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Monday, February 28, 2011

Glittery Green Nail Art

             Hi girls, I had done these nails about a month back but  couldn't post it. I love trying out new nail art designs and this one is simple and I so love the color.

               Here I have used Avon Simply Pretty Nail Polish in Green Dream.
Its a pale green with blue undertones atleast so it seems to me :D Its a new launch of Avon along with a couple of other colors.
                First I applied my base coat and left it to dry and then I applied 3 coats of Avon,s Green Dream one by one, letting each coat to dry before applying the other coat.

                 When my nails were dry I applied a gold glitter polish on top to finish the look. I quite liked it but did you? Please let me know and thanks very much for bearing with me :P



75 ml for INR 299

Company Says:-This dual-phase formula gently and effectively removes all traces of face and eye makeup, especially ideal for waterproof and long-lasting face and eye products.
Ophthalmologist-test. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Ingredients:- Top phase- Cyclopentasiloxane, Isohexadecane, Phenoxyethanol, Peg-4, Fragrance, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
Bottom phase- Water, Hexylene Glycol, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Chloride, Poloxamer 184, Dipotassium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, Cocamidopropylamine Oxide, Tetrasodium EDTA.

To Use:- Shake well before use. Sweep over face and eye using cotton wool and rinse off thoroughly with water.

My Opinion:- I am in love with Avon Products. I buy a lot of stuff from this brand as most products seem to suit me, not really all of them :P About a month back I purchased this Makeup remover when I read that its great for sensitive eyes, my eyes are super sensitive. This bottle contains 2 different kinds of liquids- the thicker heavier holds the bottom 1/2 of the bottle and the light watery liquid holds the upper 1/2. Very mild typical Avon fragrance, it goes off with the washing immediately. It needs to be shaken and then the liquid mixes up to a milky white oily liquid. It should be used with a cotton ball and it cleans off all makeup in a single swipe. OMG it cleans off kajal, mascara and lipstick very well without trace.
                            I don't really need to rub or tug my skin and this remover cleans off everything so effortlessly. It feels a little oily when I splash my face with water, but when I dry my face there is no oiliness left behind. But sometimes I like to use a mild face wash after wards but this it not a must. This remover is very gentle on my skin and makes my skin soft and also doesn't dries out my skin. Best is that I didn't break out because of it nor did it ever irritate my eyes. But the packaging is so boring- I don't like it. I am truly loving this makeup remover. All claims made by the company are true.

             I rate this product 5 out of 5. I will surely get hold of it again and again :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Biotique Almond Kaajal- Swatches & Review

3 gms for INR 100 (approx)

Company Says:- This natural blend prepared in traditional Ayurvedic method improves your vision and promotes the growth of eye lashes. Made from natural extracts. You can apply this Kaajal everyday to add sparkle to your eyes. Pure Sesame Oil, Sweet Almond Oil along with extracts of Eclipta Alba and Indian Gooseberry nourish the eye area.

Almond Oil- 10%
Triphala Extracts- 5%
Mulethi Extracts- 2%
Kapoor- 2%
Netranjan- 5%
Kaajal- 2%
Ointment- Q.S.

My Opinion:- I love to wear kajal all the time and keep on experimenting with various brands. I have learnt 1 thing about kajal in the long run is that it smudges- sometimes immediately and sometimes a little later. This Biotique kajal is no exception, it smudges immediately after applying. If I powder the area around my eyes then this kajal stays on for not more than 30 mins without getting smudged. It is satiny and intense black and glides on very effortlessly. That is 1 factor I love about this kajal. Biotique kajal is fully ayurvedic and contains natural ingrdients like Almond Oil and Sesame Oil. This is another factor I love about this kajal. It glides on my lid very easily and also lines my waterline easily in a single swipe. I like this kajal for many reasons but the only reason I could not make it my HG kajal is that it smudges like hell and gives me raccoon eyes. In an hour it makes me look like a panda =D It doesn't irritate my eyes and gives a cool feeling upon application, this is because of the presence of Kapoor. Hope Biotique does something about this smudging problem.

Pros:- Ayurvedic, contains natural ingredients, affordable, easy to remove, 5 years shelflife

Cons:- Cheap looking packaging, smudges a little too much, lasting power too bad

                     I rate this product 3 out of 5. No I am never repurchasing this Kaajal ever again.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


                  Hello ladies, sorry for not posting so long. I was unwell and under went surgery, but now I have fully recovered. A small little harmless lump on the underside of my tongue had bothered me too much but now its gone and I am safe and happy again.
                    Today I am going to talk about another embarrassing oral problem- Stained Teeth.  Stained teeth are not a pleasant sight. It adds to your source of worry and can deflate your self confidence.

Causes:- Constant Smoking, Beetle-nut/Pan chewing, drinking too much tea/coffee, improper brushing of the teeth contribute to the yellow stains on teeth.

Treatment:- A professional polishing is inevitable. However, here are some homemade/diy tooth cleansers you may try if staining is not of serious nature.

* Mix half a tspn of soda bicarb with a little water to form a paste consistency. Rub onto your teeth with your finger for a couple of minutes. This brings out the pearly whiteness of your teeth.

* Take a tspn of lemon juice and combine with salt to make a paste. Now massage/rub this paste onto your teeth. This paste helps to get rid of the yellowish tint of your teeth.

* Lemon or orange peel powdered may be used as a teeth whitener.

* Dried and powdered bay leaves combined with dried powdered orange peel is an excellent whitener.

* Brush teeth after every meal :P

* Avoid too much tea/coffee.

* Chew crunchy carrots and celery leaves.

* Fruits like apples, strawberries bring out the sparkling, pearly whiteness of teeth. Munch on them or simply use a slice to rub your teeth.

