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Saturday, June 11, 2011


                    I dont need to introduce the Super Lustrous Lipsticks from Revlon. The one called Raisin Beam (Frost) from this line was my first lipstick some years back, my mom gave it to me. Though I am not much of a lipstick person I like 5 lipsticks I have from this line, they are my favorites. I do have a handful of nude lipsticks (I will post about those later) but these 5 lipsticks are normal colored lipsticks neither too dark nor too light. Ofcourse I dont use lipsticks I mean the 'colored' ones on a regular basis. But I do apply these pretty shades whenever I feel a little down or the weather is gloomy. Lipsticks are mood lifters I believe. So here are my 5 fav shades of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks (beware I am not so good with colors :P)

            The first one is my first ever 'colored' lipstick, Raisin Beam (frost). Its a not too dark raisin color with lots of holographic shimmer in it. It has brown undertones and a single swipe gives me adequate color. This lippie is from the old packaging and not very moisturising like its newer counterparts. Wearable during both day and night, its buildable.

Pure Attraction
              Next shade is Pure Attraction (Frost) which is pink with brown undertones. It is packed with silver shimmer which is very fine. Perfect for day time and office wear since the shimmer is not OTT. This shade is nearly a nude shade for my skin tone/lip color. I love this one and use it most amongst these 5 lippies.

Berry Desire
            Berry Desire (frost) is lined up next and its a berry color with pink strokes and blue undertones. This one is the perfect berry for me and I just love it. This color brightens up my complexion and I dont need any other color on my face.

                 Now lets come to Mad About Mauve (Creme) which is kinda bubblegum pink with mauvish undertones. Another instant brightner for my face, when I am in a hurry I apply a single coat of this lippie, put some kajal and I am ready to go.

Chocolate Velvet
               Last comes the Chocolate Velvet (Creme) which is a brown with orange undertones. I am not into browns except nudes but when I swatched this lippie, I went mad for it. This lippie is good for day/office wear and night outs as well.
Left to Right- Berry Desire, Pure Attraction, Mad About Mauve, Chocolate Velvet

              So these are my 5 favorites from Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. Hope you enjoy reading the post and leave behind your sweet comments. Thanks :)


bhumika said...

which is d 5th one..there are 4 na here..loved pure attraction..ur lips have a perfect shape..

Ginger said...

wow, u've got a whole colllection of revlon lippies!! i like the 2nd one

beautydiva said...

@bhumika- sorry i diidnt swatch Raisin Beam, my cam is not working. I will update the post as soon as I get my cam going. Thanks :)

beautydiva said...

@ginger- yes dear, i love revlon lippies. I got a few more from this line which I will talk about later. Thanks :)

Asta said...

i love their lipsticks..i love the berry and velvet.

beautydiva said...

@asta- yes the berry one is so pretty. Thanks :)

Swathika said...

Loved this post. Even I have chocolate velvet from this range and love the color. Surprisingly chocolate velvet looks pink on your lips while the swatch is very true of the color. I really love the texture of the lipstick as well.
I will now look for pure attraction ! I always wanted a light shade pink lippie and this seems to be a good bet to try !

beautydiva said...

@swathika- Thank you for stopping by. Yes you are right about the velvet chocolate swatches :P Grab pure attraction, its actaully a nude for my skin tone. Thanks again and do keep coming :)

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