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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CETAPHIL Cleansing Lotion- REVIEW

CETAPHIL Cleansing Lotion- REVIEW
For Sensitive Skin
125ml for INR 100 (approx)

Company Says:- Mild skin cleanser for normal, dry, sensitive skin condition. Atopic dermatitis and other diseased which may be aggravated by oily n greasy substances of animal n vegetable origin. General cleanser for patients with acne or with dry skin, Diaper rashes n cradle caps.

Dosage:- Apply on moist skin n massage. Rinse off with water or tissue off.

Composition:- Cetyl Alcohol IP, Preservative, Methyl Hydroxybenzoate IP, Butyl Hydroxybenzoate- in a lotion base with Propelene Glycol.

Directions:- Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees C; do not freeze. Keep the container tightly closed after use.

Special Precaution:- Avoid Contact With Eyes
Its an odorless milky liquid

My Opinion:- I have been using it since I was attacked with acne for the first time in my life, in short since my teenage. This is the only product I have been using continuously ever since I first started cleansing therefore I have a soft corner for this one. I love this cleanser and I have a bottle in the bathroom and another in my purse.
             Since I tend to break out every now and then, this cleanser is perfect for me as it controls my oiliness. I just massage it into my skin a little and clean off with a damp cotton because I am of the opinion that its a little messy if you just tissue off and simply washing off does not appeal to me, actually I feel a little sticky :P
             This cleanser is mild and I have been using it on my pimply face without any problem. Though I use another cleanser and face wash when my skin is normal (read without pimples). This product is perfect for pimple-prone and sensitive skin.

             I rate this cleanser 5 out of 5 and I will keep on using it whenever I breakout. Kind of Holy Grail cleanser for me during my breakouts.

Monday, November 29, 2010


                Hi Girls, Following on my series of bridal nailart, right now I have for you a glittery gold and silver nailart with pink stones. Given below are the steps to achieving this look.

Step 1- First of all I applied a base coat and left it to dry. Then I applied a golden color nail polish and left it to dry completely.

Step 2- I took my cd/dvd pen and made the out lines of the design on each nail. When done I traced over the designs with black nail paint.

Step 3- When it was full dry I mix a clear nail polish and silver glitter. Slowly and carefully I filled in the design with the silver glitter.

Step 4- It took quite sometime to dry up. Now was the turn to apply top coat and stick the stones at the base of the design on each nail.

Step 5- Lastly I sealed it my masterpiece with a top coat :D All done now.

Hoping you girls enjoy this tutorial and leave tons of comments as to whether you like it or not. Thanks :)


AGLL Nude- Lip Swatch

Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner- SWATCHES & REVIEW

0.25 gm for INR 229

Company Says:- Water proof, with new glide-on texture prevents lipstick from feathering.

Available in 8 beautiful shades:-

My Opinion:- I am using it ever since I hauled it and its been a disappointment since it is not very pigmented. I believe a lip liner ought to be highly pigmented for us girls to draw a precise to define our lips. I have to work a little to get a noticeable line around my mouth but still the result is not very satisfactory. But then apart from being non-pigmented it acts a good base for my lipstick. The company's claim that it is water proof is true and when applied to my full lips, topped with gloss it stays on till I remove it. Another truth in the company's claims is that it prevents lipstick from feathering/bleeding as well as fading, it truly does the job well.


* Its retractable so no hassles of sharpening and also tip remains pointed

* Cap is real tight so no worries of contamination and wastage.

* Travel-friendly and packaging is sleek too.


* It is disturbingly non pigmented :(

* Available only through Avon Representatives

AGLL Nude- Hand Swatch

            I rate this product 3out of 5 as of now, I will seriously have to swatch the other shades of this product before I say anything about buying it or not. Maybe this particular shade is not pigmented (mine is NUDE)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pond's WHITE BEAUTY Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam- REVIEW

Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam- REVIEW
50 gms for INR 60

Company Says:- Cleanses deeply for glowing and brighter skin. This gentle foam deeply cleanses and brightens skin, transforming your complexion to a radiant look you have always wanted. The foams unique formula reduces dullness and brightens skin, while washing away old and weary, sallow skin cells. Skin feels soft, smooth and sparkling clean.

