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Saturday, December 3, 2011


4.2 gms for INR 349

Company Says:- A premium quality luxurious Lip Color so creamy, gives soft, silky & comfortable feel to lips while enhancing the look.
¤ Botanical Moisturising & Nourishing Extracts
¤ Intensive Color ¤ Dazzling Shine

Contains Botanical Extracts of:- Symphytum Officinale, Plantago Ovata Seed & Sambucus Nigra Seed

My Opinion:-
I got these lippies on offer, buy 1 get 1 free many months ago. After much swatching I selected 141 Petal Rose and 122 Raspberry Punch. I am not much into lipsticks but I sometimes buy some beautiful nude shades if I come across any. I already have Iced Coffee from this range and I really love it.

The packaging is so classy, red tube with golden border and lotus logo on lid. I simply love the packaging, this lippie comes boxed ofcourse. The smell of this lipstick is sweet floral but very mild. All Lotus Herbals Lipsticks comes with the same fragrance, its their trademark fragrance.

The shade 141 Petal Rose is a nudish pink lipstick with brown as well as slightly blue undertones. Its loaded with silver shimmer which is extremely fine and not much noticeable on the lips. This shade should be great for fair to medium skin tones. Petal Rose is a nice pinkish nude and it suits me very much :D I am mostly into nude lip colors so I fall for a nude shade pretty soon :P This shade is great for everyday/office wear and I use it everyday as of now.

The other shade 122 Raspberry Punch is a warm pinkish brownish shade or I should say a berry shade with strong brown undertones. Its a pretty shades with is semi matte, not at all glossy and is good for pigmented lips. This shade will suit most Indian skin tones and I prefer wearing it after dark only. But at times I do use it like a lip stain during the day also and my face brightens up. Its perfect for the winters which is already here. A big plus point for the girls who doesnt like shimmer as this 1 is totally non shimmery.

The texture is very soft and creamy but it didnt melt in the heat not even inside my purse. It hydrates my lips and keeps them moisturised. An important point is that it doesnt dry out my lips and leaves a stain when it fades off. It stays put for nearly 3 hours and the stain left behind stays on quite long. Both these lippies need reapplication after that but if you like that stain you can skip it. But Petal Rose needs to be touched up as the stain left behind is too light for my liking.

Both these lippies are well pigmented but Raspberry Punch has a better color payoff. When using this lipstick you may skip lining your lips for a softer look but Petal Rose definitely needs a liner for it looks much better when well defined. Topping both these lippies with gloss clear or otherwise adds glamour to your overall look.

* Both are very pretty shades. In my case Petal Rose is a perfect daywear and Raspberry Punch is good for both day and night
* Raspberry Punch should suit most Indian skin tones
* Stays on for long, leaves behind a lovely stain when it fades
* Very moisturising and I dont need a lip balm under it
* Packaging is sleek red with gold border

* They don't have nude shades :(

I rate these Lotus Herbals Moistpetals lipsticks 4.5 out of 5. I love these and have 3 of them as of now. I recommend this lipstick range to all lipstick lovers.

** Blogger is playing tricks with me, the caption option of the images is not working. The lipstick pics:- left to right- Petal Rose & Raspberry Punch. The lip swatch pics:- the first 2 pics are of Petal Rose with flash & in day light respectively and Raspberry Punch in the last 2 pics with flash & in day light respectively **

Have a rocking weekend ahead :)


Of rainy days said...

both the shades look beautiful.. i wonder why lotus is hiking up prices like mad... me is sad about that.. their lippies used to be around 200- 285, now it is in 300 up range.. me is soooo heartbroken

beautydiva said...

@Of rainy day- yes these were 249 then they increased to 289 and finally to 349 :( I dont like raspberry punch much but petal rose i am loving it. Thanks :)

Rakhshanda said...

lovely shades, beautiful on your lips :D

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- i think raspberry is aunty-ish kind of color :P thanks :D

shruthi said...

I love the rasberry punch color!!

beautydiva said...

@shruti- yup nice berry, but very bright for me I think. Thanks :)

Of rainy days said...

i want to try their pinks, the deeper pinks, somehow plums make me look a little ill.. probably the yellow toned skin i have is to blame.

beautydiva said...

@ofrainydays- i dont think they have many pinks, most shades are dark brown or brownish (aunty types). But other range has some cool pinks, i mean the gold tube. Thanks :D

Viva said...

Both look gorgeous on you... :D

I don't like shimmer so I would probably go for... raspberry--- but is it as dark as in hand swatch???

Following u now.. :)

do visit my lil blog too...

beautydiva said...

@viva- thanks :D raspberry punch is dark aunty type color so i dont like it much :P. Shall follow you back :)

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