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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beauty Properties Of Roses

         Roses are known for their beauty and grandeur. A rose is always a symbol of beauty. Rose flowers spread sweet fragrance wherever  they are. It is an ever flowering shrub. Did you know that rose has wonderful beauty properties too?
        Rose oil is the most valuable of oil. It is very useful in facial as well as body massage. Rose oil is very beneficial for dryness and puffiness of skin, though a bit expensive. It is highly antiseptic. Add a few drops to your bath water, massage oil or face/body mask/pack and see the results.
          Everybody knows about rose water or Gulabjal. It is excellent for any eye trouble; you can have lovely, sparkling and clear eyes by pouring 1 or 2 drops of rose water into your eyes daily. Cotton wool soaked in rose water can be applied on face and neck before applying moisturizer as it is an effective skin tonic.
          Gulukand is a tonic for everyone. To keep the brain cool and to have surplus energy 1/2 a tsp of tonic should be taken in morning and 1/2 a tsp should be taken at night before sleeping. Other benefits of this tonic- 1. reduces body heat, 2. reduces eye inflammation and redness, 3. strengthens teeth and gums, 4. treats acidity and the the list of benefits is endless. 
        Powdered rose petals are also of much value. You can easily prepare them at home. Dry a good amount of rose petals in the shade and after that powder them. This powder helps in in drying any wound. It has a high antiseptic power. Simply sprinkle the powder of dried rose petals over the wound. It will dry up the wound and stop puss formation.
        Half tsp of this powder taken after meals help in digestion. It corrects the digestive system and also cures several ailments. It also prevents excess bile formation in your body.
        If the powder along with 2 almonds, a little khuskhus (poppy seeds) is taken with milk early in the morning daily, it cures high blood pressure and keeps the brain cool.
        Roses kept in the vase creates a cheerful atmosphere. These flowers if smelled by a heart patient gives him considerable relief. That's all for now, bye Babes.


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