How to enjoy visible lightening results:- Wet your face. Apply to face and neck and gently massage. Rinse off.

Ingredients:- Myristic Acid, Gylcerin, Water, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Hydroxide, Palmitic Acid n Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Glycol Distearate, Decyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Stearate, Polyquaternium-7, Niacinamide, DMDM Hydantoin n Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Perfume, Disodium Edta.

My Opinion:- I like foaming face washes and this one foams well. The mild and feminine fragrance is a plus point and very refreshing as well. I personally foam it on my palm and then apply on to my wet face and neck. A very little (read tiny blob) is enough to remove all dirt, grime and makeup from my face. It doesn't remove kajal from my eyes and also my eyes stings like hell supposedly it goes into them- why cant these cosmetic companies make face washes that don't irritate your eyes :(
           All traces of makeup is gone in a single wash, this product washes off the oil from the skin surface. It is very gentle and my skin feels fresh and the dullness is gone after a wash. Of-course I cannot say anything about the radiant and sparkling skin claims of the company. It can be drying for the dry skinners but is good for the oily skinners like me. The oil returns after 1- 1 1/2 hours and that is not bad considering the price of this face wash.

Pros:- Its cheap, can be carried around in your purse easily, mildly perfumed, good for oily skin, a tiny bit is enough so will go on for a couple of months, the packaging is pretty.

Cons:- Company says nothing about which skin type this face wash would suit.

             I rate this product 4 out of 5 and I would surely recommend it to everyone with oily skin. I am happy with my Oriflame Aloe Face Wash so I wouldn't need this one.

**I got this Face Wash in a combo pack with Pond's WHITE BEAUTY Daily Spotless Lightening Cream with Pro-vitamin B3, for an amount of INR 185**

Friday, November 26, 2010


All Skin Types
180 gms for INR 185

Company Says:- As your hair n nails grow, your skin grows. Upper skin cells become also dead n new cells are developed underneath. It is necessary to remove these dead cells to reveal the younger, radiant skin from underneath. Lotus Herbals Apriscrub is the perfect scrub to scrub away these dead cells gently without rupturing your skin. A young, radiant skin is what you get after using this scrub.

Directions:- Moisten face and neck. Apply Lotus Herbals Apricrub in dots all over and rub with wet fingers in clockwise n anti-clockwise direction massaging gently. Rinse well n pat dry. Apply Alphamoist oil free moisturiser or Safe Sunblock Lotion before stepping out.

My Opinion:- Since Lotus Herbals is a big name in the skincare arena, I was enthusiastic about using it on my face, neck and nape. First time I used it, I felt a little dry (I have oily skin). It was too thick and didn't suit me, I got redness on my face and nape though I was ultra gentle with my skin.

         I didn't like its smell, it actually doesn't have much of a fragrance. Although my skin was very smooth after using this scrub, I had discomfort on my facial skin thereafter for a day or two. Later on I tried diluting the thick scrub with a liquid cleanser and used it on my face n neck again. But still it didn't work for me. My skin was red again and dry also.

         So I have completely stopped using it on my face n neck. But I have since then started using it on my legs n arms, I need to replenish with a good quality body butter- that's only obvious.

Pros:- Affordable, travel-friendly

Cons:- Though the company says the scrub is for all skin types, I don't think it is wise enough to use it on dry-sensitive skin, too thick in consistency, the lid has become loose so each time I use it I have to seal it with a micro-pore tape.

          I rate this product 2 out of 5 and I will never buy it again.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The One Week Hand & Nail Care Programme For Brides

             Here's a quick first aid treatment that should get your hands back in shape in about a week. Apart from getting a special manicure before your wedding, follow this routine also to show off lovely-gorgeous hands on your D-day.

            Every night before going to bed, soak your hands in warm olive oil into which the contents of 1 capsule of vitamin E has been added. After 10 mins take out your hands, massage well, not forgetting your nails.

