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Thursday, June 9, 2011



1.8 gms for INR 375

Company Says:- Stays-true, color glides on in one step and maintains the look of just applied color for upto 8 hours!

Ingredients:- Not Listed

Available in 18 fabulous shades:-

My Opinion:- All girls love their lipsticks and accumulate lots of the stuff. I am a little different when it comes to lipsticks. I pick up only nude kinda colors mostly and have only a few. But then I too have experimented with a few brands which I will let you know later. By now you all must be knowing about my little love affair with Avon products, this time it is the Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick in Lasting Cherry. Its a pretty reddish pink and I fell for it at first sight. This color is a little on the glossier side but its not shimmery.

                  Lasting Cherry is perfect for day time as well as night time wear. Its a creamy formula and glides on like a dream. A single coat is enough for full intensity. Blotted with a tissue it looks much like a lip stain but otherwise it is glossy. The color stays put on my lips till I myself remove it using a makeup remover, face washes dont wash this lippie off my lips. Its stays on for 5-6 hours easily and looks freshly applied. It fades off leaving a beautiful tint behind, doesnt make my lips stark naked ;) It does stain glasses and mugs but goes through a meal without bleeding or evaporating. I love the fact that it doesnt even bleed without a lip liner. Anh the best thing is that it doesnt melt in the heat inside my purse. The packaging is very sleek and can be carried in the tiniest of purses.

Creamy but doesn't melt in the heat
Glides-on on my lips like a dream
Stays on for about 6 hours before fading but leaves a lovely behind a lovely tint

Doesn't look freshly applied for more than 6 hours but that's OK
Colors are very different in the brochure, most of the colors are no where near the original shades

                    I rate this product 4 out of 5. Right now I am in love with this lippie, its so bright, so beautiful. Love it :D


Unknown said...

shade looks pretty on u..

beautydiva said...

@bhumika- thanks dear :)

all that i know said...

was really inquisite abt the stay power of this LS but now m releived. thnx 4 da review

beautydiva said...

Oriflameavon- it long lasting, stays put for nearly 5-6 hours. The packaging has been revamped this month. Thanks for stopping by :)

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