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Friday, August 31, 2012


         Hi girls, today I have a colorful nail art apt for Holi celebrations but I just wanted to do this for long but kept forgetting. Take a small piece of sponge, paint on the pattern on the sponge with your fave nail colors and press it against your nails one by one. That's it. Mine is no where near perfect but I still like it :D Hope you all enjoy the pics and thanks in advance for bearing with me.

Have a nice day :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Prevents Pimples
Purifies skin in all skin types

50 ml for INR 50

Company Says: - A soap-free, herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Neem, well known for its antibacterial properties, kills problem-causing bacteria, and Turmeric effectively controls acne and pimples. Use regularly for clear, soft and pimple-free skin.

Directions: Moisten face and neck; apply a small amount of Purifying Neem Face Wash and gently work up a lather using a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily. Follow with Himalaya Face Moisturising Lotion. Use Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack once a week to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.
Active Ingredients: Each gm contains: Ext. Nimba (Azadirachta Indica)* 50mg, Haridra (Curcuma Longa)* 5mg   (Ref: - * API)

Inactives: Phenoxyethanol, Methylcholoisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Sodium Benzoate IP, Potassium Sorbate
Color: Brilliant Blue FCF (CI 42090), Tartrazine (CI 19140)

Natural herbal formulations tend to change color over time. However, the product efficiency remains unchanged.

My Opinion: - I get pimples every now and then.  So I always keep a couple of face washes that claim to prevent/minimize the appearance of pimples. Therefore, today I am reviewing the highly acclaimed Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash which claims to prevent pimples and purify skin in all skin types. Right away coming to the packaging of this product, it very basic, very simple like most face washes. A transparent plastic tube with a flip open lid. The lid shuts tight and the packaging is very hygienic and travel friendly. It can be safely carried around in a purse.

             The face wash is bright green in color, and is like a liquidy gel. It’s not exactly watery but it’s definitely runny. The fragrance is sweet herbal-y with a touch of fresh Neem leaves. According to me, the fragrance is refreshing and rejuvenating.  I take out a small blob on the palm of my hand, add a little water, lather it and apply it all over my face and neck. Then I wash it off and really feel fresh thereafter. I use this face wash atleast thrice a day and no it has not dried out my skin. But yes it controls oil for about 2 hours and then my nose becomes shiny (My skin is very oily in the summers). I generally use a toner and a moisturiser and top it off with a loose powder.

               This face wash soothes my skin while breakouts, and truly prevents pimples and therefore I am very happy with it. It does not lather much (its soap free) and I am personally happy that this face wash does not contain SLS (foaming/lathering agent). It contains Neem which is extremely beneficial for pimples of most kinds. Also is contains turmeric which too is great for the skin. My skin feels clean, soft and clears up within a week. What more can I ask for from a face wash of Rs 50.

Pros: -

* It’s very affordable and easily available, it can be found in many different sizes

* Contains Neem & Turmeric which are good for skin

* Does not dry out my skin- I wash my face thrice a day

* Very gentle on pimples, soothes my skin

* Refreshingly sweet herbal fragrance

* Soap-free, hence very mild on sensitive skin

* Available in a number of different sizes

* All claims are true

Cons: -

* Does not foam/lather much, though for me it’s not a con but for others it might be

* It claims to purify skin in all skin types but dry skin girls stay away or use only once a day

         I rate this Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash 4.75 out of 5. I recommend this face wash to girls with oily skin who are frequented with pimples like me.  Girls with combination skin can use it once a day but girls with dry skin stay out. I have been using this face wash for many years now and I must say I love it and always have it in stock.

Hope you enjoyed my review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with anti-pimple Face Washes. Thank you and have a nice time

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



           Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising/Nourishing are the cornerstone of a smooth and healthy skin. Whatever your age maybe but taking care of skin is a must. So if you have never taken care of your skin and yourself, start now.

 Cleanse your skin with a creamy cleanser/face wash, whichever you prefer. Massage it into the facial skin and neck and leave it on for a couple of minutes or more. Wash off warm water.

The next step is to use a mild Toner, or if you are not sure which product would suit, better go for the good old rose water. Pour few drops of rose water into a cotton ball/pad and wipe over cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and neck. Let it dry for a couple of minutes while you concentrate to feel your pores tighten/close up.