            Take 2 tablets of calcium (consult your doctor first) with a glass of warm water or milk. Other than strengthening your nails, calcium is also a natural tranquilizer. It will help you sleep better.

            Every morning massage some rich cream or oil into your hands and nails.

            Buff your nails- this makes them shinier and healthier by stepping up circulation on the finger tips.

           Whenever possible, throughout the day, keep massaging little blobs of Vaseline/Moisturex into your hands and nails, minimum is thrice a day.

          Concentrate on health foods for nails: milk gives you calcium and vitamin D, raw cabbage gives you vitamins C n D and Sardines gives you iodine. Step up your water intake but avoid wetting your nails, wear gloves if doing household work.

          Vegetable juices contains acid which ham your nails and stain them. Stay away from strong detergents as they damage hands and nails.

          Use lemon juice for removing stains from fingers and nails. But if you have dry hands use potato juice instead of lemon juice as it is milder and not drying. However, lemon juice acts faster.

          If your nails are prone to splitting, take gelatin dissolved in warm milk for a whole week. Or ask to your doctor to prescribe gelatin capsule, I heard these are now available.

         To make the nail color last and to avoid chipping , always use a protective anti-chip top coat over your polish. For nails to remain healthy, it is essential to keep them polish free occasionally.     
         Ideally each time you remove your old polish, nails should be allowed to breathe.

**Throughout this entire week your nails should stay free from any kind of polish**



              Hi Ladies, I took good advantage of Avon's Diwali offer and bought a few color cosmetics. The offer was incredible. When you spend INR 599 across the brochure, you get 3 piece set worth INR 563 at INR 199. This includes 1 Ultra Color Rich Lipstick (INR 255), 1 Glimmersticks Lip Liner (INR 229) and Naturals Strawberry Lip Balm (INR 79) :D

I have the Oriflame bronzing pearls and its getting finished up now because I use it most of the time so this time I planned to get myself this Avon Illuminating Face Pearls for INR 749 but I got it for INR 499.

Nail polishes are an obsession with me, I buy all known brands- big or small. So I got these Avon Simply Pretty new launches, Glitter Galaxy 17537 and Deeply Maroon 17538, each priced at INR 55 but I got 2 for INR 79 :D

Next I fell for this Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in Shimmering Silver 17507 priced at INR 149 but then I got it for INR 119 :D

Another love in color cosmetics is the dear old lipstick, I always try to find a perfect red for myself so this time it is the Color Bliss Lipstick in Cherry Red from Avon priced at INR 125 but then I got it for INR 85 :P

Oh forgot to tell you about the Ultra Color Rich Lipstick, the shade I chose is Mosaic Plum 17225. And the Glimmersticks Lip Liner- I chose the shade Nude 17062

That's it ladies, my little Avon haul for you all to see and comment. Lot of savings because of the Diwali offer. I will swatch and review these products soon. Thanks for bearing with me :)

Monday, November 22, 2010




                Hi Ladies, I am here with a bridal nail art today. I have used crimson and a shimmery blue for this art. But you can use any combination you can think of or you can use the color combination of your bridal attire.

                I will try to simplify the steps as much as possible. If you have a steady hand and you know a little mehendi art you can create this one easily. You can ofcourse come up with any perceivable patterns/designs if you wish. Designs are completely your choice and up to your imagination.

Prep up your nails and apply 2 coats of the crimson nail polish. Let it dry completely.

If you want you can use a cd/dvd pen to make the blueprint first.


                      Now draw the designs on your nails. I did 2 different designs on 1 hand. Thumb, middle finger and the pinky in 1 design and index and ring finger in another design.

Outline the designs with the shimmery blue color. And let it dry completely before applying top coat.

Now you can decorate with rhinestones or other nail art jewels. I used pretty blue stones on my nails.

Apply top coat to protect and seal in your masterpiece :D You are done.

**I will be coming up with a series of posts on bridal skin care, hair care, nail art and makeup from now on**

Thanks you all for bearing with me and please do leave your comments, your comments make my day :))

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grandma's Beauty Tip

                In this post I am going to be sharing my Grandma's cheap and effective beauty recipes with you all. All ingredients used in these recipes will be readily available in your kitchen. They are harmless and have a backing of age-old experience.

