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Sunday, October 31, 2010



Hi Beauties, wish you all a very happy Diwali and happy Dhanteras in advance. With all the shine and glitter of this festive season, I planned my Diwali nails today. Here are the steps on doing them up.

* The first step is applying an opaque black nail polish, two coats should be enough. Let it dry properly before beginning the second step.

* Now mix some golden glitter with clear polish, using a simple painting brush or nail art brush paint the tips only with the glitter.

* Let it dry, it will take quite some time to dry, so be patient.

* After the tips dry, pour some golden nail polish on a paper and using a thin painting brush or nail art brush, paint on the design on each nail one by one.

* Leave it to dry for sometimes and follow the above step once more to make the gold outline intense. Once again let it dry.



* Now leave it like this if you like or you can add glitter to the design, I added glitter to my design because I wanted my nails to be very sparkly for this Diwali.

* The pic on the top right is final look after applying top coat and cleaning the extra color from around the nails.

Though I am not an artist I tried my best :-D and hope that you all like my masterpiece.... hehehe.... and comment about it.



nice dear..

Beautydiva said...

Thanks :)

anamika said...

Nice Nice:)

Beautydiva said...

Thanks Anamika :)

Rakhshanda said...

Hey it's gorgeous!! Lovely blog and thanx for following me.

Beautydiva said...

Thanks dear and welcome :)

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