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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Halitosis- Causes, Prevention , Treatment & Diet

             Halitosis or Bad Breath is an unpleasant odour of the mouth. Halitosis diminishes your self-confidence and is an embarrassing condition.

Cause:- It is caused by poor mouth hygiene, extensive tooth decay, gum disease, excessive smoking or improper diet.

Treatment:- Mouthwashes and rinses keep your breath only for short durations and do not provide a permanent solution. It is advisable that a dentist attends on you immediately. Any manufactured, chemically based mouth washes and rinses may be used only after consulting your dentist.

Some safe, excellent mouth washes and rinses:-
* To a glass of water, add the juice of a lemon and use as a rinse

* Chew a couple of cloves

* Gargle with mint juice
* Chew on a fresh orange peel for half an hour

* A little tamarind combined with salt cleans your tongue and reduces bad breath

* Mix equal quantities of vinegar and water and use as a rinse

* Gargle with rose water or the juice of rose petals

Prevention:- Proper oral hygiene including regular brushing with dental floss is the only way to prevent Halitosis.

Diet:- A varied diet of fresh fruits, Green Leafy Vegetables, Whole grain bread and meat will provide your teeth and gums with vitamins and minerals essential for dental health.
Treat yourself with juicy Pears, Apples, Carrots and Strawberries at the end of your meal. Vitamin 'A' is necessary for overall health of gums and teeth. Cut down on diets that are high in sugary contents. Remember to drink a glass of milk before brushing at night.


TheGlamWorld said...

gr8 post dear !!! :)))

Beautydiva said...

Thanks Sweets :D How have you been?

bhumika said...

nice tips..lemon juice is gud..

Beautydiva said...

@Bhumika- lemon juice is very effective in diminishing bad breath. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I know so many ppl who hav bad breath n u cant stand next to them .... can i post the link of this post on my blog diva???

bad breath said...

RE; Oraltech Labs, It worked for me, although I will say it's not just do this and "bam your breath is cured" they make you change your entire mouth cleaning habits. So you end up doing it all their way. But in the end it becomes a daily habit. It covers Post Nasal Drip and Tonsil Stones as well thankfully. If you have bad breath you'll know it messes up your whole social life. And I suppose the best thing is they don't make you go out buying "special" products for the rest of your life. Just don't get it and then think you'll do what it says “now and then” because it's either all or nothing, and trust me getting rid of my room clearing faecal breath meant I was all in. Alex’s, J. USA.

Beautydiva said...

Hi Shugra, you are most welcome to post the link. I will be very thanked and feel honored :D

Beautydiva said...

@Bad Breath- Thanks you so much for this information. My American readers will surely benefit from this. Thanks again :D

lula said...

Hi my name is lula I have very bad breath to well I dont gone any well .I have try everything but nothing work .I just wanna died .because I dont have a life .please help me

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