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Friday, December 31, 2010


                 A sound massage with a good cream enriched with Vitamin E helps reverse the adverse effects of environmental damage by increasing the skin's water content and preventing loss due to evaporation. Left on the skin overnight, the unique ageless formula of Vitamin E in the cream assists in the repair of the skin which has been surface-damaged by exposure. It restores flexibility of the skin by correcting the moisture balance. The cream should be applied with proper massaging movements. The friction caused increases the supply of blood to the skin and helps it stay supple.

Massage Technique:-
The Forehead:- Gently massage the forehead upward from the eyebrows to the hairline with alternate movements of the hands.

The Eyes:- With both hands working simultaneously, make circles around the eyes.

To Smoothen Laugh Lines:- Massage with both hands by upward movements over the laugh line, ending between the corner of the mouth and nostrils.

Against Sagging of the Lower Part of the Face:- With both hands working alternately,take the jawline between the 2nd and the 3rd finger, making upward movement from the point of the chin to the temporal muscle.

For the Neck:- Using alternately both hands cupped around the neck, firmly massage with a download movement.

                 A regular massage with a correctly formulated cream nourishes the skin and keeps it looking young.


bhumika said...

nice tips..

beautydiva said...

Thanks Bhumika :)

Anonymous said...

nice buthowmany times in a week n what do u mean by corner of mouth n nostrils,temporal muscle.also if u can show masg tech with photos.

beautydiva said...

@anonymous- twice a week is great for the skin. corner of mouth means outer corner of lips and i am talking about the crease thats forms when we smile- from outer corner of nose to outer corner of lips.i will try to post pics in another post in the future. thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

whats about masg nose n chin.

Pretty Staggering Things said...

I do face massage once a week. With a natural oils. It would be great to show us masg tech!

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