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Friday, June 29, 2012


18 ml for INR 199

SPF 21 PA+++

Company Says: - Infused with a blend of good for you ingredients: talc, fairness complex, moisturizer and skin brightening minerals to deliver 8 skin-transforming benefits:

Brightens                                              Freshens
Evens Tone                                           Smoothes
Protects                                                 Clarifies
Hydrates                                                 Conceals Flaws
Dermatologist tested
Clinically proven
No oil
No pore clogging
Suitable for sensitive skin

3 Shades with fragrance to suit your skin tone

01 Nude

02 Radiance

03 Natural

How to use:

Apply daily on face and neck.

Ingredients: - Sorry, don't want to stain my eyes :D

My Opinion: - It was a happy moment when Maybelline launched their BB cream in India, I was about to get one for myself but just then I received a BB cream from the PR/Brand. They sent me the one in 02 Radiance, but right now I am using 01 Nude. I am quite happy with our first desi BB cream (correct me if I am wrong), I have been using this since early March I suppose. The packaging is aqua green plastic tube with metallic pink screw on cap and a nozzle to dispense enough cream you require. The packaging is travel friendly and sleek enough to fit any small purse.  The fragrance is very mild floral and does not linger on after application.

              The consistency is thick, not runny, it’s somewhere in between a cream and a lotion. It looks like some cream foundation which my aunt used to apply, its tinted and available in 3 different shades. Anyways the shade 02 Radiance matched my fair to medium skin tone very well. This works on my skin like Pond’s Tinted Moisturiser, therefore I mentally compare it to the TM. Just a tiny bit is enough to cover my face and neck; I apply in dots and gently blend it into skin with my fingertips. It needs some time to blend in but that’s worth it. I have tried blending the BB cream with a damp sponge and a brush but I have finally learnt that fingertips works best for me. This cream contains SPF 21 and therefore I don’t need to apply layers and layers of products on my face.

                 It looks whitish upon application but settles down to give a natural look which is even toned and bright. It might cover minor flaws but that’s it, nothing more as the coverage is sheer or minimum. It stays on for the whole day, yes you read it right. It makes my T zone shiny after 2-3 hours, but nothing a good loose powder can’t fix. Worst point is that it transfers to my cell phone screen, collars, hanky & tissues. I love it as this BB cream gives a soft dewy glow to my skin which is much loved by all of us. Don’t go on the quantity, it lasted me about a month + as very little is required for single application. It hasn’t broken me out as yet and has never irritated my skin.


Pros: -

* Stays put whole day until I clean it off

* Evens out my skin, covers minor flaws

* Contains SPF 21

* Gives a dewy glow to my skin

* I don’t have to layer my skin with many different products as this BB cream contains everything that I need to apply every morning before heading to work

* Didn’t irritate my skin or broke me out

* Brightens my skin, rightly named Bright Benefit Cream

* Packaging is pretty, travel friendly and easy to carry in a small purse

* A small quantity is required so this tube lasts for more than a month

* Taking into consideration all the above mentioned qualities, the price tag of Rs 199 is affordable and worth paying

* Brightens up the under-eye area, I have light circles that don’t always need concealer or heavy coverage


Cons: -

* Not sweat proof or water proof, melts off

* Transfers to everywhere it shouldn’t

* Very few shades available, Maybelline seems to have forgotten the dusky skinned girls (WHY???)

* Coverage is not good enough

                 I rate this Maybelline Clearglow Bright Benefit Cream 4.25 out of 5. It has become my on the go product since March and I use it whenever I am pressed for time. I love multitasking products and this one is just that. The girls with dry skin will love this but the girls with oily skin can manage with a little dusting of loose powder. Overall it’s a great product and I love it. Just a little wish that it gives a little more coverage.

