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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello everyone, 

I just happened to stumble upon a website where I found a review written by me but the author name (Priyanka) and pictures were different. She is such an intelligent blogger/writer that she even copied the smilies as they were. I don't know how to deal with this fraud... Please give suggestions or shall I be able to take some legal help to sue her and put a ban on her stolen blog/website????

We bloggers work very hard to write reviews and this girl has just copy pasted my review with such ease that I am not able to bear this. I request/call upon all the bloggers to check that website and find out if this priyanka whoever she may be, has by chance stolen your reviews/post which you have written after lot of hardwork. The fraud website...check it here   (21st july 2011)


priyanka's review     ( 4th may 2012)


Another post

My post here


The fraud priyanka's post here

Yet another post

Mine is here


Fraud's here

OMG another one

Mine is here


Frauds here

UUUUFFF.... one more

Mine is here

Fraud's here

one more

mine here


fraud's here


mine is here


fraud's here


This is the comment/mail i have written to her

priyanka very sad that you have stolen my review of oriflame very me cover up concealer word to word not even leaving the smilies behind. and i thought blogosphere is a clean place but not anymore when people like you have entered. everyone check out my original review here-
 big shame on you priyanka
thanks beautydiva



Preetha Karthik said...

this is really bad n heart breaking ya..v bloggers work so hard n see the gift we get..such ppl shud be humiliated in public...thats the worst they can deserve..btw am ur new follower Preetha

Upasana said...

thats pathetic.. if she wants to excel then she should work hard, and not work hard stealing sm1 else's work !!

nitika said...

OMG this is really sick !! I think should bring out some software to detect such frauds so that each one us can be aware of who's copying our posts !

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Oh my god .... Cheater priyanka .. Did she reply to your comment !!!

Bhumika said...

There are many such people out there..including good companies too :(

poorna banerjee said...

Hello, I just saw what was done, and this is very heartbreaking for anyone... but I also know that this is quite inevitable.

Of rainy days said...

oh god this priyanka is such a lazy lump, she wants to be a beauty blogger without actually blogging. i can imagine how disgusted you are.. the sad thing is there is not much we can do in terms of copyrights issues... sad stuff.. i suggest u keep spamming her blog calling her a copier...

Tanveer Parmar said...

This is really terrible.. I hope this shames her into removing the posts & not repeating this again..

beautydiva said...

@preetha- welcome on board Preetha. i was in tears the moment i saw so many of my posts in that fraud website. there are cyber laws and i am on way to copyright my blog and pics. so that i can take legal action against unscrupulous people.thank you dear

beautydiva said...

@upasana- that thief is so shameless shes not even replied to my mail let alone taking down my posts. i might even become violent if i ever meet

beautydiva said...

@nikita- try "mycopyrights" for a small step towards protection from theft. thank you

beautydiva said...

@shruti- no dear she has not yet replied and she dares not reply. she is a fraud, a cheater a thief and this she proves herself by her actions. thanks

beautydiva said...

@bhumika- good companies also steal???????? lol... this is getting out of hands now. Murdabad to all such people :P

beautydiva said...

@poorna banerjee- welcome to BDI. there are cyber laws and copyright act to keep your blog/website safe. but i totally agree with what youy say. thank you

beautydiva said...

@of rainy days- thank you very much for the awesome idea :P i shall keep doing that. but she has stopped blogging and has closed all comments. they are a group of 3 girls- priyanka sikdar, ranjika &sanchali- all should be blacklisted from blogosphere. thank you

beautydiva said...

@tanveer- she's the most shameless person i have ever come across, neither she replied to my mail nor she remove mine and anamika's posts. hate hayte hate her for this. thanks dear

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