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Wednesday, September 5, 2012




          After the post on CTM (DAILY CARE) FOR MATURE SKIN, today its weekly care or better still call it the weekly mini facial. So read on...

              Now coming to the weekly routine for mature skin, deep cleanse with a creamy scrub. Moisten your skin and take a blob of scrub on the palm of your hand, apply dots over face and neck and massage gently in circular motion. Keep this going for 4-5 minutes adding water if required. Wash off.

Homemade Deep Pore Cleanser:-
Yeast Powder- 2 tspn
Curd- 1 tspn
Rose Water- 1 tspn

Mix all the ingredients well and apply all over face and neck with a brush. 
 Leave it on to dry and scrub to remove after 15-20 mins, wash off with warm water. This scrub/mask removes dead skin cells, pigmentation and cleans off deep seated dirt and grime.

Correct procedure of massaging your skin helps and boosts the health of your skin thereby preventing/minimizing fine lines. Massage with off the shelf anti-ageing massage cream or make one at home.

Homemade Massage Oil:-
Olive Oil- 1 tspn
Castor Oil- 1 tspn
Jasmine/Sandalwood Oil- 2 drops

Mix well and apply all over face and neck, not forgetting the area around the eyes. Now start to massage with upward-outward strokes and concentrate on the problem areas. But remember to start with the neck upwards. Apply gentle pressure with fingertips but not with the palms of your hand.

Next use a rich creamy and moisturizing pack on your face and neck.  Use a face pack brush and not your fingers to apply the pack. Keep it on for 15-20 mins and wash off. Remember, creamy masks/pack do not dry completely. Another option is to use Honey-Lemon Pack made at home.

Honey-Lemon Moisturising Pack:-

Honey- 1 tbspn
Lemon Juice- few drops
Almond oil- 2 drops

Mix the ingredients and apply on your face and neck with a brush. Keep it on for 15 mins and wash off with warm water. This pack can be applied everyday. This pack adds radiance and glow to the skin and makes the skin’s texture fine.

While applying the pack, use chilled teabags on your eyes to de-puff and rejuvenate.

           Hope you enjoyed reading the post and thank you very much for bearing with me. And girls please share with us your beauty tips for mature skin. H ave a wonderful day :)


Unknown said...

Do you have a DIY for pore minimizer?

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