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Thursday, October 14, 2010

DIY Homemade Cosmetics (Rose Based)

            Homemade Astringent: Here is a homemade astringent preparation which is used to tone the skin and also to remove the last traces of greasiness and to close open pores.
4 Tbspn Rosemary,
juice of a Lemon,
juice of an Orange,
1 cup Rosewater, and
1/2 cup Witch Hazel.
Mix well all the above ingredients together in an air tight bottle. Let it stand for 3-4 days. Remember to shake the bottle frequently. This is a milder tonic for your skin and is not harmful as strong astringent lotions are. It does not dry out your skin or dehydrates it.
             Sun Tan Lotion: Sunburn is a very common complaint and so here is an easy method to prepare sun tan lotion at home.
5 Tbspn of powdered Sesame Seeds,
1 cup of Rosewater, and 
3 Tbspn of Surgical Spirit.
 In an air-tight bottle, mix together Sesame seeds powder and Rosewater. Keep for 1 full day shaking the bottle frequently. Now strain the solution and add Surgical Spirit in order to preserve it. It helps in cooling and soothing the affected area.
                Both these lotions are purely herbal preparations and are harmless but very effective at the same time.


anamika said...

Hey ..I love the way you give herbal beauty recipes..

i didnt find withc hazel in u know where i can find it?

beautydiva said...

Hi.. Thanks for the encouragement. You should be able to find it at the chemists' , many of them has stocks. Or you can try those aushadhi stores. Though am not sure about hyd but in del/kol it seems to be available.

amalia said...

It looks like you worked hard to create this site.I really like your site. Good work

beautydiva said...

@amalia- thanks for the appreciation, i really work hard for my site. Also thanks for stopping keep coming back :)

Anonymous said...

hi, divya.
am sravanthi. i prepared the sun lotion at home, but i dont know hw to use this. so pls say hw to use this sun lotion. daily we can keep for our body or only whn we go out in the sun. my e-mail is

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