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Thursday, June 9, 2011


                      Pink is back in a big way. I am a little late in writing this post. But its better late than never ;) Now I will share my trick and tips of wearing pink in any way you like. The models on the runway are embracing pink lips and the celebrities sporting hot pinks for nights out, and you must be following suit much like me :) Pink is a feminine and youthful color, very versatile as well. Whether you go for hot pink lips or prefer to wear a paler pink is completely your choice.

                   Pink Lips:- Before wearing hot pink lips, scrub your lips and moisturise them. Applying a lip balm comes naturally to most of us, apply a layer of moisturising lip balm and prime and prep up your lips. Or else apply a little foundation and dust with a loose powder. Skip the next step, don't line your lips, lining will give a hard/harsh look to your face. Using a lip brush line and fill in lipstick, it gives a subtle look. For softer look use your fingers to dab on lippie on your lips. For the ultra sexy look use a clear gloss on the middle of your lower lip.
You can also give a matte look to your lips by blotting off the excess lipstick with a tissue and lightly brush on a little powder with a big fluffy brush and reapply lipstick. I suggest you wear a hot pink lipstick with understated colors, I wear hot pink with black and whites mostly.

                  Pink Eyes:- Pink eyeshadow is good for giving you a wide awake look after sleepless nights. Apply a neutral pink eyeshadow all around your eyes to make the whites of your eyes look brighter but don't use too much below the lower lash line as you may look like you are sick or like you got some eye allergy. When wearing a bright pink on your eyes, keep your mouth pale- wear a nude pink lippie. Highlight your brow bones with white for added attraction or leave it bare. But if you are wear a hot pink on your lips then go very subtle on the eyes, leave the liner and use only your mascara. Neutral eyes give a very sophisticated look when paired with bold pink lips.

                 Pink Cheeks:- If you want to wear a hot pink blush then your overall look must be dewy- lips should be glossy but not bold and eyes should be subtle and neutral. Sweep a minimum amount of blush on your apples of your cheeks. But if you choose to wear hot pink blush in bold amounts then pair it up with pink smokey eyes and neutral lippie sans the gloss.

          Pink Nails:- Sporting pink nail polish makes your hands and feet look so bright and youthful. Also, pink nail polish is said to distract men more than any other shade :P :D

                  When wearing pink always remember to wear it only on one part of your face and keep the rest of your face basically color-free or neutral. Whether you choose a light or bright pink, pick up the color wisely- the pinks you wear should compliment your skin tone.


Gauri said...

With pink I tend to go heavy on the eyeliner. Not a bad thing, cause I ♥ dramatic eyes.

beautydiva said...

@gauri- hmm.. I will def try it out. Thanks :)

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