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Thursday, December 23, 2010


  We all love to go on holidays but looking good at all times is a must. So I  suggest you pack up sensibly to look and feel beautiful on the go. This is my list when I pack up my bags :)            

*The first thing I think of when I start packing up for a holiday is my Lip Balm. It is a must for those soft and lovely lips.

*Then comes my sunscreen lotion/cream for protection against the harmful UV rays.

*Night Cream to revitalize and nourish your skin while you are sleeping. Most of us wouldn't want to sit with face packs on during a vacation. The cream will give a radiant glow so pack it along.

*A pair of good tweezers for stray hairs around the brows, threading/waxing may not be possible.

*A hair removing machine/epilator for silky-feminine legs and arms (underarms too)

*Nail Clipper as nails tend to grow back in about 10 days time.

*A mild herbal shampoo to keep your hair in good condition.

*Also I do throw in a small tube of conditioner for maintaining soft and silky hair.

*Liquid soap in your favorite fragrance. You may need it at any time- I mean in an emergency.

*An essential oil to relax your body and mind when you add it to your bath water. I personally prefer Lavender oil, just a few drops works magic. The aroma has a healing effect.

*Loofah/body scrubber for smooth glowing skin.

*Perfumed-wet tissues for wiping out your sweat, makeup or hands. Gently rub off and you will feel great. Its so versatile, as for me I use baby wipes.

*A roll-on/spray deo for freshness all day long.

*Talcum Powder for soft fragrance and freshness specially in summers.

*Atleast 2 soft hand towels, gonna be very useful- trust me on this 1.

*A small hand mirror for touch ups, 3-4 combs to tame your mane.

*Tinted moisturiser and a compact for even complexion and that sexy glow.

*Lipstick palettes- 2- 1 cool and the other warm. Completely your choice though.

*A scarf to wrap around the hair to protect against UV rays.

*A cap/hat is also a must depending on your destination.

*Sun shades are a must to protect your eyes, if you wish.

                Also, keep an eye on your diet during holidays, specially what you drink. Avoid tea/coffee and drink fruit juices as much as you can. I drink nariyal paani- love it ;) Drink lots of water as well. That will keep you well hydrated from within specially during summers. Carry a couple of fruits in your pocket/purse etc. Try and avoid junk food- ok ok leave out this 1 :D :D

****************ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS***************


Kirti said...

I am Kirti, as u spoke of mild herbal shampoos, i wanna make a request, can u suggest me a few good mild herbal shampoos for dry hair?
U seemo to have quite a good list for ur vactions!!
Looking forward to ur response. I live in N.Delhi n we r facing winters at present!!
Good Day!!

beautydiva said...

Darling me too facing winters in Delhi :D Heheheeee
Check out biotique, oriflame, himalaya, herby etc. for dry hair shampoos. I will get back to you with a list of shampoos. Nice to hear from keep coming back :)

Tess S. said...

such great suggestions!! Your blog is fabulous. I need more beauty info.. I'm following!

Beautydiva said...

Thanks Tess, you are welcome :) I will visit you soon.

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