               For Glowing Complexion:- Grind half a cup of yellow mustard seeds adding a little water in it, also throw in a few rose petals in it. Apply on your face, neck, nape, arms and legs or your entire body as you wish. Leave it on for 20 mins and wash off.

               For Dry Skin:- Massage fresh milk cream gently on the face and neck. It will nourish dry skin and will remove dead flaky skin. If done everyday, you will never grow old. It will preserve fine textured, soft skin.

              Removing Wrinkles:- Apply a paste of gramflour and raw milk on your face and neck. Wash off when it dries. After a couple of weeks you will find much improvement.
Soak 10-20 gms of dried amla (Indian Gooseberry) in 1/4th cup of water.Churn the mixture after half an hour and then apply on your face and neck. Wash off after 15 mins. You will find remarkable results.

              Curing Pimples:- Clean face with a cotton soaked in rosewater. Apply a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood powders on your face. This will not only remove the pimples but also brighten and soften your skin.

             To Get Rid Of  Dandruff:- Take a bowl of curd and leave it open for 3 days. After 3 days apply all over scalp and leave it on for 20 mins. Repeat this treatment for 2-3 days continuously for favorable results.

             For Cleaning Sparkling Teeth:- Burn rice husk on a griddle till it is reduced to ashes. Sieve it and store in a small jar and use as a dental powder.

             Hope you all enjoyed reading these tips and please don't forget to leave behind your precious comments :))

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Cranberry Punch- Lip Swatch
4.2 gms/5 ml for INR 195

Company Says:- Non-Sticky * Ultra Shine

Ingredients:- Grapes and Jojoba Extracts

Cranberry Punch- Hand Swatch

My Opinion:- I bought this lipgloss a few days ago and since then I have been using it each evening. And no I am not wearing it over any lipstick but on my bare lips. My lips are in bad condition during winters, they literally peel off :D So I am always on the lookout for moisturising lip products. And this one is just what I wanted.

            Its mostly non-sticky as the company claims and it is quite shiny when freshly applied, the shine fades out after 5 hrs on me. This gloss doesn't bleeds or smudges on my lips, stays put till I myself remove it. It has very little shimmer which I like so much. A single coat on my bare lips gives a rich color but with another coat the color intensifies. Used over a lipstick it looks amazing, very intense which I love a lot. This gloss has a mild floral scent and the applicator is slant at the tip like most other glosses.

            I rate this product 4.5 and want to get the bright pink shade soon, sorry I didn't bother to take notice of the shade names :P As for now I am liking it a lot and its quite cheap as well :D

Friday, November 19, 2010


Iced Coffee Lip Swatch
4.2 gms for INR 265

Company Says:- A premium quality luxurious lip color so creamy, gives soft, silky and comfortable feel to lips while enhancing the look.
* 97% Natural * Botanical Moisturising n Nourishing Extracts * Intense Color * Dazzling Shine*

Iced Coffee- Hand Swatch
Ingredients:- Botanical Extracts of Symphytum, Officinale, Plantago Ovata Seed and Sambucus Nigra Seeds.

My Opinion:- I have been wearing it (161 Iced Coffee) each day since I bought it and its working so well for me. Its super moisturising and so hydrating, my lips needs these 2 things the most during the winters. I don't need to touch up if I use it on my primed lips, it stays fresh whole day. But mostly I have been using it on my bare lips and enjoying the benefits of the 'Botanical Extracts' on my lips.

          I didn't need to touch up after eating/drinking 3 times also. The color didn't fade but the freshly applied look was gone which is only obvious. At the end of the day I have to take it off with remover. It doesn't dry out my lips or makes them flaky because of its moisturising and hydrating properties.

          I am loving some of the Lotus products I had hauled recently and this lippie is one thing I am loving the most besides the Lotus Seduction Botanical Extracts Lip Gloss. The packaging is classy and I love the red tube so much. It has a mild floral scent and has stuble shimmer which is perfect for day wear.

