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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Milk For Beauty

           Drinking milk has so many benefits for our body. Also it benefits the skin if used externally. Cleopatra used to bath in milk to make her skin glow. Here are a few beauty tips for you all.
           Add a few drop of lemon to 1/4 cup of raw milk. Apply on your face and neck and leave overnight. This will clear off sunburn and make the skin fairer.
           Regularly wipe your lips with milk, this will lighten its color and make it pink. Similarly wiping the skin around the eyes with raw milk and left overnight will lessen your dark circles and reduce puffiness.
           Also a mixture of raw milk and tomato juice clears off sunburn and makes the skin glow.
           If your back is darker than the rest of your body, a mixture of milk and flour can be used. leave on for 10 mins and gently scrub off. If done regularly the area will lighten considerably.
            For a porcelain look use this scrub twice a week. Mix together milk cream, semolina and honey to make a thick paste, now apply on your face and neck. Leave on for 10 mins and scrub to remove. If done regularly, your spots will fade, your skin will be clear and glow with health.
            Add half a cup of  milk to your bath water and see your skin become soft and silky. Also your skin will get good nourishing.
            For healthy pink nails, give them a calcium treatment. Regularly soak nails in raw milk for 15 mins and see them glow.


The Beautifier said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing xoxo

Beautydiva said...

Thanks dear :)

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