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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Final look

Hi Babes, I am back with a toe nailart and hope you all like it. This is very very simple and anyone can recreate it. Here are the steps to achieving this look.

Start with nail hardener, base coat, ridge filler (whatever you use) and when these are completely dry apply two coats of magenta nail polish. let it dry completely.

Now take the palest pink you have and make dots with a toothpick and slightly pull in the dots inside with the toothpick itself. When finished it will look very much like a flower.

I have done 2 flowers on each big toe nails and 1 each on the rest of the toe nails.

Leave it to dry completely and apply top coat. but don't wait for it the top coat to dry. Place white rhinestones on the middle of each flower on each toe.

Apply top coat again on nails and you are done. You see its as simple as that.

Try it out and lemme know how it worked for you.


indianmakeupways said...

wow....this looks good and doable. nice color combo

Beautydiva said...

Thanks dear :) How was your diwali?

puja said...

It is very nice and simple to do........I tried it and it turns out so beautiful.......

beautydiva said...

@puja- nice to hear that it worked for you. Thank you :)

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