          I rate this product 4.5 out of 5 and I am planning to get a some other shades of this lippie range. Right now I am in love with it :D

Thursday, November 18, 2010



           Hello ladies, today I have for you a very special scrub that you can make at home and store for future use. Its cheap and effective as well as without side-effects and its consistency can be adjusted as per your wish.


1 kilo Masoor Dal (Brown-skinned lentils which are red inside)

1 Coconut's water

2 Eggs (beaten)

250 gms Orange Peel (dried)

Wash and clean the masoor dal and soak it in the coconut water overnight. Dry the dal-coconut water in the sun for few hours.

Add the beaten eggs to the dal and mix very well. Again dry it in the sun till completely dry.

Grind the dal into a coarse powder and add the orange peel powder. Mix well with a spatula but do not touch with bare hands.

Store in an air tight jar. Take 2 tbspn of this powder and make a paste with water, use it daily.

Apply all over face, neck and nape avoiding the eye and mouth area. When the scrub is semi dry, gently scrub with fingertips until all the paste falls off.

Wash off with warm water. This is best done before you take your bath as this can be a little messy at other time.

This is a multi-purpose scrub treatment for removing unwanted hair (fine hair of-course) as well as for dissolving spots and freckles.

The skin will become petal soft and will glow and feel silky to the touch. This treatment is also applicable to arms, legs and other body parts.

This scrub is perfect for brides-to-be as it makes the fairer and radiant.

Beauty Aids From The Kitchen Garden-II

              Hi Ladies, continuing my post on beauty aids from the kitchen garden, here I have some more beauty recipes for you all.

                Avocado (Aaroo):- It is rich and nourishing with high vitamin contents. It is widely used in making herbal cosmetics and can be used to soothe and smoothen dry skin. Mash a ripe avocado and add a few drops of lemon juice and the white of an egg. Mix well and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for 15-20 mins and wash off with tepid water. The skin will absorb all the vitamins and oils and will benefit very much.

                 Lemon:- Lemon is known to be a bleaching agent and a natural astringent too. It is not good for dry, sensitive and parched skin types but is very good for oily and blemished skins. A mixture of honey and lemon juice is used to lighten dark spots on the body especially on the elbows and knees. Add milk and lemon juice to oatmeal powder to make a mask. Apply on face and neck for 15 mins and wash off. It will cleanse and liven your skin color. Using lemon juice on your hair helps prevents dandruff.

                Potato:- Thin slices of potato can be used for rejuvenating tired eyes and also reduces dark circles. Potatoes also lighten blemishes on the face.

                Marigold:- The orange marigold is a very prolific garden plant. A disinfectant herb, it has a very effective result in beauty treatments. Marigolds are known for their healing properties. You can prepare Marigold skin tonic at home very easily. Mix about 2 tbspn of dried Marigold flowers or 3 handfuls of fresh ones to 2-2 1/2 cups of boiling water. Cool and add 2 tbspn of Witch Hazel, bottle it. It is specially very useful for greasy and spotty skin.

               Rose:- You can prepare Deluxe-rose water yourself, which you will find very pure and clean. Take 2 handfuls of dark, scented rose petals and put them into a wide topped bottle. Now add about 1 liter of water and 200 gms of sugar into the bottle. Keep this mixture for 2-3 hours, shake in between. Then strain and store it in a cool place. This is a very precious homemade skin tonic.
                Hope you all benefit from the above recipes and leave your precious comments. Thanks :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Basic Manicure

             Hi Ladies, there have been so many requests for a DIY Basic Manicure after my post DIY Basic Pedicure. Therefore, today I am going to tell about the simple steps of a basic manicure.

           Remove old nail polish using a good quality nail polish remover.

          Cut and give shape to your nails as per your choice. Use a good quality file/emery to give shape.

         Soak hands in warm soapy water for 8-10 mins and use a nail brush to clean nails.

         Also use a scrubber to remove any dead skin or roughness.

         Soak hands in clean water and dry well.

