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Friday, December 3, 2010

Eggless Beauty Recipes- Reader Request

                 Hi Ladies, Kirti a reader of my blog is not able to use egg for some reason. So she has requested me to give her a few beauty recipes for her hair and skin. So it is for Kirti and other readers like her that I have come up with these egg free hair and skin care recipes. 
kirti said... Hi, 
Hw ru doing? I too have rough n dry hair n moreover we r not allowed to use eggs at home . So i can't follow any of urs egg based hairpack. So do send me an alternate to the same. Also as u mentioned that dry hair should not be washed by using a detergent based shampoo, do suggest a good shampoo for me. I reside in New Delhi India. Warm Regards

kirti said...Hi,
I cannot use eggs so is there any other good option for me? Can u just a suitable alternate which helps me get rid of spots n freckles as well. Looking forward for a suitable n lovely response. Take Care.

Fading spot and freckles-Though kirti didn't let me know her skin type..assuming that she has dry skin taking into consideration her hair type, a nourishing pack is what she needs. Take 5-6 almonds and soak in a little milk overnight. Next morning grind to a paste the almonds with the milk and add a little thick milk cream. Apply on your face and neck, leave it on for 20-30 mins and gently scrub off. Wash off and pat dry. Repeat thrice a week for good results. This treatment nourishes the skin, softens it and gradually fades out the spots and freckles.

Caring for rough and dry hair

Oiling:- Oil your hair atleast twice a week with brahmi amla hair oil. Wrap a hot towel around your head much like a turban, repeat 2-3 times.
Nourishing Hair Pack- Taking into consideration the length of your hair take 2/3 bananas and mash them well. Add 1/2 tbsp of thick milk cream and mix well. Apply this pack on moist hair and keep on for 30-40 mins. Wash off with plain water and then shampoo off, use a mild herbal shampoo or make 1 at home.

Homemade Shampoo:- Soak a handful of soapnut in hot water overnight, next morning mash them, sieve and use the resultant liquid to shampoo off your hair. Its a non lathering shampoo- remember it and be very gentle with your hair.

               Please help Kirti with more eggless recipes for the specified problems. Thanks


RoseofSharron said...

Great post! I love to use amla and brahmi for hair oiling. It works great on my hair. Another eggless suggestion for Kirti to fade spots and freckles is a fresh lemon juice pac. Just take the juice of a fresh lemon and with a cotton ball, spread evenly on face with concentration on spots and freckles. You will see results in a couple of days. Be sure to moisturize after

Beautydiva said...

Thanks Sharron for helping Kirti :)

Unknown said...

Applying curd on the hair instead of eggs gives fabulous results and is recommended for dry hair types.....same is the option for skin care too....substitute eggs with curd or milk cream if it suits you....I can even suggest banana coz it is extremely moisturizing for dry skin.....

beautydiva said...

Thanks a lot dear for these Awesome tips :)

Kirti said...

Thanks for coming up with eggless hair recipe for me!! Just wanna ask a simple question regarding the banana hair pack. Can i have my hair oiled the previous night before applying the pack or does my hair needs to be completly dry n shampooed beforehand i mean 2 days before?
Thanks n regards once again Happy December!!

Beautydiva said...

Hi Kirti, its completely your choice. You can oil your hair or keep it dry but shampooing it doesnt make any sense. Try these out and let me know. Thanks for reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi this s sam
Cn u gve sme mre tip for dry hair which does nt contain egg

beautydiva said...

hi sam, sorry for the delayed reply to your query. please check the link given below for tips on eggless dry hair tips:

hope this helps you, if any other query, then please feel free to comment again. thank you :)

gayathry said...

Hi all,

make mask with ripe banana+Avacado+Olive oil+honey to get a shiny hair.

Also thick coconut milk could be used along with the olive oil and honey..

Also can try honey+Olive oil+Curd..

gayathry said...

Also wen u apply oil to ur hair, before washing it with water , dilute ur shampoo and apply to ur hair..

work through for the lather and add water as u need..

Washing oil straightaway with water will not remove the oil fully, and u might end up with sticky hair..

Riniel said...

When soaking the almonds to fade freckles, do you need to refrigerate the almonds in milk, or leave it out on the counter overnight? Also, how do you grind the almonds once it's ready to use? In a blender, or is some other method used?

Unknown said...

hie. i want to know abut homemade hair masks to straighten hairs naturally

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