Moisturizing is the final step for the day. Use a rich creamy moisturiser with atleast SPF15-20. Apply dots all over face and neck and gently massage it into the skin. wait for a minute or so and then go ahead with your makeup.

Apply a restorative eye cream but avoid gels as they might be drying. Apply and massage with your ring finger. Apply minimum pressure.

Do not neglect your nails, apply a good nourishing hand cream and massage for a couple of minutes, concentrating on your nails. Massage in circular motions over nails and keep applying hand cream every time you wash your hands.

Applying lip balm is another important step that should not be forgotten. use a moisturising lip balm as many times as your lips feel dry.

At night cleanse your skin with the same creamy cleanser and skip the toning part if you are a lazy bone. But use a nourishing and anti-ageing night cream all over face and neck. Massage gently for the cream to penetrate deep into your skin.



Anew Reversalist (For Age 40+)
Anew Rejuvenate
Anew Clinical                                                  


Optimals Bio Maximum (40+)
Time Reversing (45+)
Time Reversing Intense (55+)
Bio Clinic (40+)
Diamond Cellular (40+)

            Hope you enjoyed this post, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with Anti-Ageing Treatments. Thank you and have a great day :) 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


1.7 gm for INR 249

Company Says: -
Catalogue: Easy-to-blend shades are perfect to keep your stunning look intact through the party!
Shades that look and feel like velvet
Glides and blends easily on lids
Written on back of pan: Silky-smooth powder eye shadow that glides and blends easily on lids for marvelous eye enhancing color. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic. Made especially for Asian women.

To Use: - Sweep the lighter color on the eyelids. Use the darker shade on your  lash line and blend upwards.
Available in 3 duos:-

Princess- Pink & Purple
Charm- Brown & Pink
Starlight- Blue & Silver

 Ingredients: - Not listed

My Opinion: - I bought this duo long back when they relaunched it. I was never attracted to the other 2 but I always wanted the Starlight duo, and I was waiting for it to be on offer, then I saw this in a new avatar and big discount and grabbed it asap. The very first time I swatched it, I fell in love with it immediately. What a gorgeous blue and silver I had found. Coming to the packaging, it’s pretty looking but very flimsy and cheap, it’s a bright pink plastic pan with a see through plastic lid which makes it easy to find out. It comes with a sponge tip applicator which is not too bad and can be used for the inner corners. It’s a cute & small duo and can be thrown into the purse for later use/touch ups.


                       The texture is extremely creamy and smooth, the consistency is light weight. It is not powdery or chalky like many other brands. It is fragrance free or atleast my nose is not able to pick up any scent. The Starlight duo consists of 2 shadows, one in aqua blue with gold & holographic micro shimmers which are very finely milled. It’s one of the prettiest blue I have ever come across. The blue leans towards the teal family and can’t be called a proper blue. The other shadow is true silver with finely milled silver shimmer. The two colors complement each other very well.

                         Once applied these shadows look like a cream shadow and both are highly pigmented. The lasting power is amazing; it lasts all day/night and comes off only when I take it off. A face wash/cleanser is not of much help and I need to use a specialized eye makeup remover to clean off completely. Both these shadows blend like a dream, with each other as well as with other shadows. It’s easy to spread on the lids. It becomes loose powder after swirling the brush in it and that part goes into each other so I have to throw it off the pan and that’s a lot of wastage. The price of this is Rs 249 which is extremely affordable taking into consideration the quality and rarity of the shades.


Pros: -

* Blends like a dream

* Lasting power is amazing

* Doesn’t smudge or fades off until removed

* Mostly Avon products are on sale, so you never have to buy it for Rs 249

* Very pretty blue shadow

* Highly pigmented and looks like cream after application


Cons: -

* Packaging is flimsy and cheap, overall looks pretty though


I rate this Avon Simply Pretty Blendable Eyeshadow Duo in Starlight, 4.5 out of 5. It’s a hit with me from my fave brand Avon. I highly recommend this duo to all girls who love to wear blue shadow.


Hope you enjoyed my review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with Blue/Silver Eyeshadows. Thank you and have a great Sunday :)

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