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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Eva Lip Drench in Orange- Swatch, Pics & Review

9 gms for INR 20

Company Says:- Keeps your lips smooth, supple and soft

Directions:- Squeeze the tube from bottom and glide the applicator directly on lips. Apply in sufficient quantity whenever required

Caution:- For external use only
Not to be used for children under 3 years of age
Best use before 24 months from pkd

My Opinion:- Lip balm is one of the most essential item in my purse/dresser. Cant live without one, I have loads of lip balm but that doesn't keep me from buying more. The minute I see a new lip balm, I buy it. May be I am getting addicted to lip balms ;) A couple of months back when I saw Eva Lip Drench at the chemists' I bought it immediately :D

              As soon as I opened the tube omg I was in love with the fruity-orangey scent of this product. It was yum enough for me to try licking it off my lips :P but it was tasteless :( Its consistency is a little thinner than Vaseline lip balm or in that case most other lip balms. It is more like the Vaseline in the tub, spreads on my lips so well.

              It makes my lips soft and supple, keeps them well moisturised for hours. I don't need to reapply every now and then as it stays on for long. It is perfect to use under drying lipsticks. But it has no sun protection and that's the only issue I have with this lip balm.

Sweet orange flavour
Pretty bright orange tube
Travel-friendly, can be tossed in the tinniest of purse
Moisturises my lips and keeps them soft and supple

Doesnt contain SPF :(

                      I rate this lip balm 4 out 5. I will buy other flavours if they are available (I didnt see other flavours except this one). Had it contained SPF, it would have been the best in my collection of lip balms :D


Viya ;) said...

The eva vanilla flavored one which comes in the sliding tub is also pretty decent. I wanna try the Eva shine one which comes in purple tub ( i'm not sure of the flavour though!) :P

beautydiva said...

@viya- hey i never seen those :( This 1 i got at my chemists' shop. Thanks for being here :)

bhumika said...

I wish it was lil tinted orange..

beautydiva said...

@bhumika- totally agree with you :D

Shweta said...

Never seen one :O But It seems gud enuf to search for :P

beautydiva said...

@sweta- hehe me too got this by chance :D I will try to find other flavors soon. Thanks :)

Viya ;) said...

oh! :) I found these in this store called "new U" and they had few samples at H&G

beautydiva said...

@viya- thanks for the info dear. I will try my luck soon and share haul with all my friends :)

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