        Push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

        Massage in a rich hand cream all over your hands concentrating on problem areas.
        These steps followed weekly will make your hands beautiful and soft and also sanitize and clean your nails.

Revlon- New Complexion Makeup- Review

REVLON- New Complexion Makeup- REVIEW

35.5 ml for INR 460

Company Says:- For the look of perfectly natural skin.
Light as air foundation that allows the skin to breathe
Gives a 'no-makeup' look and feel
Covers imperfections with light to medium coverage for a smooth even skintone
Provides sun protection with SPF 4
*Oil Free*Non-Pore-Clogging*Irritant Free

My Opinion:- I have oily skin and product suits me to the very 'T'. It gives good coverage but fortunately is not cakey or heavy on my skin. I break out regularly :( if I use foundation but with this product I never broke out.


                  It is light weight on my skin, so my skin can breathe- really I agree to the company's claim. Feels and looks like bare skin which is the best part as I hate to look made up.
It also has SPF 4 and that's why I can give a skip to my sunscreen and wear it alone on cleansed skin.

             Fairly priced it is one of the best products of Revlon. It spreads really well and I don't need to work on my skin too much to blend it well, i use a foundation brush to apply it on my face and neck.

             But I have to set it with either my Touch & Glow moisturising powder or a loose powder to keep it looking perfect whole day.

            It is irritant free as the company claims because I never had a problem when i applied on the eye area (I have sensitive eyes). This product is oil-free and gives the much needed matte finish.


It comes in too many shades which can confuse the buyer, 

Doesn't stay flawlessly on my skin without a slight dusting of powder to set it,

Packaging is typical Revlon, boring as ever.

 No major cons actually.

            I rate this product 4 out of 5 and the bottle in the pic is my 3rd consecutive purchase :D



Hi Babes, I am here again with another nailart. Its simple and easy as usual. So here are the steps you need to follow to get it.

Apply pearly green nail polish, 2/3 coats should be enough. Let it dry well.


Now take a thin painting brush or nailart brush and make designs as you wish or as seen on my nails.

Let it dry and apply top coat to seal in your masterpiece.


              That's it, you are done :D You can try it out as it is easy and simple. Do let me know how you did it. Thanks for bearing with me :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lotus Herbals Haul

Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Foundation, Concealer, Nail Polish
                The other day I heard about the amazing Lotus Herbals offer. You would get a lipstick worth INR 200 free if you purchase color cosmetics worth INR 800 and a bangle box if you purchase products worth INR 2000. 
               There were also offers on their skin care range but my experience with the only skin care product I used wasn't good enough. So I didn't bothered to inquire about those offers.

             Anyways, as I was planning to try out some of Lotus Herbals' color cosmetics I found the offer great. Thus I landed in their counter and ended up purchasing color cosmetics worth INR 800.

            The Naturalblend, Swift Makeup,SPF 15, All Four In One; in shade 720 Natural Beige is priced at INR 249.

            The Naturalblend ''My Perfect Blend'' Foundation, SPF 15 is priced at INR 245.

            The Seduction Botanial Tinted Lip Gloss, in shade 30 Cranberry Punch is priced at INR 195.

            A red nail polish, in shade 912 Crimson Red is priced at INR 95.

           And lastly this Moistpetals, Ultra Moisturising Botanical Lip Color, in shade 161 Iced Coffee which I got for free is priced at INR 265 :D

           I am so very excited to swatch these products and use them soon. I will surely present before you all the reviews asap.
          Thanks a lot and wish you all a very successful week ahead :)

