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Wednesday, January 19, 2011



                 Bath Scrubs help to maintain a smooth, silky skin. Scrubs are tiny, granules with slight abrasive properties. Scrubs slough away old cells and clean the surface for new cells. Scrubs eliminate the build up of dirt and oil on skins surface. It improves the texture of the skin, lending it a nice sexy glow.

                 All types of skin benefit from the use of body scrubs. However, oily and normal skin derive maximum beneficial qualities from scrubs. Scrubs must be applied to damp skin. Allow it to soak in before your regular rub down using a scrubber. Rinse well and gently scrub with a towel. Apply a body lotion to finish off.

DIY Orange Peel Scrub

1 tbspn Orange Peel Powder

1 tspn Oatmeal Powder

1 tbspn Almond Powder

Mix the 3 ingredient and make a paste with rosewater and use.

DIY Greengram Scrub

10 tbspn Greengram Powder

2 tbspn Orange Peel Powder

5 tbspn Safflower Oil

Mix the ingredients well and add rosewater to make a paste and use on your body.

Hope you find the scrubs useful and please do leave behind your sweet comments.


Unknown said...

nice 1s..

beautydiva said...

Thanks Bhumika :)

indianmakeupways said...

thanks for the two diy recipes. i love body scrubs :)

beautydiva said...

@Anju- thanks dear :)

Rentu said...

thanks for this

beautydiva said...

@Rentu- Welcome my dear :)

Nivedita said...

I love using scrubs on my body. During summers it feels so refreshing.
Nice recipes for home made scrubs. I have been drying orange peels which I get crushed and powdered to have the purest thing

beautydiva said...

@Nivedita- thanks dear. I do the same thing every year- dry orange peels and powder them. Its so effective and imparts the refreshing citrusy fragrance. Its very useful in a scrub.

Anamika K said...

I just try some simple ones like ground coffee, oatmeal or ground almonds mixed with milk or olive oil, I should try adding dried orange peel too! Nice one's... :)

beautydiva said...

thanks Anamika. orange peel gives a very smooth feeling... i simply love it :)

Eric said...

nice 1s..

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