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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


                 Hi girlies, the theme for day 12 is Stripes, here I have stripes in a variety of colors. Like Polka Dots, Stripes too can never go out of fashion in nail art. They are easy to create and gives an illusion of longer nails. Here I have used red, white & black colors but the outcome didn't please me much. 

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today.

Step 1- Two coats each of white, red & black nail paint on the nails.

Step 2- Nail Stripper to draw stripes on every nail with opposite colors.

Step 3- Rhinestones on ring finger & index finger nails to add a bit of pop.

Step 4- Top coat to add gloss and seal in the art. Done!!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great afternoon :)


                          Hello everyone, the theme for day 11 is Polka Dots. Polka dots are never out of fashion and they can always jazz up your nail art. Place a few random dots here and there and you have a cool nail art which is chic and adorable. Here I have used a bright red as the base color and a bright blue to make the dots. Also I added yellow for some fun.

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Enjoy.....

Step 1- Two coats of bright red nail paint.

Step 2- Random dots with a bright blue nail paint.

Step 3- Bright red dots over the bright blue dots.

Step 4- Bright yellow dots over the red dots.

Step 5- Top coat for glossy look and sealing in the nail art. Done!!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great day :)


               The theme for day 10 is Rainbow Nails, it is difficult to create a rainbow pattern for a beginner like me but here I have tried my best. I have used all the colors in the rainbow (VIBGYOR) on my nails but not in order. I therefore went in for a water marble nail art which would let me use Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red together. Even after trying so much it didn't turn out as I thought it would :(

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Enjoy it.....

Step 1-  Two coats of white nail polish, kindly excuse for the messy application.

Step 2- Use scotch tape around nails to prevent the mess while marbling.

Step 3- Use all rainbow colors for the water marbling.

Step 4-  Work each nail separately. Make different designs on water for different nails but keep the colors same.

Step 5- This is how it looks after removing the tape and cleaning.

Step 6- Top coat to seal in the nail art and give a glossy look. Done!!!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great afternoon :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


                  Hello everyone, I got my Vellvette Bag today and the theme this month is "The Ticket To  Hollywood". I got 3 samples out of which one is a full sized product. I loved the black bag with a golden Velvette symbol printed on it, very handy to carry my makeup along. Apart from that I was not at all excited about the whole thing. So lets see what all I got in my bag this month.

h20+ Face Oasis Shine Neutralizing Gel 8 ml

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme, Sheer Cherry (Staple in every bag this month)- Full size :D

I love Coconut And Cream Shower Gel, 100ml

Overall its a disappointment this month except the bag I think. Waiting for my 1 year subscription to get over and I don't think I will renew it again. Thank you and have a great time ahead :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


                Nails paints that have a matte non-glossy finish are called Matte Nail Polish. It gives a smooth finish to the nails sans the shine. There are 2 ways to create matte nails, first is to simply use a Matte Nail Paint and the second way is to apply a matte top coat over any regular nail paint. The theme for day 9 is Matte Nails and I choose a grey matte nail paint for this look. I couldn't leave it at that so I simply decorated it with stickers. I liked the end result more than the 8th day result but can't say I am satisfied.

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Enjoy.....

Step 1- Two coats of cement grey matte nail paint.

Step 2- Add stone stickers with nail glue and stick them in place.

Step 3- Here I have added 3 stickers on the moon of each nail and and 3 hearts on the ring finger nail to give a little pop to the otherwise plain matte nails.

Step 4- Done!!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great afternoon :)


                    The theme for day 8 is gradient, I used pinks for this theme- light, medium & dark. Gradient effect nails also known as Ombre effect nails are very tricky to create. But once you get the hang of it, you can create great looking nails. I am not good at this, still in the learning process and you will know that by seeing the pics below. Anyways, I tried hard and since I am running out of time now ( I am posting 8th day nail aet and today is the 21st of August). I am not happy with the result :(

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Enjoy.....

