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Sunday, September 5, 2010



          Hi Babes, today again I come up with nail tips. Applying nail polish is an art. Keeping it chip-free for a long time and protecting nails as well is a big chore.So lets get started on it-

1. Shaping is the first step. Round or square is your preference but square is in. Cut to desired length and give shape with a file. Don't use the file like a saw with to and fro motions, file in one direction only. Avoid metal files as it can leave micro cracks on the nail tips.

2. Priming- Just like you prep up your face, eyes and lips before makeup with primers so also you need to prep your nails before applying color on them. A base coat is the answer to it as it protects nails from getting stained with dark polishes and also helps color to glide on smoothly over nails.If you have ridges on your nails ans they look uneven on the surface apply a ridge filler over the base coat or alone. Nail polish will look even.

3. Shaking the nail polish bottle is a must before applying it. But don't shake it the conventional way up and down in the air. Instead place it between palms upright and roll it gently, the cover will remain clean this way. 

4. Paint the nails one by one leaving the thumbs. Remember the first coat is not as important as the second or final coat of color.
Remove unwanted color from sides of nails and under it. Use a Q tip soaked in nail polish remover to clean up extra color but be extra cautious a little mistake can mar your entire nail.

5. T method for the thumbs. Apply color from side to side on tips and then apply a straight line on the middle. It should look like a 'T' when done.
Fill in the color carefully with two strokes on both sides of the thumbs. This is for the primary coat of color. Can be done on all nails.

6. Let nail polish dry well and be patient.

7. Top Coat is the finishing step. Apply top coat over dried nail polish to keep the color from fading and chipping. Top coat also gives protection against scratches. Use a quick drying formula for speeding up the drying process.

8. Apply the Top coat couple of times through the week for chip-free and fresh looking polished nails.

9. After all this hard work is done remember to wear gloves when washing and cleaning.

With this I wrap up for the day. And do comment on my tips.Will be back soon Babes :) Byeeee


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