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Monday, January 17, 2011


Ways to prevent foot problems:

Footbath:- A footbath with a dash of bath salts is an essential routine for relaxing and soothing feeling. It does away with aches, pains and odour problems. Use a pumice stone in a gentle to and fro movement and wash off loosened skin. Thoroughly dry your feet with a soft, fluffy towel and don't forget to dry between toes. Smooth on a rich foot cream.

Footwear:- The right way to select sensible and suitable footwear is to first measure both your feet separately. Try on footwear, stand up and take a stroll around the store. If your toes are squeezed in or begin to pinch, those shoes arent for you. Try on a different pair.
Most of your foot problems are triggered off by ill fitting footwear. Narrow shoes and stiletto heels must be avoided :D Ok Ok don't gimme a punch.

Foot Exercise:- Foot Exercises are designed to keep your feet supple, relax and soothe tiredness, aches and excruciating pains. The time spent on leg and foot exercise will go a long way to keep your feet and legs looking great and problem free too.

Soothing Foot Massage:- Your legs and feet also respond to regular pampering. Give them a soothing and relaxing yourself or get it done in a parlour. The guideline to a good massage is ''the better you feel, the better you are massaging it''

Pedicure:- A pedicure forms a part of your weekly routine and must be carried out religiously to keep your feet in pristine condition and problem free too. For a simple DIY pedicure click here.

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