Hope you enjoyed my review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with BB Creams. Thank you and have a good day :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Serenity Service at Lakmé Salon

Tired of your frizzy, tangled hair?
Leave the old behind and say Hello to the new Hair Serenity Service at Lakmé Salon
Gives you gorgeously smooth, manageable and party ready hair completely naturally without using formaldehyde

Mumbai, June, 2012: Play it sleek as Lakmé Salon delivers the latest innovation to get silky straight hair with the launch of their new Hair Serenity treatment. Introduced to India by Lakmé Salon, the Hair Serenity treatment is a natural solution to hair that is unruly, frizzy and hair that refuses to behave. Unlike Keratin, the Hair Serenity treatment at Lakmé Salon is formaldehyde free and a safer process for achieving naturally smoother and shinier hair. Step away from the harmful effects of Keratin treatments and indulge in the natural goodness of ingredients like the Cysteine complex to get a glossy and healthy mane that will make heads turn. A pioneer in the beauty services industry in India, Lakmé Salon is a one stop shop for all the beauty needs of the contemporary Indian woman.
The Hair Serenity treatment is a natural way to restore lost proteins and transform hair. Special ingredients used in the service like Cysteine, Dendrobium Orchid, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Cocoa Seed Butter and Shea Butter help nourish the hair and give it a long lasting shine and smoothness.

Divided into seven essential steps, the service starts off with a detailed consultation with the Lakmé Salon expert who determines the condition of your hair and the best way to proceed with the treatment. The hair is then shampooed and the Cysteine complex is applied to the hair. The complex is allowed to process in your hair as it starts it work on making your hair healthier and more lustrous. The hair is then blow dried and flat-ironed to give it a sleek but yet not poker-straight finish. Post this, the hair is finally rinsed off and you are left with a naturally glossy and manageable blow dried look which lasts for approximately 3 months.
Thus this all-natural service helps:
          Work in synergy with the existing proteins to restructure, soften and release curls
          Penetration into the hair shaft for moisturizing and conditioning
          Helps for overall shine, softness, strength and health of hair


It penetrates inside the hair shaft but does not alter any hair bonds
It works on the cuticle layer- filling up the porous areas
No artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals that could affect the health. Only Botanical ingredients and pure proteins
Formaldehyde is one of the main ingredients that differs in % in different companies
Calms down frizz and gives a natural look to the hair with brilliant shine and softness
The smoothening/ straightening effect depends on the % of formaldehyde in the product
Works on Virgin hair as it penetrates into the hair shaft and does not form a coating on the cuticle
Does not work on Virgin hair unless it has high % of formaldehyde
3-4 months depending on hair type and after care
3 months depending on the aftercare products/services used
Overall improves the texture and quality of the hair leading to strength and stability
No repair- it forms a coating on the hair- It’s like makeup for hair
Same day wash
Same day or next day wash

About Lakmé Lever
Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd (Lakmé Lever) is dedicated to the contemporary Indian woman’s exploration of the fine art of beauty. It operates India’s first and leading chain of Lakmé Studios and Salons that offer expert services in Hairstyling, Skin and Beauty care. The studios and salons offer a differentiated experience, delighting women by the expertise of their professionally trained hair designers, hair artists, skin experts and consultants, and now to men also.
Lakmé Lever also operates Lakmé Academies in partnership with Pivot Point, USA, world leader in ‘beauty education’.  Combining international cosmetics, hair and skin care technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé Studios and Salons offer their customers a holistic ‘Beauty Sutra’ experience.
Lakmé Lever has a presence of 175 Lakmé Salons at premium locations in 40 cities.

Monday, June 25, 2012


             Hello girls, today I had to go out for a party and I had this art on my nails. Its a tape manicure technique and easy if you can cut out straight and very thin pieces of tapes. Here are the pics for you to enjoy. Thanks in advance for bearing with me :D

Have a Happy Monday :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


150 ml for INR 279

Company Says: -
Written on the back of the bottle: Soothing alcohol-free toner with organic Aloe Vera and Arnica  extract, apply with cotton pad. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Catalogue: Ultra-mild toner helps to cool and refresh the skin. combines 100% organic aloe vera and arnica extracts to soothe the skin and prepare it fot the application of moisturiser. For all skin types, specially sensitive.

Aloe Vera has been used since ancient times. It has superb soothing, moisturizing and regenerative properties, which makes it a perfect ingredient for the skin with a tendency to sensitivity.

