feels satin-soft on skin, glides on smoothly, and blends easily for seamless color and a natural finish
• Long-wearing formula provides luminous, long-lasting color on cheeks without clogging pores

For Best Results:- With your fingertips, pat a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use feathery strokes to blend gently from your cheekbones to your temples. To build color intensity, apply more blush.


My Opinion:-
                 This is the first blush that I am going to review on my blog as it holds a special place in my heart. We need a blush to warm up our look and define our cheekbones and to add a healthy glow to our faces. This blush has stayed with me for nearly 2 years and still its in great shape. The first thing I love about this blush is its packaging. It comes in a cute little glass jar and that's the sole reason why I purchased it. The glass jar is sturdy enough not to break when hitting the floor. The lid is the same color as the blush inside.

                When I opened the lid, I was put off by the odour of ink. Later when I applied the blusher to my skin, the odour was gone immediately. And also the smell is not unbearable, why do I need to take a whiff of everything I don't understand :P Another thing which created a problem is taking out a little blush from the tub without dipping my nails in it (I have long nails on both hands) but I fixed the problem soon. Either I use the back of a brush, a brush or a toothpick to take out the required quantity of blush from the tub.

                The blush is truly said to be air whipped and is extremely light. It doesn't feel heavy like a cream blush and blends into the skin like a dream. A little goes a long way since I need just a small quantity of blush to get the required amount of color. It is very well pigmented and is extremely buildable. This thing feels like silk when rubbed between fingers. Feels satiny to the touch after applying on my skin. This blush doesn't emphasize the dry spots (my skin turns combination during winters).

                Though the shimmer in it looks kind of cheap, it didn't break me it or caused any other skin problem. This Dream Mousse stays on my skin for about 3-3 1/2 hours in winters but in the summers it last only for 2- 2 1/2 max. Its just fades off and I have to touch up my makeup from time to time. The glitter in this blush is not very chunky and I personally don't mind wearing it during the day also. My friend suggested using this blush in a very unique way. Add a tiny amount of this Dream Mousse blush to your body lotion, apply to your arms and legs and shiny away. This will give a sexy sheen perfect for nights out or special occasions.

¤ Blends like a dream
¤ Buildable
¤ Affordable
¤ Cute packaging
¤ Very light weight

¤ Smells like ink :P
¤ Looks like the mousse is made of cheap quality (just a feeling)
¤ Comes in a jar so its difficult to take it out without dipping my nail, also I need to sanitize my hands/fingers before using this blush.
¤ All shades are not available in all places
¤ Lasting power is not good on my oily skin

                I rate this product 4 out of 5 inspite of the 5 cons. I love the color and texture of this blush and love the way it looks on my skin.
5.75 gms for INR 190

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