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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Home Facial

                   Hi Babes, a facial has three major steps- 1. Cleansing 2. Nourishing and 3. Toning. Regular facial ensure a smooth and even complexion with no black or white heads. Apart from the facial treatments you get for yourselves in the beauty parlour take out time every week to pamper your skin with this low cost treatment that can be done by yourself at home with products from your kitchen.
                  Cleanse your face and neck with raw milk if you have dry skin or use rosewater if you have oily or sensitive skin. Soak a cotton ball in milk or rosewater and clean face and neck with it.
             Moisturizing or Nourishing can be done with a mixture of 2 tsps of honey and lemon juice for oily skin, 2 tsps each of honey and milk cream for dry skin and 2 tsps of  milk cream and 2 drops of almond oil for sensitive skin. Massage your face and neck with the mixture that is applicable to your skin type. Leave on for 5 mins and wash off with tepid water.
             Deep Cleansing is the next step. It has to be done to remove black as well as white heads and to slough off dead skin. For oily skin take 2 tsps of dalia (broken wheat), a few drops of lemon juice, 1tsp of gramflour and required amount of cold milk. For dry and sensitive skins replace the lemon juice with rose water. Apply on your face and neck and gently scrub off the mixture when semi-dry. Be extra cautious in case of sensitive skin. Wash off with cool water.
              To firm up your facial muscles and tighten up the skin use a face pack. For oily skin mix together 2 tsps of fuller's earth, half a tsp each of lemon juice and honey and adequate amount of water. For dry skin replace lemon juice with almond oil if you wish and for sensitive skin replace lemon juice as well as honey with rosewater and a few drops of almond oil. Apply on your face and neck and wash off when the pack feels dry.
              Now is the time to close pores of your skin. Pour rosewater into ice tray and let ice cubes form. Take a rosewater ice cube and rub it all over your face and neck for a couple of mins as the finishing step to this easy and effective home facial.
This will close and shrink off all the pores and give your skin a porcelian  look and feel. 
              Take sometime off your busy schedule and give a little caring to your skin at home with natural/organic products off your kitchen shelf. Your skin will benefit in the long run. Now that the month of September is nearly gone its time to get serious with the festivities that comes alongside of winter.


Rentu said...

hey this is a great post for doing facial at home, thanks

Beautydiva said...

yes these really help. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, for deepcleansing I cant use these ingredients,can u sugg other resipe.

Anonymous said...

Hi, for deep cleansing I cant use these ingredients,can u sugg other resipe.

beautydiva said...

@anonymous- use a pack made of sooji (semolina) and milk cream. Hope this helps you :)

mona said...

Hi beautydiva,
tip: 4mois n norish 1 can mix juice or pulps of fruits like with u.coz fruits r full of min.,vit., with these deficiencies.also adds glow 2 skin.
e.g.,4 sens've skin mix cucumber juice with cream n alm oil or dryskin mix banana pulp.4 age'gskin ad banana,carot or papaya pulp.
extra benifit from this will that no need 2 go parlor 4 facial treatments.

beautydiva said...

Wow mona... Thats a cool tip, thank you very much for sharing with us :)

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