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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Avon Introduces Sheer Passion Body Mists- PR INFO

                   Avon Introduces Sheer Passion
                      Sensually feminine and teasingly alluring range of body mists

New Delhi, March, 2016: Get ready to mesmerize your senses with the newly launched range of Sheer Passion Body Mists by Avon, a fragrance that will turn heads around. The newly launched fragrance mist is a perfect complement for the multi-faceted woman who is confident, beautiful, captivating and wants to stand out from the crowd. Experience the sensual side of a woman as it leaves a trail of captivating scents. Fresh and explosive, the scent combines a delicate femininity with a seductive allure and a mysterious beauty. Avon has currently launched the collection in three fragrances comprising of scents from three very popular fragrance families- citrus floral, floral oriental and floral fruity.

The 3 refreshing fragrances – Simply Tempting, So Alluring and Very Captivating tantalize your senses. The collection is exactly for the modern women who are not afraid to take risks, to take on roles that are not the norm and still maintain that sense of femininity and joviality. Sheer Passion is the best partner to that kind of character and there is fragrance to match different moods of a woman.

Simply Tempting:

Get tempted with the sweet mystery of Sheer Passion Simply Tempting Fragrance Mist. Exquisite Sparkling Caja mixed with the freshness of Mango blossom is all you need for an effortlessly sophisticated daytime wear. The scent opens with a very citrusy explosive top note. The body is floral fresh, airy and light and conveys the top freshness of Sparkling Caja into the heart of Mango Blossom. The dry down accord of Blond Wood brings softness.

So Alluring:

A sultry combination of tangy mandarin, velvety peach, and oriental amber evokes the irresistible you. . It’s a perfect scent which will simply leave you and people around you mesmerized. At the top, mix of fruits brings out the contrast between the fresh sweetness of Persian Lime and the juicy freshness of Mandarin. With Velvety Peach and feminine delicacy at the middle, there is a touch of mystery with the presence of Amber at the bottom.

Very Captivating:

Tantalize the senses with the sensual indulgence of Sheer Passion Very Captivating Fragrance Mist. Turn heads and feel like sensuality personified with luscious Oris Butter and creamy Caramel. Full of femininity, it is embraced by a modern interpretation of a floral aldehydic accord blended with luxurious refined flowers and delicate touch of velvety fruity rested on a sensual, radiant and creamy oriental base.

PRICE: Sheer Passion Simply Tempting Body Mist (MRP Rs 799, 200ml)

Sheer Passion So Alluring Body Mist (MRP Rs 799, 200ml)

Sheer Passion Very Captivatig Body Mist (MRP Rs 799, 200ml)

AVAILABLE: March 2016

WHERE TO BUY: Available exclusively through Avon Beauty and Fashion Advisors. Call on 011-3377 2866.

About Avon Beauty Products

Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company with over US $9 billion in annual revenue. As the world’s largest Beauty direct selling company, Avon markets to women in over 50 countries through 6 million independent Avon Fashion and Beauty Advisors. Avon India’s product line includes beauty products and fashion accessories, with well-recognized brand names as Avon Colour, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions and Avon Naturals. Learn more about Avon and its products at or call 011-33772866.

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