Step 1- Two coats of white nail paint.

Step 2- A light pink is applied with a piece of sponge near the moons of the nails leaving a little white visible.

Step 3- Apply a medium pink nail paint with a piece of sponge on the middle of the nails overlapping the light pink.

Step 4- Add a dark pink on the tips of the nails with a piece of sponge overlapping the medium pink.

Step 5- A black line down the nail with a nail stripper brush.

Step 6- Three dots on each nail on both ends & middle of the black line.

Step 7- White dots placed over black dots.

Step 8- Pink dots placed over white dots, sealed with a top coat. Done!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great day :)


         The theme for Day 7 is Black and White and what I did is painted 3 nails with black and 2 nails with white. Now I did not go for a single design on all the nails, instead I tried out 5 different designs. A unique design for each unique nail. And I must say I am very pleased with the outcome.

Coming to today's theme of black and white, I must say that they compliment each other very well. Black is the color of modernity, power, sophistication, elegance, mystery, style, evil, death, fear, mourning, sorrow and unhappiness. White is the color of reverence, purity, peace, innocence, simplicity, coldness, surrender and winter.

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1- Three coats of black on thumb, middle and pinky and two coats of white on the index and ring fingers.

Step 2- White dots on the thumb with black dots over the white dots, Three vertical black lines on the index nail, A white French Tip on the middle nail with black dots.

Step 3- A drip pattern with black on the ring finger nail and finally Random white untidy dots on the lower half of the pinky nail.

Step 4- Seal in with a top coat. I messed up the French Tip a little on the middle finger nail while applying the top coat, that's a different matter ;) Done!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great day :)


               After a long gap, I am back again with another of my nail art for the 31 day nail art challenge by Rajani. I was not able to post due to person reasons but now I will post as much as possible, I mean for the nail art challenge.

               Orange color takes its name from the Orange fruit. Orange associated with fire, warning, danger, desire, Halloween, autumn, taste & aroma, determination, compassion, endurance and optimism. Today is the 6th day of the 31 day nail art challenge and the theme given is orange.

Here are the pictorial of the orange nail art I created for today. Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1- Two coats of bright orange nail paint.

Step 2- Draw the wing patterns of a butterfly with a black nail art pen or a black nail paint and brush.

Step 3- Place some random white dots of various sizes on the black parts.

Step 4- Seal in with a top coat to protect the art. Done!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great day ahead :)


         Hello everyone, this is where I left. I completed upto the 4th day of the 31 day nail art challenge and was MIA due to personal reasons. I am here today with a Violet Nail Art as it is the theme for the 5th day of the challenge. 

Violet is the color associated with the extravagant, individualist, ambiguity, the unconventional and  the artificial not to forget the precious Amethyst.

Here is the pictorial of the violet nail art I created today. Enjoy.....

Step 1- Three coats of a violet nail paint.

Step 2- Made some flames with a silver nail paint.

Step 3- Placed a rhinestone each on the thumb nail and on the ring finger nail, also 2 stone stickers on each side of the rhinestone on the ring finger.

Step 4- Sealed in with a top coat to protect the design and the stones. Done!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great Wednesday :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Vichy’s Laboratories introduces Dercos Neogenic- PR INFO

                             ~ The first hair rebirth treatment~

Mumbai, August 2013: Beautiful hair is the reflection of youth and health. Hair loss is often accompanied by a loss of self-esteem and has a very strong psychological impact. However the search for that one product that works against hair loss ends, as Vichy introduces Dercos Neogenic hair density treatment - a ground-breaking hair-rebirth treatment based on fundamental new scientific discoveries that will mark the beginning of a new era in alopecia studies.

Found within each organ and each tissue, stem cells have the unique power to renew themselves all throughout life to generate new cells. Because of stem cells, hair is able to recreate themselves throughout life in a cyclical manner. For over 20 years, L‘Oréal research has studied stem cells and has acquired expertise that is unrivaled worldwide and established that stem cells are involved in the awakening of the dormant hair follicles.

