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Monday, June 13, 2011




250 ml for INR 485

The Nature's Co. Says:- Get tingly all over with refreshing Spearmint. It purifies, replenishes and revives your skin. This cleansing body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Ingredients:- Spearmint Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vegetable Glycerin, W/S Base, Aroma, Natural Preservatives & Food Grade Colors (FD & C) Q.S.
* Products made using natural hill spring water.
* Some people may be sensitive to natural ingredients used in this product. 

Shelf Life is 2 years and 5 months from the date of manufacturing.

The 5 symbols above the logo represents the 5 lines of products corresponding to the 5 elements of nature.

**Atmospure:- Inspired by pure air this range pays tribute to the soothing and calming feeling that comes from the purity found in the atmosphere.

**Starrize:- Inspired by the sun, the biggest star in our solar system. Like the sun, the products provide nourishment. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Setting you up with the sparkle and energy to face the day.

**Foressence:- The enchanted forest and all it holds is captured in this range. Brimming with colourful, exotic ingredients, strong, captivating fragrances and the goodness and variety that only a natural forest can provide.

**Earthborne:- Of the earth and by the earth, this range is an embodiment of the earth and all the nurturing properties that are found in its soil, minerals and mud.

**Aquaspark:- The abundance of the oceans and rivers and all they hold find expression here. The rich aquatic & coastal ingredients in these products, like moss, red algae and seaweed hydrate and replenish while invigorating and refreshing your day.

My Opinion :- I have not used soap on my skin for a very long time be it my facial skin or body skin in general :P But I always use a face wash/cleanser for my face and a body wash for my body. I have normal skin on my body with oily back & chest and dry limbs. I know it sounds weird but that's the way my skin is. I get a couple of pimples on my back during the hot days from time to time. Its not that I don't clean myself well but its just that I get them.

The body wash comes in a sturdy plastic squarish transparent bottle and is travel friendly as the flip top/lid click shuts tightly. When I took out a blob of The Nature's Co Spearmint Body Wash body wash, it smelt like some medicated mouth wash with mint flavor :D After adding a little water it foamed so well that the small blob was enough to clean my whole body. I either use a loofah or my hands, both ways the cleaning is effective. This body wash is a dark forest green shade and its consistency is neither too thick nor too runny/watery.

I have been using it for more than 15 days now, daily once. Since its made for oily skin, I was a little worried. But this body wash didn't make my arms and legs dry, its not harsh on my skin. Apart from imparting a fresh cool feeling to my skin, it has effectively controlled the oiliness of my back and chest. Actually I had 5 pimples on my back when I first started to use this body wash. But after 5-6 days the pimples were gone/healed and there is no sign of any recurrence. It is 100% natural and consists of natural hill spring water which is very soothing and healing.


* 100% natural, product is cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly

* Hasn't dried out my skin

* Has dried out/healed the pimples on my back

* Gives a fresh feeling

* A little product is needed for a single wash so 250 ml for INR 485 seems okayish


None except the smell of medicated minty mouth wash which is gone after rinsing the body with water

The Nature's Co products are not available easily but they are available online

                     I rate this product 4.75 out of 5, .25 I have deducted for the smell :/ Otherwise this is out and out a great product and I will purchase it when this bottle gets over, maybe it will take 3 months or more. Its a must try for the ones with oily backs, also suits normal skin. The Nature's Co. products are amazing.

Hope you enjoyed my review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with Body Washes. Thank you and have a great evening ahead :)

This product was sent to me by PR/Company for consideration but my review is honest as always


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Sounds great!! Thanks for the review :D

Nivedita said...

Nice one. I would like to try this sometime since i pimples on my back too

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- thanks dear :)

beautydiva said...

@nivedita- yes this is a must try for the ones with oily back and chest. I love it so much, using it everyday. Thanks :)

kuheli said...

wow! such a nice product. i love to try different kind of bath products. but fortunately i don't have any pimple on my back. :P

beautydiva said...

@kuheli- np dear, you can still use it.thanks :)

Unknown said...

It sounds lovely, it must be refreshing to use during summers :D

beautydiva said...

@tanveer- yes it is so refreshing, am just lovinnggg it. Thanks :)

Viya ;) said...

ooh sounds good :) .. I wonder how it'll work on Dry skin.. :| Does it remove pimple marks as well?

beautydiva said...

@viya- thanks for stopping by. I cant say how it will work on dry skin but its not drying on my normal skin. I dont have pimple marks dear, so I can say nothing about that. Thanks again :)

Gauri said...

Hey great body wash. Looks lovely.

beautydiva said...

@gauri- yes very nice body wash, absolutely suits me. I think I should call it my hg body wash. Thanks :)

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