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Friday, December 31, 2010

Maximum Use Of MakeUp

*When your mascara dries, don't throw it away, dip the tube in hot water for a few minutes and your mascara is ready for use again. This trick works twice or thrice only.

* Cotton Balls soak up a lot of liquid, so at first soak it in water squeeze it and then use it to apply cleansers, lotions etc.

* When your lipstick breaks, melt the broken part over a flame for few seconds and join it, its new again.

* Don't throw away tubes containing cosmetic products when they finish off. Cut open and you will be surprised to see the amount of product left inside it. Use it up instead of throwing it away.

* Apply petroleum jelly on the neck of nail polish bottles so that it doesn't get hard and opens easily.

* If your nailpolish thickens, add a few drops of thinner to the bottle. Shake it and it is new again.

* Keep your lip and eye pencils in the fridge for an hour or so before sharpening it. The tip will not break and come out pointed.

* To make perfumed bath oil, take 1 tbspn of olive oil and add to it a few drops of Eau de Toilette. Enjoy the fragrance.

* If your blusher shade doesn't suit you, don't throw it away. Use it up as eyeshadow. You never know it might be a good shade for your eyes.

* Use a q tip to remove eye shadow fallout and to correct other makeup flaws in a hurry.

* If you find your tweezers rusting a bit, don't worry. Scrub it properly with a piece of sand paper to sharpen it, your tweezers will be new again.

* Mix 2-3 wrong shades of lipsticks to get a correct/wearable shade.


Tess said...

wow such good tips.. esp the mascara tip. I feel like mine dry up so quick.

Beautydiva said...

@Tess- Thank you :)

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