* During the orange season, use the inner white part of an orange peel to rub teeth for a lovely white shine.

Sunday, February 6, 2011



3 ml for INR 189

Company Says:-
* Super Shiny and Ultra Glossy
* Keeps lips Moisturised

Ingredients:- Not Listed

My Opinion:- Avon Simply Pretty Shiny Liquid Lipgloss is a new launch. It comes in 3 shades- pink, peach and nude. I got the pink one, its a lovely pink shade with brown undertones- Pink Shine. Its fragrance is that of milk chocolate- yummy and it tastes great :P According to the company these glosses comes in pomegranate flavor- sounds yum right :D
                   I got Pink Shine and it is not much pigmented and gives my lips a pinkish nude glossy look. It does stay on for a long time and actually it survived a round of chaat this evening =) It is quite moisturising but very sticky though it lasts for 4-5 hrs on my lips. It stains glasses/cups like hell when I drink from them. Its more like a tinted lip balm and not like a gloss. Its consistency is very thick and it comes with a regular slanted tipped applicator.

Pros:- Very shiny and glossy, lovely shades, affordable, scent and taste is yummy =)

Cons:- Not pigmented, quantity is leaser than lip glosses from other brands. Super sticky, ingredients not listed

                I rate this Lipgloss 3.75 out of 5. I don't think I will repurchase it, not even the other shade also. This gloss is sticky and non pigmented.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Lotion


200 ML FOR INR 184

Key Ingredients:-
Aloe Vera Extracts 10% w/v
Vitamin-E Acetate 0.5% w/v
In a moisturising oil in water emulsion base.

Other Ingredients:- Water, Liquid Paraffin (Light), Glycerin, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Stearic Acid, Cetomacrogol (1000), Simethicone, Methyl Paraben, Triethanolamine, Propyl Paraben, Edetate Disodium

* For relief of dry skin conditions
* Protects from sun-induced skin damage
* Helps in skin rejuvenation

Directions For Use:- Apply at least twice daily to all skin areas requiring special attention. Also specially recommended for use after washing or bathing.

My Opinion:- I have been using this NMFe skin lotion since 4-5 years now. It a very mild floral fragrance which I like very much but the fragrance evaporates within minutes of application. I use it mainly after each waxing session be it on any part of my body :P It gives a very cool and refreshing feeling to the skin and prevents rashes and redness. It soothes my skin after waxing or after I have done my brows.

                       Practically I reach out for this lotion whenever I have any kind of skin problem. It is very light on the skin and quickly gets absorbed into my skin. My skin is very soft and oh so hydrated. During summers I use it all the time. I reach for it after I come home from the heat during days, it refreshes my body and mind also :D And at nights I apply it all over my body and face and leave it on overnight. In the morning my skin is so plump looking and soft. It doesn't feel oily and sticky on my skin. I love it so much using it for so long now.


  • Easily Available and affordable
  • Skin absorbs fast
  • Soothing and refreshing
  • Highly moisturising body lotion


  • Contains Paraben
  • Contains no SPF :( Otherwise I would be using it during the day also :))

              I rate this product 4 out of 5. I have been in love with this lotion since 4-5 years now :D Works very well as a body lotion for the ones with dry skin on body.



50 ml for INR 159

Company Says:- Gentle sweet touch of a rose. Effective against perspiration and leaves your skin feeling soft. Alcohol free.

Ingredients:- Aqua, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Steareth-2, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Steareth-21, Parfum, Cyclohexasiloxane, Benzyl Salicyclate, Allantoin, Linalool, Butylphenyl Methlypropional, Citronellol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hexyl Cinnamal, Geraniol

My Opinion:- This roll on deo is very light and mildly scented. The fragrance is very sweet like that of a rose. Its a thick white milky liquid but disappears once it comes in contact with the skin but the fragrance lingers on and on for the entire day. I cant say anything about the 24 hrs claim of the company but the scent lingers on for 11-12 hrs easily. I don't get irritations after using this deo. It has not darken my underarms in the long run and I am so happy that it is alcohol free. Its gentle on my skin and even after waxing my underarms it doesn't sting if I apply it after 30 mins. This fragrance is very sweet and refreshing and I like it so much. Also another plus point is that Oriflame uses ozone friendly aerosols.

I rate this deo 5 out of 5. I love this Delight Deo and keep on buying it again and again.



9 ml for INR 80

Company Says:- Deliciously beautiful lips in yummy fruit flavors. Smooth, glossy and super kissable.

Ingredients:- Cocoa Butter is the only ingredient listed in the tube.

My Opinion:- With all the hype going on about Elle 18 Color Bombs, I immediately got a few products when they were made available in Delhi. This Lip Smoothie is 1 of the many products I bought from that range. Mine is a shade called Peach Afterglow and it gives my lips a peachy nude glow which stays put for an hour or 2. But when I first applied this Lip Smoothie on my lips, I got a burning sensation which was not serious though. The intensity of the sensation kept on decreasing with time and within the next 20-25 mins it was completely gone.
                    It was so uncomfortable wearing it on my bare lips so I decided to wear a lip balm under the lip smoothie. But my plan failed and still I had the problem of a burning/stinging feeling on my lips. Hence I have stopped using this product and returned back to my old fav glosses. Though it cost me only INR 80-85, its a total waste for me. Actually it stings/burns more than most plumpers do. It gives a good shine and I love the nude glow it gives my lips. But then sadly its a big no no for me :(

Pros:- None except the lovely nude look it gives my lips.

Cons:- It dried out my lips with every application, caused burning sensation on my lips, it gets accumulated at the corners of my lips.

            I rate this product 1.5 out of 5 and this I am giving only because I love the shade so much. Its a total waste for me. Do read the reviews of other bloggers before deciding on this lip smoothie.

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