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Friday, December 31, 2010



                Most of the time oil massage is followed by a steaming treatment for giving heat. The application of heat stimulates blood supply to the scalp and increases metabolism and flow of sebum.

With Towels:-

* Take a small basin of boiling hot water

* Dip the center of the towel in the water with both the ends on the edges of the basin

* Hold the dry ends, one in each hand and twist to squeeze out extra water from the towel.

* Open out the towel to let out extra steam and test the temperature on the back of your hand

* Wrap the towel around your head and press it gently with your hands

* Take another towel and repeat the process. Use 2 towels in alteration. As soon as the towel on your head cools down, replace with the warm one

* The process should be continued for 4-6 times, or till the water in the basin has cooled


* The water should be squeezed out completely. Dripping of water on your face and neck can burn your skin and spoil your clothes. It is uncomfortable to have water dripping all over you.

* Temperature of the towel should be checked on the back of your hand to prevent burns

* As soon as the steaming treatment is over, shampoo your hair immediately. Do not sit in a draught.

                        Steaming with towels enables the scalp to absorb the oil more effectively. However, it has to be handled carefully if you want to avoid burns.


LifeThoughtsCamera said...

hey i also use towel method...

I wear gloves which are a bit thick to squeeze the towel.. as it will be too hot..

beautydiva said...

@SIB- Ohhh yes wearing gloves is an excellent idea. Thanks :)

LifeThoughtsCamera said...

your welcome dear :-))

Beautydiva said...

@SIB- :D wish you a very happy new year

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