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Saturday, December 10, 2011


                    Hello Girls, today I have a cute looking nail art to share. It's a pretty simple floral nail art with leaves. A very simple yet elegant nail art.

 It's a pic tutorial and I have used 3 nail paints for this piece of Art :D 

Step 1- First I used a nude shade, 2 coats were enough. I messed up my thumb nail :(

 Step 2- Then I made leaves & stems with Avon Electric Green. I used a toothpick for this.

Step 3- Then I placed some red dots in a manner that it looks like flowers, here I used Avon Crimson Red.

Step 4- Finally when my nails dried, I applied a coat of Oriflame Crystal Base & Top Coat to seal in my masterpeice. Done!!!

 Hope you like and leave behind your precious comments. Thanks for bearing with me and do have a great weekend :)


Rakhshanda said...

nice tut, very helpful, love your nails too <3

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- thank you very much :)

Maignan said...

nice tut, very helpful, love your nails too <3

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