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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Company Says: -
Define eyes with a bold, glamorous

Sparkle pearls adds shine and dimension by catching light for a fun, flirty look

Longwearing, smudge-proof shades glideon smooth and keep the glimmer going with all-day drama…. or night-time glamour!

Ingredients: - Not Listed

Available in 7 shades: -

* Black Ice – Black with silver/holographic sparkles

* Twilight Sparkle – Deep blue with bright blue sparkles

* Smoky Diamond – Dark grey with silver sparkles

* Emerald Glow- Dark/almost blackish green with green & silver sparkles

* Flashy Copper - Golden sparkly brownish copper

* Golden Diamond – Yellowish gold with gold sparkles

* Sparkling Silver - Steel grey with silver sparkles

My Opinion: - Eye pencils add a pop of color to the eyes, giving a very attractive look. These eye pencils pick you up on a bad day. I prefer using these in all possible shades but blacks and blues are an all-time favorite. Today I am reviewing 2 eye liner pencils from Avon, one of my favorite brands. One is Black Ice and the other is Twilight Sparkle. The packaging is a slim black plastic pen look-alike, retractable which makes it travel/purse friendly. I never use these eye liners on my waterline since the sparkles in them might irritate my eyes, I use them only on my upper as well as lower lash lines.


                          These eye liner pencils are like dry crayons and are not creamy at all but they glide on the eyelids with much ease. They are perfect for thick lines as well as cat eyes but the rounded tip makes it impossible to create thin lines. The self-sharpening bit is a big lie but that is not a big drawback, since I use the tiny little sharpener from my Lotus Herbals Eye Pencil to get a pointed tip if required. The pigmentation is medium, not bad but not very good either. About 2-3 swipes are necessary for a dark noticeable line, they don’t tug or pull my eyelids and glide on with much ease.  The fact that these eye liner pencils are retractable, saves the pain of sharpening them which avoids the wastage of valuable product.


                           Black Ice is a lighter shade of black with silver as well as holographic sparkles. These sparkles are not OTT or gritty and I use this particular shade for the day as well as night. This shade is not an intense black but sober enough for all the black eye liner-lovers. The second shade is Twilight Sparkle which is a true deep blue, almost tilting towards black, with oodles of bright blue sparkles. These sparkles are a bit on the gritty side but still I wouldn’t call them OTT. They can safely be worn during the day as well but I make it sure never to wear this shade to office. During the night it looks awesome and adds drama to the eyes. Both shades can be worn as eye shadow if smudged well before they get set.


                              The lasting power of these both shades is amazing, they stay whole day/night, until I choose to remove them. They don’t even melt after sweating and stay intact without a single smudge or smear but the sparkles travel all over the eyelids. I have very oily lids and I generally use a primer before applying any eye makeup but these eye liners stay put on my lids even without a primer or any other base. Now coming to removing/cleaning off these eye liners, it’s a chore I would say. These needs to be cleaned off with an eye makeup remover, but still the sparkles stay on even after washing off the face with a foaming cleanser. I have tried all types of cleanser but failed to remove all traces of sparkles. I can clearly see sparkles all over my eye-area the next day also :P

Pros: -

* Long-lasting, smudge-proof formula

* Does not tug/pull the eyelids even if they are not creamy

* Sweat-proof & Water-proof

* Retractable slim pen packaging makes it travel/purse friendly

* On discounts, they are a steal (very affordable)

* Self-sharpening avoids wastage

* 7 stunning shades available

Cons: -

 * Difficult to remove/clean off the sparkles

* This range lacks a basic brown shade (I hate them for this)

                I rate these Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Lines in Black Ice & Twilight Sparkle, 4.75 out of 5. These are my go to eye liner pencils; especially the Black Ice and I love them truly when it comes to the staying power. I miss a proper brown shade in this range (greedy me :P). I recommend these eye liner pencils to all eye makeup lovers.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review; please do leave behind your precious comments. Thank you and have a great day ahead :)


smita said...

seems nice, will try for sure :)

beautydiva said...

@smita singh- do give it a try and you wont repent. thank you :)

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Looks pretty nice!

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- the blue one it the pretties of all (the entire range). thank you :)

Prerana said...

nice will try it...presently using Lakme

beautydiva said...

@prepana- lakme is good, i use the entire range of eye pencils from them. thank you :)

Lee.B said...

Im loving twilight sparkle..absolutely gorgeous..great review!!

beautydiva said...

@lee.b- welcome to BDI. its a pretty pretty shade. thank you )

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