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Sunday, January 30, 2011



Sit cross legged on the ground or squat on a low stool. Raise your right leg and place it on the opposite thigh. Scoop out a generous quantity of your favorite foot cream and apply on your feet.

*Massage your heel starting beneath your ankle and moving up with circular movements towards the back of your leg.

*Work towards the arch of your foot.

*Massage from tips of your toes to the ankle.

*Exert pressure on the soles of your feet while massaging.

*Rub toes firmly, working from base to the tip of your toe.

*Stroke feet with long movements from toes to ankles.

*Stretch out leg and massage using upward strokes from ankles to knees.

*Move on to thighs and then hip. Repeat the entire process with the other leg.

                   A soothing foot massage along with proper exercise, regular foot-bath and weekly pedicure with prevent all problems of the feet.


shuchita said...

I so love foot massages this post will definitely come handy to me :)
thanks for visiting my blog

Beautydiva said...

Yeah Shuchita, every1s fav and very comforting as well. Thanks a lot :)

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