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Thursday, November 18, 2010



           Hello ladies, today I have for you a very special scrub that you can make at home and store for future use. Its cheap and effective as well as without side-effects and its consistency can be adjusted as per your wish.


1 kilo Masoor Dal (Brown-skinned lentils which are red inside)

1 Coconut's water

2 Eggs (beaten)

250 gms Orange Peel (dried)

Wash and clean the masoor dal and soak it in the coconut water overnight. Dry the dal-coconut water in the sun for few hours.

Add the beaten eggs to the dal and mix very well. Again dry it in the sun till completely dry.

Grind the dal into a coarse powder and add the orange peel powder. Mix well with a spatula but do not touch with bare hands.

Store in an air tight jar. Take 2 tbspn of this powder and make a paste with water, use it daily.

Apply all over face, neck and nape avoiding the eye and mouth area. When the scrub is semi dry, gently scrub with fingertips until all the paste falls off.

Wash off with warm water. This is best done before you take your bath as this can be a little messy at other time.

This is a multi-purpose scrub treatment for removing unwanted hair (fine hair of-course) as well as for dissolving spots and freckles.

The skin will become petal soft and will glow and feel silky to the touch. This treatment is also applicable to arms, legs and other body parts.

This scrub is perfect for brides-to-be as it makes the fairer and radiant.


Anonymous said...

Would not the eggs become rotten? I mean they will rot the complete mixture. What was your experience?

Tanveer Parmar said...

Interesting scrub. Eggs, coconut milk & all that drying.

beautydiva said...

@Anonymous:- mine is used up in less than a month. I use it twice a week all over my face and body. Using a perfumed body lotion/butter is a must bcoz I dont want to smell like raw eggs :P And NO it doesnt rot. You can give it a shot, make in small quantity and see what happens. Thanks :))

beautydiva said...

@Tanveer- This scrub suits me so well so for me all the hard work pays off . Its tedious to prepare it I agree :P

Gema said...

I´m going to try it. Good scrub!

Beautydiva said...

@Gema- welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for reading it. Do lemme know how it works for you :))

RoseofSharron said...

I'm going to try this! Glad it last for a while bc there is a lot of prep involved. How long will it stay fresh?

Gema said...

Thanks for your comment. I was your follower long time ago! ;)
Have a nice day pretty!

Beautydiva said...

@Sharron- mine is used up in a month or 45 days. After that I cant say :P

beautydiva said...

@Gema- thanks a lot dear :D :P

kirti said...

I cannot use eggs so is there any other good option for me? Can u just a suitable alternate which helps me get rid of spots n freckles as well. Looking forward for a suitable n lovely response. Take Care.

beautydiva said...

Hi Kirti, I will do a post on your request in a few days time. Kindly keep checking :)

Anonymous said...

interested in trying this,,, how much cocout water is required?

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