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Thursday, June 16, 2011


1.2 gms for INR 299

Company Says:- Smooth-glide formula applies golden sparkle color without tugging or dragging.

Ingredients:- Not Listed

Available in 2 shades:-
Golden Black
Golden Brown

My Opinion:- I love to use colored eye pencils to perk up my eyes. They make my eyes brighter and open them up. I keep on experimenting with eye pencils from different brands. This time it was Avon Gold Shine Eyeliner Pencil in Golden Brown. This pencil comes with a smudger attached at the other end and it is good enough, does it job pretty well. The shade is a beautiful brown with very fine golden shimmer which is not OTT and can be worn during the day as well as at night. I use it to line my eyes and also as eye shadow on my lids. It doesnt stay for long before beginning to smudge and smear. So I tried to use it over primered lids and I was the happiest girl on earth. It stayed put for more than 8-9 hours before fading a little and leaving behind a glittery trail. I love it for its staying power.

               Its a soft and creamy pencil but doesnt break while sharpening. It glides on easily with tugging or pulling my lids. Though it is not mentioned to be used on the waterline, I do use it on my waterline without any irritation or watery eyes. Another very important thing about this gold shine eyeliner pencil is that it doesnt gets washed off with sweat or even rain. Some days back I got drenched in the rain while wearing it but it didnt budge from its place though its not mentioned to be waterproof. It does not gets completely off with a face wsh, needs an eye makeup remover for complete removal. A total hit with me, considering to buy the golden black pencil as well.

Sharpens easily without breaking
Lasts long
Pigmentation is good
Glides on super easy
Creamy & soft

Needs a base for color to show up
Difficult to remove without eye makeup remover
Available in only 2 shades, hope Avon brings out more shades

After Smudging
                  I rate this product 4.75 out of 5. Its a total hit with me, I love it and have already placed an order for the golden black pencil.


Nivedita said...

Hey!! This is beautiful. What other color do they have from this range?

beautydiva said...

@nivedita- only 2 shades are available- golden black and golden brown. I suggest you try it out atleast once. Thanks :)

Gauri said...

Right now I've Glimmersticks eye liner in Blackest Black!! :) It's a jet black color & I'm loving it ♥

I want to try the Emerald & also a Saturn Grey this summer :)

beautydiva said...

@gauri- hey i too got the same one and its one of the best i have ever used. thanks :)

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