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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Revlon- New Complexion Makeup- Review

REVLON- New Complexion Makeup- REVIEW

35.5 ml for INR 460

Company Says:- For the look of perfectly natural skin.
Light as air foundation that allows the skin to breathe
Gives a 'no-makeup' look and feel
Covers imperfections with light to medium coverage for a smooth even skintone
Provides sun protection with SPF 4
*Oil Free*Non-Pore-Clogging*Irritant Free

My Opinion:- I have oily skin and product suits me to the very 'T'. It gives good coverage but fortunately is not cakey or heavy on my skin. I break out regularly :( if I use foundation but with this product I never broke out.


                  It is light weight on my skin, so my skin can breathe- really I agree to the company's claim. Feels and looks like bare skin which is the best part as I hate to look made up.
It also has SPF 4 and that's why I can give a skip to my sunscreen and wear it alone on cleansed skin.

             Fairly priced it is one of the best products of Revlon. It spreads really well and I don't need to work on my skin too much to blend it well, i use a foundation brush to apply it on my face and neck.

             But I have to set it with either my Touch & Glow moisturising powder or a loose powder to keep it looking perfect whole day.

            It is irritant free as the company claims because I never had a problem when i applied on the eye area (I have sensitive eyes). This product is oil-free and gives the much needed matte finish.


It comes in too many shades which can confuse the buyer, 

Doesn't stay flawlessly on my skin without a slight dusting of powder to set it,

Packaging is typical Revlon, boring as ever.

 No major cons actually.

            I rate this product 4 out of 5 and the bottle in the pic is my 3rd consecutive purchase :D


indianmakeupways said...

this seems good.but am in love with revlon colorstay and mineral mousse foundations.have u tried that....its great for oily skin

beautydiva said...

Yes Anju I am using both :P , very foundation person you see. I will review those 2 also after reviewing my lotus stuff :D

Rentu said...

this has been on my to buy list for long, which shade is the closest to wheatish skin tone... and how long does the foundation, also let me know about the coverage, is it good enough to hide major blemishes...Thanks yaa

beautydiva said...

Hi Rentu, mine is 02 Creamy Peach Beige, the coverage is good but not outstanding...will not cover major flaws. Stays on for nearly 3-4 hours but if you set with a loose powder or compact its staying power increases. Its good but now for some unknown reason I want to move on other foundations, trying out a couple of them and those too seems good :P

Beastie said...

Hello :) First time visiting your blog hehe. Me like it :).
What shade is the revlon you bought and what MAC shade are you? Tnxxx

beautydiva said...

@beastie- Thanks for being here. My revlon shade is Creamy peach beige but right now my mac shade must nc40 or so. Do keep visiting :)

Unknown said...

I am "Revlon Photoready Vanilla" or "Colorstay Buff" shade. Which shade would you recommend for me? Thanks

beautydiva said...

@hana hlozkova- thank you for being here. Sorry I cannot suggest a foundation to you blindly, it would be a better idea to check it out yourself in a store.

beautydiva said...
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