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Sunday, May 12, 2013


9 gms for INR 600- 650 (not sure)

Company Says: - A mineral powder foundation that 'Stays on for 8 hours'

Ingredients: - Not Listed


My Opinion: - Mineral makeup is a rage ever since it came into the makeup scenario. I was using Revlon Mineral Foundation for sometimes but it was discontinued for some reason. That's when I found this Streetwear Stay On Mineral Foundation and decided to give it a shot. The powder is very finely milled and contains some finely milled shimmer in it.

                       I got the shade Marble as the SA swatched it on my hand and I chose it. It matched my skin tone totally. The packaging is similar to most mineral foundations. A plastic transparent jar/tub with a kabuki brush attached to its lid and a small round mirror on the top of the jar/tub. It is fragrance free which I like. The kabuki is very scratchy and irritates my skin so I use a powder brush to apply it.

                   I tried applying it over my moisturiser/sunscreen but it was too difficult to blend. I somehow wanted to make it work, so again I tried it over my liquid foundation and it worked. Since this mineral foundation gives light coverage and is not buildable. It looks cakey and ugly if I somehow try to build up the coverage. It is very easy to go overboard with this mineral foundation. The presence of the shimmers gives a very artificial whitish cast which is much hated by all of us.



                    Because of the above mentioned points, I used it as a loose powder to set my foundation. This mineral foundation oxidizes a bit even upon application over foundation. It gives a nice dewy glow to my skin instead of a matte finish. It stays on for 4 hours max in non-air conditioned environment but it stays about an hour longer in an air-conditioned environment. It makes my skin greasy and shiny in an hour. Its not worth the price it retails in, Rs 600-650 is too much for such a product. I had to use it up as a loose powder to set my foundation.

Pros: -

Easily Available

* Didn't break me out or irritated my skin/break outs

* Little goes a long way

* Sets my foundation well

* Fragrance-free

Cons: -

* Expensive considering the quality of this Mineral Foundation

* Oxidizes to some extent

* Gives very light coverage

* Not long lasting

* Gives a whitish cast

* Difficult to blend

                I rate Streetwear Stay On Mineral Foundation 3 out of 5. This is a product I regret buying and I would request all you girlies to check it out first and then go for it. Or simply I recommend please don't waste your money on it.

Hope this review helped you in some and do leave behind your sweet comments and also share with us your experience of Mineral Foundations. Thank you and have a great Sunday :)


Rasa nandini said...

Total waste of money :(
Thanks for the review dear

beautydiva said...

@Rasa Nandini- yes I could have bought a better product with that amount. welcome dear :)

Natasha Bhatt said...

600 to 650 fr this isnt really worth considering that there is nothing great abt it.. good review dear!!!

beautydiva said...

@Natasha Bhatt- agree... total waste of money. thank you dear :)

Anonymous said...

I bought it yesterday n used it once but i am not sure if this is worthy cuz i have a excessively oily face :/ please suggest me how can i effectively use it and let me knw if i made a good choice

beautydiva said...

@anonymous:- who are you??? anyways, I myself regret buying this product. use very small quantity or if you haven't opened the packaging (seal etc) then kindly return it back.Thank you for being here and commenting.

Alisha said...

Hi I'm Alisha. thanks for the reply. Well i wish i cud return it back :( but the seal is broken. I wasted my 745 rupees. Can you please suggest me what could be good options for my excessively oily skin?

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