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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


8 ml for INR 165

Company Says: - High impact color that dries in less than 30 seconds.

Available in 12 stunning shades:

* Fusion

* Crystal Calm

* Brown Pearl

* Twilight Blue (The one reviewed today)

* Red Wine

* Boysen Berry

* Strawberry

* Red Red

* Bronzess

* Adoring Rose

* Rose Armour

* Vamp It Up

* Ballerina

* Mink

Ingredients: Not Listed

My Opinion: - These days I am reviewing all the nail paints that I am wearing, each and every one be it any brand any shade. So today I have Avon Speeddry+ Nail Enamel in the shade Twilight Blue which is a metallic navy blue. It can be best described as a deep metallic blue with black undertones but this shade is so subtle that I don't mind wearing it to office or any other formal occasion. It has bright blue finely milled shimmer which don't show up on the nails.

                      This nail paint smells strongly of chemical and is comparably thicker than most other Avon Nail Paints that I have used but its not gooey. Two coats are required for full opacity. The first coat gives a streaky look and medium coverage but the second coat gives full coverage. The brush of this particular nail paint is thinner than other Avon nail paint brushes I have come across but 3 strokes are enough for coverage a nail.

                     This nail paint lasted for 3 days on my nails and on the 4th day it chipped very badly and I had to take it off. It was on my nails for 3 days and in  these 3 days it didn't fade around the tips of the nails and also stayed glossy enough without a top coat. But with a top coat this nail paint would stay longer on my nails. This nail paint did stained my nails to some extent but the damage is minor.

                Now we all love  quick drying nail paints as they are easy to handle. Just apply it and wait for a minute or at the most 2 and you are good to go. This nail paint dries in 45 secs to 1 min but better not touch it for another minute. This nail paint is easy to apply and easy to take off. I have a couple more shades from this Speeddry range and I shall let you all know if those also chip on the 4th day of application.

Pros: -

* Gorgeous Metallic Blue

* Easy to apply and take off

* Dries very fast ( 1 min)

* Stayed glossy for 4 days until removed

* Didn't fade around the tips of my nails

Cons: -

* Stained my nails a bit (don't wear this/any dark shade without a base coat)

* Chipped off on the 4th day

* Available only through Avon Representatives

* This Speeddry+ range is seldom on discount, and Rs 165 I would get better nail paints than these

                    I rate Avon Speedry+ Nail Enamel in Twilight Blue 3.75 out of 5. It's a gorgeous metallic blue and highly recommended to all blue nail paints fanatics. Beauties with dark knuckles kindly avoid this particular shade.

Hope this review helped you in some way, please do leave behind your comments. Also do tell us about your favorite nail polish shades from Avon Speeddry+ Nail Enamel. Thank you and have a great day :D


Nivedita said...

The shade looks gorgeous. More so because, I like dark nails!

beautydiva said...

@Nivedita- Ohh dear I just chopped off my nails to wear dark shades. on long nails darker shades gives a very goth look :P Thank you

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