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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


                Hi Ladies, a sweet reader of my blog Priya has a couple of problems. Here is my stand on her problem.
 Priya Fashion Designer said...
HI dear.. i hv got a very severe prblm.. my face is oily.. but during winter its bcumng dry.. n skin bcumng vry uneven..n tough.. if i use a gud moisturiser thn again pimples comes out. plz suggest me some gud remedies. i also want some gud kind of home facial tips

               Hi PriyaFashion from what you are saying I am assuming that the T-zone of your face remains oily while the cheeks are drying up, that's a typical combination skin type. This is common in young girls like us. If this is your problem then use products for oily skin on T-zone and dry skin products on cheeks and neck. Use a gentle face wash or cleanser as per your choice, also moisturise accordingly. You can use a toner on your T-zone only if you are into toners. Check for dandruff and clear it if you happen to have it. Dandruff if left untreated can cause acne so be carefull. For tips on a home facial click here. If you want face pack recipes click here.

A cleansing mask for you-
Yogurt and Egg Mask:- 1 Egg's white and 4-5 tbspn yogurt

Beat the egg white until stiff and add yogurt and mix very well.
Apply all over face and neck. Wipe clean using a muslin cloth dipped in hot water, followed by the muslin cloth saturated in cold water.

*For oily skin: Add a tspn of lemon juice

*For dry skin: Add a tspn of honey to the above paste

*For combination skin: Make 2 portions of the paste, 1 with lemon juice for the T-zone and the other with honey for the rest of the face and neck.
Please help Priya with more beauty recipes for the specified problems. Thanks 


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