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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skin Care- Reader's Request

Hi Ladies, Salini a reader of my blog has a couple of problems. I get a lot of private messages in facebook asking me for solutions to problems similar to that of Salini. So here is my take on her problem.
i m salini 
plz tell me how 2 reduce uneven skin tone??
my underarms, and the skin around my mouth are dark n this is getting worse day by day
ihave acne on my face,back n shoulders
my face is oily n sensitive but my body is dry
plzzz suggest something

Uneven skin-tone and darkness on area around mouth and underarms- This is the commonest query. As for the underarms, epilation is best for you right now. Stop waxing for sometimes and if you shave your underarms then stop using shaving creams instead use a foaming face/body wash. Avoid hair removing creams totally as of now. Also twice a week, scrub the area with a face/body scrub or prepare 1 at home. Moisturise well.
Also use a good quality scrub on your face emphasizing on the mouth area and be very gentle because of the acne.

Treat dandruff if you have any. Tie hair away from your face. Maybe its dandruff that's causing the acne on your face, shoulders and back. Use a good quality anti-dandruff shampoo. Keep your hair always clean.

For the acne start using a paste of mint/margosa leaves and apply daily on the areas affected with acne. Wash off and pat dry with a clean towel. Use a suitable sunscreen if you must go out in the sun. If you have long nails then I am sorry to say that as for now you need to chop them off. Dont prick at them or you will get ugly marks. Don't touch the affected area because it might give you an infection.

Since the rapid darkening of your skin maybe hyper pigmentation, please consult a dermatologist asap.

Please help Salini with more beauty recipes for the specified problems. Thanks 


Nivedita said...

Shalini, the uneven pigmentation might be caused by the sun. Get a good sunscreen with high SPF. Consult a dermatologist if you can

beautydiva said...

Thanks for helping Salini. Nivedita you are correct, she should consult a Dermatologist asap.

salinl said...

thanx ladies so much
really appriciate it

salinl said...

thanx ladies so much
really appriciate it

beautydiva said...

Welcome Salini :)

mona said...

Hi, Salini if u r still fac'g the same prob.., u can do tis:
1tsp rice or wholewheat powder
1tsp chandan powder
2tsp almond powder
mix with milk n apply on ur face,when it dries scrub it.Be4 apply'g tis masg ur face with lit. almond oil.Rem.be4 trying any homrem consult ur doc.

beautydiva said...

@mona- thanks for sharing your recipe with us :)

salinl said...

thanks mona

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