Arnica’s yellow/orange flowers are renowned for their soothing and protecting properties. Its 100% organic extract offers particular protection and helps cool sensitive skin.

 Hydrogenated Castor Oil also known as Castor Wax is a hard, brittle vegetable wax. It is used in skin conditioners, shampoos, lipsticks and lip balms. It is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial. It is a surfactant, solubilizer and makes toners smooth and foamy.

Lactic Acid also known as milk acid is an alpha-hydroxy-acid. It is used in cosmetics to adjust acidity and for its disinfectant and keratolytic properties.

Allantoin is a skin-conditioning, protecting and soothing agent. Allantoin is also derived from cow’s urine, though it naturally occurs in botanical extracts of comfrey plant, wheat sprouts, tobacco seed and sugar beets. It can be found in lipstick, shampoos, toothpaste, anti-acne creams and lotions. It is used as anti-irritant, with healing properties and proves effective againts dryness.

Ingredients: - Aqua, Propylene Glycol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, Allantoin, Parfum, Lactic Acid, Propylparaben, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Ethylparaben, Arnica Montana Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

This range consists of 4 products:
               Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Face Wash- Rs 279
              Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Toner- Rs 279

       Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel 80%- Rs 249
       Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Face Cream- Rs 298

Company Says: - Finding a good toner is like finding a needle in a stack of hay :P But luckily I found my HG when I was some 15-16 years. Though I have been using different toners from varied brands, liking some and despising some, I always come back to Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Toner. The packaging of this toner has changed over the years, when I first started it came in a squarish flatish (hope it makes sense) bottle but now it comes in a bright green tall plastic bottle with a screw on cap and a stopper to control the flow of product. The toner looks like water and like most other toners is runny (think water). The fragrance is very similar to the face wash from this range, herbal scent topped with a dash of citrusy note. The formulation and quality of this toner remains the same, thanks to Oriflame for this versatility.

                       The fragrance lingers on for some times after application then gradually fades off. I wash my face with face wash/cleanser and then apply this toner with a help of a cotton ball, let it work for a couple of mins and apply my moisturiser. And in those couple of minutes I can feel it working on my skin and upon application it gives a cool and refreshing feel to my skin. It tightens the pores and I can actually feel it happening. It keeps oil at bay from around 3-4 hours which is great for any toner. This toner does not dry out my skin; I use it twice or thrice a day. Very little product is required for one use and therefore the toner lasts for a good many months (3+ months). So the price of Rs 279 is not an issue and seems to be quite affordable.

                       The ingredient list is impressive and the best part is that this toner suits me to the T, both in summers and in winters. My pores are visibly reduces in sized and my face looks and feel much smoother after using this toner. It does not sting like other toner does, and it’s extremely gentle on my skin. This toner does not cause any irritation or redness on my skin. I love it and declare it as my HG (Holy Grail) toner. I don’t use this toner all the time, since I love experimenting with toners different brands.  The only bad bad point of this toner is the inclusion of Parabens in the ingredient list. But the best point is its alcohol-free and is extremely mild on my pimples and does not harm them.

Pros: -

* Alcohol-free toner, mild and gentle

* Gives a cooling sensation to my skin upon application

* I can feel it working on my pores and tightening them

* The fragrance is not very great but it’s very refreshing

* Never did harm my skin in any way or made it dry/stretchy

* Gentle on my dear pimples :P

* Available on offers, just keep a watch on the Oriflame catalogue

* Suitable for all skin types, also pimple-prone skin like mine

* Does not leave behind any residue/stickiness, dries off quickly

* Travel-friendly & hygienic packaging


*Contains Parabens

                I rate this Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Toner 4.75 out of 5. It’s really difficult to give such high rating to a toner but I do not have any options, have to since it’s the best one I have ever used. Well I am greedy and I do keep trying other toners as well. As I am writing this review I am deciding which brand to play with next :P :D ;) Anyways this is an absolute must try products for all skin types baring very dry skin. it is specially superb for pimple-prone skin like mine.

Hope you enjoyed my review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with alcohol-free toners. Thank you and have a good day

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