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Monday, November 29, 2010


AGLL Nude- Lip Swatch

Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner- SWATCHES & REVIEW

0.25 gm for INR 229

Company Says:- Water proof, with new glide-on texture prevents lipstick from feathering.

Available in 8 beautiful shades:-

My Opinion:- I am using it ever since I hauled it and its been a disappointment since it is not very pigmented. I believe a lip liner ought to be highly pigmented for us girls to draw a precise to define our lips. I have to work a little to get a noticeable line around my mouth but still the result is not very satisfactory. But then apart from being non-pigmented it acts a good base for my lipstick. The company's claim that it is water proof is true and when applied to my full lips, topped with gloss it stays on till I remove it. Another truth in the company's claims is that it prevents lipstick from feathering/bleeding as well as fading, it truly does the job well.


* Its retractable so no hassles of sharpening and also tip remains pointed

* Cap is real tight so no worries of contamination and wastage.

* Travel-friendly and packaging is sleek too.


* It is disturbingly non pigmented :(

* Available only through Avon Representatives

AGLL Nude- Hand Swatch

            I rate this product 3out of 5 as of now, I will seriously have to swatch the other shades of this product before I say anything about buying it or not. Maybe this particular shade is not pigmented (mine is NUDE)


Tanveer Parmar said...

It does seem low on pigmentation, but I actually liked it. It would make the perfect Nude lip liner for me :)

beautydiva said...

Yes Tanveer it matches my lip's original color too but so very non pigemented that I have to drag it over and over again. But now I heard that this lip liner in 'Ginger' is well pigemted. Did you think jordana lip liners are pigmented? Never used them so asking you :)

Sharon said...

I like it.I just want somethin to even out my lips and this seems perfect

beautydiva said...

Perfect shade for me too :)

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