Beauty Aids From The Kitchen Garden

              All food items affect our health and beauty in some way or the other. The best part of using ingredients from the kitchen garden is that they are natural, pure and cheap. If you are honestly concerned about using pure stuff then why not peep into your kitchen garden and discover the wonderful cosmetics nature has provided us with. Here are some beauty recipes from the kitchen garden.
               Cucumber:- To refresh tired eyes, place thin slices of cucumber on your eyelids for 10-15 mins. Wash off with cool water and you will find amazing results. Can be done on full face for the same effect. In summers you can use chilled cucumber slices.
              DIY Cucumber Lotion:- Grind a cucumber and squeeze out the juice. This lotion does wonders for dark and oily skin. It should be applied with cotton ball. This lotion makes the skin fair with regular use.
              Curry Leaves:- Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and stain and cool it. Use this herbal oil for oiling your hair. It stimulates hair growth and also prevents premature greying.
               Mint:- Make a paste of mint leaves and use as a face pack to cure pimples. With regular application you will find your face pimple-free.
              Mint Skin Tonic:- Boil 1 tbspn mint leaves in 1/2 a cup of water. Allow to cool and strain it. Have it bottled and refrigerate. This tonic is extremely good for greasy skin.
Added to bath water, an infusion of mint helps cure skin disorders. You can also use mint leaves in hot water while doing home facial.
             Apples:- Apples are the best toner for an oily skin. Grate a large apple and srpead a layer all over your face and lie down for 15 mins. Wash off with tepid water.
               Plums:- Mash the flesh of a few boiled plums and mix with a tspn of almond oil. Best suited for acne prone skin.
                                                                              To be continued....
         Hope you all like the tips and leave behind your precious comments. Bye Ladies :)            

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LotusHerbals and Streetwear Nail Polish- SWATCHES

Streetwear Barely Nude
            Hi everyone, I am here with the swatches of the nail polishes which I bought  some days back. My blogger friend Anamika had requested to swatch them and so I am doing this for the first time ever. Please bear with me :D

            Street Wear's Barely nude is a skin color shade nearly matching my skin color. I am always on the look out for nudes and pick up any brand if I happen to like the color. Two coats were enough for full opacity. But this polish has no gloss in it so I had to apply a top coat for the much wanted gloss. I kept it on for 4 days and to my surprise it didn't chip.

Lotus 94 Cozy Mulberry
           Lotus' Cozy Mulberry is a lovely pink-purplish shade. I love pinks and always go for them. Two coats were enough for full opacity and it was glossy enough for me to resist using a top coat. I am wearing it till now it has not chipped as yet and yes I have done an nailart on it :D 

           Hope you ladies like my first swatch post and comment  on it freely :)

Another Mini Haul

             Hi Babes, I am back again with another random mini haul. I bought 3 things this time and again the total bill amount was around INR 520.

            I heard a lot about VLCC's Pediglow and inquired about it. When the SA presented it to me, I simply said yes to it. It cost me about INR 400.

            Next was a Lotus Herbals Nail polish in 972 Gold Mist for INR 95.

            Last thing was a black bead necklace with colorful motifs, for INR 20 only :D

            Next in the line will be a lotus haul, till then take care.



Hi everyone, I have another very simple nailart which I tried this evening. Its the simplest nailart I have ever posted here. So read on for the steps you need to follow to get this look.

First apply a pink color on your nails, I applied Lotus Cozy Mulberry, 2 coats were enough. Let it dry completely.

Now paint the tips with white, 2 coats should be enough. When the tips dry, take a toothpick or nailart tool and make dots near the tips in a line.

When these dots dry you can apply top coat to protect your nailart. You are done.

Remember to use a base coat before applying polish.Try it out and let me know please.

Winter Face Masks

              The onset of winter is a season when we are supposed to be healthy, beautiful but at the same time cold and dry weather affects the skin. During this season we have to pay extra attention to skin. Skin becomes dry giving birth to so many skin diseases.
              Always use tepid water for washing your face. Do not use astringents during winter otherwise your skin will become drier. Moisturiser should be used during the winter season. Also use natural homemade products as much as possible for maintaining the glowing complexion and overall beauty.
              Today I brought for you a few homemade moisturising face masks that are beneficial for winter use.
              Curd Mask:- Mix 1 tspn each of curd, honey and almond oil and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for atleast 20 mins and wash off with tepid water.
             Egg mask:- Mix together the yolk of an egg and 1 tbspn of almond oil. Apply all over face and neck thickly and leave it on 20 mins. Then wash it off with tepid water.

