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Monday, October 18, 2010



The light slightly sour buttermilk made by churning curd and removing the butter from it, is an excellent drink in summer. In India it has been considered useful from ancient times.

Buttermilk is used to cleanse the skin effectively.It supplies the nerves and the skin with healthy ingredients and counteracts the evil effects of exposure to harsh sun. The bacteria in buttermilk makes the skin soft and glowing.

If your skin has sunburn, mix together- 5 tbspn of buttermilk and 2 tbspn of tomato juice. Apply on to the sunburnt part and leave it on for 30-40 mins. Wash off with plain water.

Mix few drops of almond oil and little rosewater in a tbspn of buttermilk. Apply it on your face, neck, arms and legs before taking bath. Leave it on for 30-40 mins. Now wipe off with a cotton pad or soft cloth and take your bath. See the skin glow.

Another beauty treatment for cleansing your skin is to mix together 2 tbspn of yeast and 2 tbspn of buttermilk. Apply it all over face, neck and body, leave on for 10-15 mins and wash off with warm water. This treatment cleans the skins and makes it smooth.



For treatment of pimples, use a mixture of curd and gramflour on face. Leave it on till it dries and gently wash off, your pimples will disappear soon and your skin will begin to glow.

If you are bothered with spots on your face, take a piece of radish (mooli), puree it and squeeze out the juice and mix with equal quantity of buttermilk. Apply it on your face Keep it on for an hour and wash off with cool water.

Make a pad of muslin and dip it in buttermilk. Then cover face with it. Dip pad in butter milk every 10 mins, preferably have two pads. After the process has been repeated 4-5 times wipe your face gently with a towel. Do not use water. Just dip the towel in warm water and use it. This makes the skin fairer, removes spots, cleans and nourishes the skin.

Buttermilk for beauty to be continued later. Time for a meeting now so have to go. :(


TheGlamWorld said...

gr8 tip.:))))as alwayzzz..but howz the taste???

beautydiva said...

Thanks... A little sour, I cant drink without adding sugar and a pinch of salt. Heheheee

Tanveer said...

I like using plain curd as face pack very often. it doesn't smell nice but it does leave the skin feeling very soft ;)

Beautydiva said...

Agree with you Tanveer, thanks for the useful tip :-)

Rentu said...

i never heard of using yeast for skin, is it reallie good

Beautydiva said...

Hi Rentu, yeast masks actually hepls oily cleans and refreshes it. Does work for me very well. You can try it...its very safe. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

what is pad of muslin ?

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