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Wednesday, September 12, 2012





             A primer is a base we put on before applying our foundation. Just like a wall is primed before the normal painting process to smoothen out all unevenness similarly we use primers on our face to smoothen out the skin and prepare it for foundation, blush etc. A primer is a multitasking product.
A Primer: -
1. Creates a protective shield between the skin and makeup (foundation)

2. Smoothes out the fine lines and fills up the pores

3. Makes the skin slippery therefore foundation & Concealer glides on the skin with ease and also blends well

 4. Keeps skin oil-free and therefore makeup does not oxidize

 5. Increases wear time of makeup and makes it last longer

6. Gives a more natural, glowy-dewy and soft look to the skin

7. Prevents makeup from caking-up

8. Colors are more vivid and true when applied over a primer

9. Prevents meltdown during summers or when skin gets warmed up

10. Can be good for the skin in itself

Primer can be of many types: -

1. Silicon based (oily skin)

2. Non-silicon (dry skin, normal skin, combination skin)

3. Water based (sensitive skin)

4. Color correcting (green, lavender etc)

Apart from these types primers also comes in 1. Moisturizing 2. Mattifying 3. Dewy finishes.

                   I prefer my fingers to apply primer to my face but many girls/ladies (including my mom) prefer using a sponge to apply primer. I have tried using a sponge or brush but nothing works better for me than my fingers. So I would say it’s a personal choice how you apply it- with fingers, brush or sponge. Also apply primer in the correct way and manner. Cleanse your face and neck, tone it as usual, use your normal/daily moisturiser, wait for a few minutes and then apply primer. Wait for another minute before applying foundation. Now continue your makeup as usual.

                Eye primers are similar to face primers and basically do the same job as face primers but only difference is that they are especially designed for the delicate eye area. Eye shadow colors pop when used over primer and also you can forget about creasing and smudging when using a primer on your eyes.

                   In India there is a dearth of primers, either you get the expensive ones or you don’t get them but companies like Oriflame and Maybelline has cheaper versions of primers. I own 3 primers right now- Oriflame, Maybelline & Bodyography (the best amongst these 3).


smita said...

hey u knw...ur topic came as help....was searching net on, how to make my eye shadow last longer....nice topic n read full helpful :)

beautydiva said...

@smita singh- welcome to BDI, thanks very much for the appreciaton :)

Anonymous said...

Whenever i uses this iconic kajol i feel sleepy, all the time i get burning sensation but same doesnt happen with other brand kajal. Even it doesnt stay for long duration as lakme claims.

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