             Honey Mask:- Mix together 1 tbspn of honey, 2 tbspn of egg white, 1 tspn of olive oil and a few drops of rose oil. Apply this mixture on your face and neck and leave it on for 20 mins. Wash it off with tepid water.
             Milk Mask:- This is one of the simplest and cheapest mask which is also very effective. Dampen a cotton ball in raw milk and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for 15 mins and wash off with warm water.
            Strawberry Mask:- Mash up four strawberries and apply on your face. Leave it on for 15 mins and wash it off with tepid water. You will find the skin clean and sparkling.
Apply a mask on your mask at least thrice a week. Masks are one of the oldest beautifying treatments.
            Always use a cold cream or nourishing cream suited to your skin all throughout the winters. Your skin will become soft and supple with just a little care.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

REVLON- Touch & Glow Moisturising Makeup- REVIEW

REVLON- Touch & Glow
Moisturising Makeup
20 ml for INR 140 (approx)

Company Says:- A light water based moisturising makeup for a naturally radiant finish.

My Opinion:- It was a free gift along with my Revlon purchases about 6 months ago. At that time i didn't check the shade, when I got home I found out that it was the wrong shade for me- a little dark. But I didn't give up and tried it on my face and neck. Its very watery and spread so easily on my skin. It looked a little red so second time I tried with my oil-free sunscreen and presto... it worked, the color looked good on me. Next I tried adding a little gold shimmer in it plus my sunscreen and I got a lot of compliments to my surprise.
                       It doesn't give any radiant glow as the company claims but it really does moisturise my skin. Astonishingly this shade looked good on me in pics :D so now I started using it at evenings/nights out- all over my face, neck, arms, legs and on my bare back also ;). It gives minimum coverage and doesn't hide spots and blemishes but otherwise evens out the complexion.

Pros:- Cheap, easy to carry around and easy to take off, smells good, doesn't make my skin oily :)

Cons:- Very runny, you can see that in the pic; does not give a radiant glow, typical Revlon packaging which is really boring, contains no SPF.

             I rate this product 3.5 out of 5 and as I am satisfied with my Revlon New Complexion I don't think I will need to buy it again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

VLCC- Strawberry Lip Shield- SPF 10- REVIEW

VLCC- Strawberry Lip Shield- SPF 10
 10 ml/0.34 fl. oz for INR 85

Company Says:- This unique lip shield enriched with Strawberry, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, helps heal chapped lips, conditions and keeps them smooth, while protecting them from harmful effects of the sun (SPF-10)

Ingredients:- Ricinus Communis Oil, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Shea Butter, Di-Methicone, Vitamin E.

My Opinion:- My lips get chapped and flaky as soon as it gets a little cold outside, literally they start peeling off- yes they do :P. My lips are not what you would call pink but they are not dark also. So all the time I have to wear a lip balm to protect and moisturise my lips.

               When I bought this lip balm, I was happy with the company's claim and its lovely red color. My happiness continued when I first opened the lid of the tub and took in the aroma of the product. The delicious strawberry scent made me compare it to a jar of strawberry jam :D. It is not tinted.

             I took a little on my fingertip and it was waxy not oily. On first application I found out how well it spreads on my chappped-peeling lips. After sometimes I felt my lips soften, the balm stayed on for about 2 hours before I had to reapply it. So i kept apply it every now and then, but if I didn't apply it for a longer period then my lips dried up again. 
              It didn't moisturise or condition my lips as claimed by the company. It was just like a coat of wax over my lips- as long as it stayed it worked but as soon as it was wiped out or I had food, the soft and smooth feel was gone. 
             But then if I use the balm under a non-SPF lipstick, it works well and keeps my lips moisturised. Maybe its going to work for me in the summers when my lips are normal.

Pros:- Easy to carry, contains SPF, deliciously scented, affordable.

Cons:- Available in tub form, so its not hygienic; have to sanitize my hand before using it; not suitable for chapped lips neither heals them- as claimed by the company.

I rate this product 3 out of 5 as of now. And I will have to try it out in the summers before saying anything about repurchasing it.

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