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Friday, May 31, 2013


5 ml for INR 50

Company Says:- Nothing as such

Ingredients:- Not listed

My Opinion: - I wear Nail Paints at all times and the only gap between 2 manicures is a day at the most, sometimes I just rest my nails overnight and that's it. Next morning I clean my nails with a brush and file them a little. Thereafter I apply a base coat and then apply a shade according to my mood. Today here I am reviewing a pretty red based coral from Elle 18 Nail Pops in the shade 70. I love the little round bottles, they look like ittar/perfume bottles. The glass bottle is sturdy and the black plastic lid is just around 2 inches. The packaging is cute.

             The shade (70) is very bright and neon coral with red undertones. These kind of shades are great for the summers and look great on Indian skin tones. Elle 18 has a huge range of Nail Pops and they cost you only 50 bucks, that's super cheap. But I hate it when brands just number their products instead of naming them. They could have named it Neon Coral, as simple as that. Ok I know I am not creative either :P

                  The polish is quite thin and sheer and has a strong chemical smell which all of us dislike. Atleast 3 coats are required for evenness, the first coat gives a sheer and streak-y look, the second coat gives a semi sheer look and the third coat gives full opacity but for full intensity of the color to show through, a fourth coat is required which I detest and don't have the patience to go for. So I stopped at the 3rd coat and it was kind of ok.

                      The brush is not at all good, leaves behind streaks and gives uneven application. This nail paint stayed on for 5 days but faded and cracked a little but didn't chip a bit. This nail paint was glossy for 2 days after which I applied a glossy top coat and looked freshly applied till I removed it on the 5th day of application. At 50 bucks I couldn't ask for more. This is a fun shade but not wearable to the office/college, its perfect for parties and outings.


* Dirt Cheap and easily available

* Very bright summery color- red based coral and that too creme finish <3 <3

* Stayed on for 5 days without chipping

* Would suit most Indian Skin Tones


* Needs 4 coats for full intensity but I stopped at 3 coats

* The brush is not the best of quality, gives streaky & uneven application

* Faded on 3rd-4th day and it crinkled/cracked also

* Strong chemical smell puts me off

                  I rate Elle 18 Nail Pops in the shade 70 3.75 out of 5. Inspite of all the cons specially the brush being not so good, I rate it 3.75 just for the lovely bright summery color. Recommended for all girls who love the color Coral.

Hope this review helped you in some way, please do leave behind your comments. Also do tell us about your favorite nail polish shades from Elle 18 Nail Pops. Thank you and have a good day :D


Niesha Jeenwal said...

It indeed is a pretty summery color!.:)

Vipra S said...

Nice poppy shade :) You got pretty long nails <3

beautydiva said...

@Niesha- yes very summery and bright. thank you :)

beautydiva said...

@Vipra S- I chopped off my nails a week or so ago, they were quite long earlier :P Thank you

nisha tiwari said...

Nice shade!

beautydiva said...

@Nisha Tiwari- truly pretty shade. thank you :)

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