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Sunday, January 16, 2011




Negligence of your feet will soon project itself with painful, hard skin problem feet. Let's take a look at the common foot problems, their causes and remedial treatment.

Bunions:- Bunions are characterised by the painful thickening of skin. The big toe bends towards the other toes forming a painful lump on the side of the foot.

Cause:- It is basically caused by the use of ill-fitting, pointed footwear.


* Combine equal parts of iodine and castor oil on the bunions for temporary relief.

* Use a soothing lotion/gel for relief. Aloe vera is good for this problem.

* Consult your Chiropodist


Corns:- A painful thickening of the skin that can be recognized by its raised central core and red cuticles.

Cause:- It is caused by tight footwear and their continual pressure against your feet causes friction and irritation that leads to the formation of corns.


* Use a corn cap. A corn cap helps o loosen the hard centre of the corn.

* Dip a cotton bud into pure, undiluted lemon juice and keep on the corn. Saturate and rub gently a couple of times.

* Apply fresh orange peel paste to the hard corn skin. It helps to soften the skin in a short period of time.

* Can be removed surgically.


Calluses:- Thick, hard patches of skin found on the palms of hands and soles of feet are called callus.

Causes:- It is caused by regular pressure or friction in that particular spot.


* Slough off dead cells with a pumice stone/foot scrubber and massage in some castor oil.

* After bath, massage in some lanolin or lanolin based cream.

* Calluses are said to be effectively scrubbed away with an almond scrub.

* Apply warm olive oil to the callus and massage well for sometime.

* Equal quantities of glycerine, lemon juice and orange peel powder to be mixed well and applied for 1/2 an hour before scrubbing off

* Mix together castor oil and lemon juice and apply on the calluses to soften it.


Chilblains:- Chilblains are recognised by the red, itchy, irritating sensation near the heels and soles.

Cause:- It is caused by extremely cold weather or bad circulation of blood in the foot region.


* Soak feet in warm soapy water 10-15 mins. Rinse well and apply rich olive oil and massage well.

* Epsom salt foot bath is also beneficial

* Apply soothing lotions/gels like Aloe Vera.


Athlete's Foot:- Athlete's Foot is a fungal infection, which is found to be highly contagious. The fungus manifests itself between and under the toe region.

Cause:- Excess moisture between toes causes the skin to split and blister.

* Make it a point to keep the region between your toes always dry.

* Use anti-fungal solution like Suthol or a powder like Neosporin Powder.

* Change socks regularly

* Use a separate towel for your feet

* Discard socks and towels used, once you have been cured.

* In extreme cases, consult your doctor.

** All images are taken from random google search**

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