Vichy’s Dercos Neogenic contains 5% Stemoxydine, a patented molecule that promotes the proper functioning of stem cells at the origin of new hair and awakens the dormant bulbs by creating the ideal environment for the optimal functioning of stem cells.

Clinical studies have shown an average gain of 1700 new hair at 3 months, versus placebo.

Dercos Neogenic is scientifically formulated for men and women suffering from low hair density. The treatment is carried out as a three month course: a single-dose in the morning or evening to damp or dry hair. NEOGENIC can be used on color-treated, permed and chemically relaxed hair.

Each box includes a unique applicator with an ergonomic massage tip and provides an icy-cool massage effect for the scalp that is highly enjoyable and also stimulates micro-circulation.

One box includes 28 single doses for a month’s treatment.

DERCOS NEOGENIC is exclusively available with select dermatologists across the country.

Price: Rs 8500 for 28 ampoules

Discover Vichy Laboratories:

The No. 1 Dermocosmetic brand in Europe.

Vichy Laboratoires provides DERMOCOSMETIC products available only in select pharmacies worldwide. VICHY products offer unique hypoallergenic formulations combining the exceptional properties of the VICHY Thermal Spa Water with active ingredients and innovative technologies stemming from the latest breakthroughs of dermatological research. No.1 in European pharmacies, VICHY Laboratoires was launched in India in the year 2002 and is the pioneer of the Dermocosmetic category

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rakshabandhan Offer by Richfeel Trichology- PR INFO

Enjoy this auspicious bond treating wellness to your sibling

Mumbai: 13th August, 2013: Raksha Bandhan festival is the most awaited festival for brothers and sisters as it dots the celebration of sensitivity and love of the sibling relationship. As part of the celebrations, Richfeel Trichology has lined up exciting gifts for men and women. Sisters will be quite delighted to receive any of the product line up as gifts from their brothers.

Richfeel introduces Rakhi gift pack for hair-loss and hair thinning problems which includes bottles of oil (500 ml), bottles of tonic (600 ml) and shampoos (500 ml) along with hair care regime and wooden comb. Oil, tonic and shampoo help in nourishment of your hair and add a quality touch to your hair and make sure they and your hair glow amidst the festive buzz.

Through proper care using simple techniques and the right maintenance products, anyone can have long, beautiful, healthy locks. Richfeel Trichology offers customized packages for hair treatment for all their clients thus serving solutions to all kinds of hair and scalp problems.

Offer Valid: 21st August, 2013

Place: All Richfeel Outlets in Mumbai

Timings: 10.00am to 7.30pm


About Richfeel Trichology:

Being the pioneer in the field of beauty and headed by the country's first certified Trichologists and beauty physicians, Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah, Richfeel has become the leading name for the last 20 years. Started in 1986 with an idea, that combines content and style, an idea that amalgamates scientific know-how of a medical practitioner and the finesse of an aesthetician; to provide holistic solutions for hair, beauty and body care needs. The result has been a trailblazing journey that has transformed the idea into an institution called “Richfeel”. They are proud recipients of The Maharashtra Vaibhav Awards for their work in the field of trichology, a feature in the Limca Book of Records in recognition of their pioneering efforts and a confirmation of the world’s highest Trichology award – The Ronald Salinger Award. Today, Richfeel is recognized as the largest chain of Trichology in the world with 54 clinics located across India.



Ellis Red is LIVE! The only red is Ellis Red can now be seen via our Vimeo-channel. The direct link is

Or watch it here...

Thursday, August 15, 2013


         Hello everyone, as we are celebrating and rejoicing our 67th Independence day, I have a couple of Tri-color Inspired Nail Art to share with you all. 



Thank you very much for bearing with me and have a rocking day ahead :)

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