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Wednesday, November 3, 2010



             The soap market is very pragmatic now-a-days, there are a lots of varieties of toilet soaps in the market. Soaps are detergents made of alkali combined with tallow and vegetable oil. Synthetic soaps are made with oils, fatty acids and other compounds.

The abundant use of soaps makes the skin dry which results in several skin problems like premature aging. People with skin problem can aggravate their condition by using soap very frequently.

Medicated Soaps:- These are especially suited for acne ridden skin and helps in its reduction by controlling oiliness and bacteria build up. There are several varities of medicated soaps available in the market, choose according to your skin type and kind of problem.

Baby Soaps:- These are generally made for the tender skin of babies. They can also be used by adults with dry or sensitive skin.

Transparent Soaps:- Alkali content is low in tranparent soaps. They are suitable for most skin types. They melt faster and are more expensive compared to the other soaps.

Deodorant Soaps:- Deodorant soaps have special chemical substances that kill the bacteria. They are not suitable as facial cleansers. Bacteria thrives in with sweating, by using this soap body odour can be controlled since it kills bacteria.

Sulphur Soaps:- Sulphur slows down the secretion of skin oils which are valuable. It is effective in removing acne. But regular use of this soap can dry up the skin causing skin problems.

Oil Based Soaps:- These are recommended for people with dry skin. The difference between a good quality soap and an ordinary soap depends on the quality of the vegetable oils and tallow that forms the base and also the other ingredients like rose, cold cream, lemon fragrance and coloring comes into account.

Selecting the right soap is a very difficult task. Sensitive skin owners must stay away from perfumed soaps, as perfumes as said to be the commonest irritants.

To keep skin clean, every trace of makeup and dirt must be removed before going to bed. Soap is not good enough for cleansing the facial skin. Use a lotion/cream cleanser followed by a mild face wash.

Oily skin can be washed more than twice a day. Dry skin should be cleaned with a mild face wash only once a day. Apply moisturiser after washing the face with water.



hi dear,, i m in for baby

beautydiva said...

ohh helps in the winters haha :D

Toni Tralala said...

I actually agree with this. I've always veered away from scented soap, feminine wash, wipes and such since it does irritate my skin.

Products that contain moisturizers work best for me. :)

Beautydiva said...

Thanks for your comment Toni, do keep visiting :)

TheGlamWorld said...

i love baby der smellz ((((:

Beautydiva said...

Me too dear, your eye makeup look is awesome...loved it :)

Prachi Shah said...

Interesting article!!
Never knew activated charcoal could do so much good to my skin! Definitely will try the activated charcoal & green tea soap for skin brightening & pimples.

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